Monday, October 31, 2011

The Boy's Bed

My son's room is on the small side and has an odd layout.  The queen size bed he had wasn't working out so well.

This was the only before pic I could find.  Excuse the random rug under the bed and the no comforter.

It took up so much square footage and didn't leave any room for storage.  Part of the problem with the bed was its shape.  The sleigh style took up even more space and the headboard blocked the window.  So back in January of this year, yes I just wrote January, I took the headboard and footboard off the bed.  I kept the side rails and support.

Then it stayed this way while I decided whether or not to keep the queen size or move down to a full or even twin size bed.  I wanted to be sure before I bought something.  After many, many months of living with this bed on the floor I finally decided that even if it doesn't really fit that well a queen size bed is the best option for my boy's room.  A bedroom is about sleeping afterall, so the most important piece of furniture in the room should be the bed right?  I think it's the most comfortable option for him.  So I got to work creating a queen size storage daybed in an effort to make better use of the space.  If I was Ana White this would be when I'd get my power tools out and get to work.  Unfortunately, I'm not so savvy with the power tools, so instead it was Closet Maid via Target to the rescue.
Sorry for the not great photo.  It was a gloomy rainy day. 
I did use some tools.  ;)  I used 6 of these cubicals from Closet Maid, which were $19.99 at Target, and put them underneath the bed slats.  Then the hubs screwed them into place.

I'm also planning to paint the walls grey, in case you were wondering what the story was with the random
patches of grey paint on the walls.  ;)  One step at a time people! 

Then I used my favorite no need to sand primer.......

and painted the side rails white.

It's not an exact match but it works. 
These cubicals weren't made for this, but they are quite sturdy.  Keep in mind that we aren't using a box spring so they are just supporting the weight of a mattress.  These cubicals are made out of mdf board and seem to be doing the job just fine.  I think using as many as would fit around the outside edge helps to ensure a really good support and screwing them in place keeps the top from sliding around.

Once I put the mattress back on, it was time to dress the bed.  In case you missed it the boy wants a Star Wars theme.  My advice - go ahead and give in when it comes to sheets.  No one will see them except him so why not let him have exactly what he wants.  These sheets are from PBK.  They are really soft and wash very well.  The most important part is that the boy LOVES them.  Over the sheets is a solid grey king sized comforter from Target that I bought about 6 months ago for $29.99.  Using a king size comforter helps to cover the sides since I'm setting up this queen bed as a daybed in order to solve the no-headboard-in-front-of-the-window thing.  Instead of a standard pillow he's using a body pillow (also from Target).

The body pillow is completely covered by the shams that I bought back in the summer.  Star shams came in a package of two for $11.99 at T.J. Maxx.  The red Tommy Hilfiger canvas sham was a $6 clearance find at Marshalls.

Next I layered on a quilt (also Target - it's a full/queen from the kid's dept. that came in a set with 2 shams for $89.99) and some throw pillows.  Flokati pillow (Target -$14.99).  Blue and cream pillow (Meijer Katie Brown line - $11.99).  Star Wars pillow (PBK - gift).

So now I just need to get to work on making the headboard and ummmm.....painting would also be a good idea.  ;)   Honestly, I have like a million things to do.  It will get done.  It might take a meeeeeellllllion years but it will get done!  For now, I'm at least out of the mommy dog house for taking this bed from this -

to this.

No one cares that it took almost an entire year to do it right?  At least it's a step in the right direction!  So, what did you do this weekend?  Anyone else bust out the ol' screwdriver and hammer?  Who's ready for Halloween?  I'll have a little Dorothy and a Bumblebee Transformer in my house tonight!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Shaklee Winner & Ribbon Trim Removal

I realize that is the worst blog post title in history, but I just couldn't come up with anything better for you.  My brain has worked harder than it should this week.  I've been helping my 2nd grader make a habitat for a sidewinder snake (we made it out of clay) all week and I. am. tired. of. thinking.  So, cheers to the weekend!  Now, let's find out who won the giveaway, shall we? 

The winner of the Shaklee giveaway is comment #8!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a tutorial of the additions you made to the ikat curtains?? I love the changes you made to them.

Casey is a real life friend, but I used to generate a winner.  Pinky swear!  Congrats girl!  

It's funny that Casey commented about the change I made to the curtain panels because I was planning to post about it when I announced the winner of the giveaway.  

I pulled a magic removal trick.  I removed the ribbon trim on the edge of the panels.  

With ribbon trim - 
Without ribbon trim - 
Actually, I didn't really remove the trim.  You just don't see it anymore because I hot glued and folded it in to the hem.  

Why did I do this?   

If you remember, I added the blue fabric at the bottom after I stenciled the curtain panels.  You know because hindsight is 20/20.  What I was left with was this. 

After a while the "break" in the ribbon just got to me.  So I pulled the panels down when I Shaklee cleaned the patio doors and hot glued the ribbon edge to the inside hem.  It was kind of like magic.  Now you see the trim. 

Now you don't. 

Now I have a nice finished edge.  I mean if you consider a hot glued hem a nice finished edge, which I clearly do.  Plus, it only took about 10 minutes which to any diy'er is pretty magical right?!  Someday I'll learn to sew; today is not that day.  ;) 

So there you go, add that to the millions of other reasons I love me a hot glue gun!  

Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Thoughts on Thursday

If there's something cuter than pigtails I don't know what it is.

Clearly I'm not concerned with "perfect parts".  Perfection is overrated!

When she's too old for hair bows I'm going to have a good long cry.

I made those bows when she was three, and I really hope to get at least two more years out them.  That's probably stretching it, but it's good to have hope.

I feel blessed to be able to attend class field trips.

Little goats are really cute.

Switching gears now.

My 7th grade English teacher was Mrs. Sheriff.  She taught me the laws of grammar. ;)  I realize if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you are probably thinking, "Well, this Mrs. Sheriff must not have been a very good teacher because Carmel has a serious lack of writing skills." In Mrs. Sheriff's defense, I write the blog the way I talk, and I don't speak proper English.  ;)

She was a great teacher.  Her lessons were always inspiring.  To teach about points of view she read this book out loud to the class.

It's way under the reading level of a 7th grader, but it's a great example of how a story can be different depending on the point of view of the author.  When she read the book she read it with "voices".  I can close my eyes right now and see her standing in front of my 7th grade class reading this story.  To this day it's my favorite children's book.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, my son Collin, I bought this book.

The other night he read it out loud to his sister.  I wish I had a hidden camera in the room.  It was one of those moments you have as a parent that just melts your heart.

Teachers are special people.  Thank you Mrs. Sheriff for laying down the law and for instilling in me the love of a great story!

P.S.  Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  33 ain't so bad ;)  Love that English don't you?!  Don't forget the Shaklee giveaway is open until Friday so there's still plenty of time to throw your name in the hat!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Striped Lampshade Tutorial

Thanks for your kind words on all the little changes I've recently made in the dining room.  I'm back today with the striped lampshade tutorial I promised!  This is the easiest project in the world and costs practical nothing in terms of money and time.  Actually writing this tutorial was much harder than doing this project.  In my opinion that's the mark of an awesomely easy diy project!  Here we go!

The Supply List:
- lampshade (preferably a round drum shade because it's the easiest to work with)
- grosgrain ribbon
- hot glue gun
- ruler/tape measure
- pencil
- scissors

The Process of Striping a Lampshade:
1. I think it's best to work with the lampshade while it's on your lamp.

You will start on the bottom with a small bead of hot glue to attach the ribbon.  The starting edge of ribbon doesn't need to be perfect since it will be covered.

2.  Let the bottom edge be your guide as you work your way around only adding a small strip of hot glue to the bottom edge of the lampshade about every 2 to 3 inches around.

You don't need to hot glue the entire bottom edge.  With just a few spots of hot glue the ribbon will stay in place.

3.  This step only applies if you use a tapered drum shade like I did.  What happens in this case is that the ribbon on the bottom will gap a little.  So, to get rid of the gap all you need to do is use your thumb to iron out the gap by pressing down from one side all the way around to the other.

Then hot glue the gap down.

The bottom back won't be pretty but in this case no one will ever see the back.  If you want your shade to be perfect from all sides use a regular round drum shade (as I recommended in the supplies list) instead of a tapered drum shade and you won't have to worry about any gapping at all.  Even with a tapered shade though the only place where you have to deal with this gap issue is on the very bottom.

4.  Once the bottom stripe has been added, move to the very top.  Then repeat step 2.

5.  Once the top and bottom stripes have been done get out your measuring tape/ruler to decide how many more stripes you want to add as well as the distance you want between each stripe.  This will obviously vary depending on shade size and ribbon width.  In this case my ribbon is about an inch wide and I chose to do have 2 inches in between the black stripes.

6.  Use your pencil to very lightly mark where your ribbon will go.

7.  Add a small bead of hot glue to attach the ribbon and then instead of hot glueing every few inches just pull the ribbon tightly around to wrap the shade.  Then add another small bead of glue to attach the end.

Basically for any/ all of the ribbon stripes you add to the middle section of your lampshade you will only want to hot glue at the beginning and end of your ribbon.  You do not want to hot glue every 2 to 3 inches all the way around as you did with the top and bottom stripe.  Why?  When you are done "striping" your lampshade you will want to be able to scooch (for lack of a better word) the ribbon to make sure it is the same distance all the way around.  Only glueing the ends basically gives you some wiggle room and allows you to make any small adjustments to level out your stripes.

That's all folks!  The back looks like this when you're finished.

One last thing I want to add is that I don't recommend pre-cutting your ribbon.  I think it's best to just work with the ribbon on the roll stripe by stripe  Plus this takes out a lot of extra measuring and reduces any too short ribbon mistakes.  Wonder how I know this?  ;)  Trust me, mmmmkay.

Now go forth and stripe some lampshades!

P.S.  Today's my birthday!  Another year wiser - woot!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Needed Some Stripes in My Life

So I got some.


Ok, let me back it up a bit.  This dresser turned sideboard in my dining room used to look like this.

I used some rub 'n buff in gold leaf on these Target lamps and added some black grosgrain ribbon stripes to the shades.  I also recovered my fabric covered chalkboard with this leopard print fabric and added a larger chalkboard frame on top.  I changed the styling just a little, and I've got a little of this going on now.

This angle is a little different than the before and you can see me in the picture- oops!  I also decided to change the handles on the top drawers to some fun vintage looking knobs I found at HomeGoods.

I kept the round gold part of the handle and just screwed the new knob right over the top.  I love little inexpensive changes that make a big impact.

I've been wanting to add some stripes to my home for a while now and this easy lampshade project was the perfect solution.

Before these lampshades were almost invisible against the light color on the wall, now they stand out without overpowering the room.

I may be a tad addicted to rub 'n buff.  Seriously, someone may need to come and pry it out of my hands.  I'm holding it rocking back and forth saying, "My precious."  ;)  But seriously is it not amazing what just a tiny bit of that stuff can do?!  It totally took these lamps to a whole new level.  I really liked them before, but now I'm in love with them!

Oh wait, was that Beyonce I just heard?  I could have sworn I heard someone say, "Turn the lights on!"

From Lord of the Rings references to Beyonce, heaven help you all, you never know what you're going to get over here.   ;)

Look how great the new striped lampshades look against the ikat wall.

Neutral doesn't have to be boring!

So, have you been craving stripes in your life?  I'll be back tomorrow with an easy tutorial on adding ribbon stripes to your lampshades.  Happy Tuesday!

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