Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Checking In and More Star Wars Related Progress

Is it just me or did this month fly by?  Seriously, I feel like I just put my Christmas tree away and now it's BAM February!  Since today is the last day of the month, I figured it would be a good day to check in on my monthly list and see how I did.

This is what I had planned to accomplish during the month of January.

1. Paint the boy's room.  Done - Check 

2. Paint the girl's built-ins.  Fail

3. Bring in a rug for the eating area of the kitchen.  Changed my mind on this one. 

I didn't do too bad.  I give myself a B+ because even if number three was technically scratched off the list, there was still some decision making involved.  This monthly list idea has been really helpful for me in the "stay focused" department, which is an area that I struggle with when it comes to decorating projects in my home.  I think I'll keep this monthly list making thing going.  I'll be back tomorrow with the list for February which will obviously include number two - paint the girl's built-ins.  

While I didn't make any progress at all in the girl's room, I did get a lot more accomplished besides painting in the boy's room.  In fact, I'm very close to calling it a wrap on this little Star Wars saga.  I've been working on artwork for his room.  Here's a peek at the gallery wall. 

Sorry for the weird angle.  I took the pictures from the side to avoid the glare on the glass.  Anyhow, I wanted to create a little gallery wall in his room that was filled with art and pictures that are really meaningful.  

This was my hubs comic book.  I framed it over a piece of fabric.  Want to know something crazy?  This comic book is dated October 1978. That's the year and month that I was born!  So, my hub who is 7 years my senior was reading this comic book when I made my appearance in the world.  HA!  I love little things like that, and I love seeing this comic book that my hub was reading when he was 7 framed in our 7 year old son's room.

Now, I'd like to introduce to you Mr. Darth Paper........

and Mr. Origami Yoda.

They were made by my son and his friend.

My son also drew this dragon picture.  I love it!  I don't want every single thing in this room to be Star Wars related, and I like the way this picture works with the colors in the room.

I used some left over fabric from the curtain panels I made to create a matte/background for this picture.

Before we were four, we were three.  This is one of the only family pictures I have of the three of us.  I used a scrap of fabric to fill this frame.

Last but not least, you may not have known this, but my boy has graduated from the Jedi Training Academy.  You need proof? 

How do you like the backwards hat and flip flops?!  He's such a cool little Jedi!  The force is strong with him.  ;) 

So this room is coming along, slowly but surely.  This little gallery wall makes me smile.  I'm seriously in love with these two. 

Gallery wall - Check.  

Now on to the diy headboard I keep putting off to the next day.    

How do you fill your gallery walls?  Personal pictures, art, keepsakes, or a mix of everything you hold near and dear?  Anyone else making a monthly list?  I think I've finally figured out how to conquer my design ADD.  


  1. I adore the fabric matting on the pictures -- perfect way to tie everything together! Looks like good progress on your list to me; after all, life happens, too, right? ;-)

  2. i LOVE the artwork! sawyer has a 3 page battle scene on his wall that he created and asked me to put up for him. i love having kids own art in their rooms and they love it and feel special, too! love his yoda and darth!

  3. His artwork is the best! :) And, I need to make some lists in a bad way.

  4. I like the idea of checking in with your monthly to-do list! I'll have to do that.
    The Star Wars Room is looking fantabulous! Love the gallery wall - so cute. Especially the picture of the three of you!

  5. I love a gallery wall that is so meaningful with a mix of items ..beautifully tied in to his room color scheme. I do believe making a list helps and they also stay it is usually best to start a project when you have all that you need to finish it or else you will jump to another project and be left with unfinished work...makes sense, I guess :)

  6. I love the kid gallery wall. I have photo collages up outside the kid's bedrooms, so they can see photos there, I hadn't thought of putting them inside, great idea.

  7. Adorable! It's so hard to balance a design sensibility with kids' interests, isn't it? You did a beautiful job!

  8. The artwork is fantastic...my 3 year old was very excited to see Darth and Yoda!
    I have been making weekly lists, and they are really helpful, but I think a monthly list of bigger projects would be another great tool for me. Thanks for the idea!

  9. I love your gallery wall! My gallery wall is comprised of pictures - some candid, some professional, a bit of art, some maps and other interesting items.

    I might steal your monthly projects list.

  10. I need to do this for my little guy, he is an HUGE Star Wars fan at age six. His dad also loves and has collected Star Wars stuff over the years! GREAT IDEA


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