Friday, January 27, 2012

Double Feature and Design Thoughts

Happy Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend!   Do you know where I was yesterday morning?  I was at .........jury duty orientation!  Guess what I did to pass the time?  I read my camera manual.  ;)   At least I made good use of my time.  Anyhow, I know it's a privilege to serve (at least that's what the judge said) but it's not exactly the most fun thing to do.

One of the brighter spots of yesterday morning was being featured in Emily's new series "Send Me A Picture".  The topic was -the DIY project you're proudest of - and she asked a few design bloggers to submit a photo with a brief description.  I was honored to be included in such a talented group, and I'm really looking forward to the next installment of this series.  Can you guess which project I submitted?  Head over to find out!

Today I'm beyond thrilled to have my home featured at Southern Hospitality.  Rhoda is one of the most encouraging and supportive bloggers I've "met".  I was so honored when she asked to feature my work-in-progress home.

Lastly, before I get my weekend on, I wanted to share this image with you.

It's from one of my favorites. 

I'm not a huge fan of the styling, while it's pretty it's just not me.  However, what struck me about this room was the color palette.  I love it!  

You know I'm a big fan of red and blue.  


I got to thinking how easy it would be to make your accent color your main color and vice versa.  Could be an easy, affordable way to give your room a whole new look without really changing the color palette of the room.  Don't worry I have no plans to repaint my red walls.  I LOVE them way too much...........but if I ever tire of them it would be fun to go with blue walls and pops of red.  

Anyhow, these are the random thoughts that cross my mind as I sip coffee/wine and read my favorite glossies.  I thought you might like to know how my crazy mind works.  ;)   What do you pick up on when you're perusing magazines and catalogs?  Anyone else like to think about how little changes can make a big impact? 

Happy weekend!  


  1. Love that color palette too! Congrats on the double feature. I saw your foyer on Emily's blog. I would be proud of it too! It's awesome. Have a great weekend.

  2. awesome job on the double feature! i saw your foyer over on emily's yesterday, too! you know i think that is my fave of yours as well, though your son's room is close! ;)
    happy happy weekend!
    oh, and i read that magazine last night and that was my favorite spread in it! :)

  3. Congrats on the features! I do love that room too with all the bright pops of red! Just when I think I am over that color it always comes back! Have fun on jury duty!

  4. What a great week you're having! You're famous all over blogland :)

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats on the features you talented lady you! :-) On my way over to check 'em out.

  6. Congrats! It seems like I've seen your name coming up all over the place lately. I'm so happy for you and I can see why everyone wants to feature you!

  7. Congrats on the features! I linked you up at Vintage Revivals blog crush party :-)

  8. Congrats on the features! You're on fire!

  9. Thanks everyone! And thanks Jessica - that is so sweet!

  10. Carmel how exciting for you!! I agree it takes just a few changes to make the decor fresh!

    PST I have a Giveaway I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  11. Carmel, if I ever get to have the Texas room I hope for, you have inspired my color pallette! I'm so glad that Southern Hospitality featured you so that I found you today!

  12. I do like knowing how your crazy mind works!!! Finally have a quite second so I get to pop over to Rhoda's and check it oooout! xoxo

  13. Hi Carmel! I came over from Southern Hospitality. I enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing all the beautiful changes you have made to your 5th home! I was so happy to see your red color on your walls! My dining room is "gasp!" still red! I love it, it is so cozy in the evening, which is when I use it. Some others would call it outdated, I call it charming. I'll be following and congrats on your features!

  14. I don't have the guts to paint my walls red! I'm afraid it would be too dark. But I sure love the red on your walls. It looks fantastic! I like the idea, also, of changing up accent and main color. I am obsessed with all things turquoise, and I have shades of it in all of my upstairs bedrooms, crafting room, etc. I love turquoise and white for its simple, clean look. I could imagine white or cream walls, and lovely turquoise accents everywhere! Yuumm!


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