Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again

It happens every year around this same time.  People make resolutions.  One that seems to be really popular is - Get Organized!  I myself love any and every project that helps me get more organized.  My song goes a  little something like - if you liked it then you should have put a label on it.  ;)

Last year I made an effort to really get our house in order.  And I can honestly tell you that it made such a huge difference in our daily life.  Pretty spaces make me smile, but organized ones makes me absolutely giddy!  I thought it would be fun to recap the organization projects from 2011 that made the most impact, so here we go!  Hopefully looking back will help me get motivated to tackle some of the not so organized spaces in my home!

First up the master closet went from this

to this

Oh my, did this make such a difference in my daily life!  The floor length mirror functions quite well and really makes this small closet feel bigger.  I have learned too that when you take the time to "dress up" your closet spaces you do a better job of keeping them looking nice.  Adding the chevron pattern with electrical tape was inexpensive and gave my teeny, tiny closet the feel of a dressing room.  I have to say the best thing I did in here was switching to wooden hangers.

I highly recommend them!  I buy mine at Ikea for the most part, but Walmart and Bed, Bath, & Beyond sell them too.  You can't get as many of them in there which is a good thing for me.  It forced me to do a much needed purge, and now I can honestly say that there isn't a single item in my closet that I don't love.

That red ottoman also functions as a hamper and a step stool for my 5'3" self to reach those top shelves.  Best. Target. Purchase. Ever.


This is the smallest master closet we've had as compared to our previous homes, but it is without a doubt the most organized and pretty of them all.  Someday I'd love to ditch the wire shelving, but for now we're making the wire shelving work.

You want to know who got the closet real estate in our house?  My little girlfriend did.  I tackled her closet back in August.  It started out looking like a hot mess.

And now it looks like this.

I'm a big fan of these Ikea bins.  They have little casters on them, so they're easy to roll in and out.  Keeping things accessible for her makes her responsible for putting her own things away which is a huge plus for me.
What was that song I sang about labels?  

I've actually made a few tweeks in here that I'll be sharing very soon, and I'm just now getting started on the "toy side" of her closet.  My favorite part of the clothing side of her closet is the hair bow organizer I made.  Such a simple project that makes her hair pretties easy to find.

 After revamping the girl's closet, I had to do something about my boy's closet.  It looked like this not too long ago.

Now it looks like this.

This is where he keeps his toys in addition to clothing and shoes, so I wanted to make it feel more like a room than an closet.  To achieve this I papered one wall with scrapbook paper.  


I love this wall!  It still looks great, but if I decide to remove it later on it won't be a bear to remove like wall paper.  This was just put up with scotch tape!  

What was that about labels?  

Then there's the coat closet turned mud room.

More labels.  I. can't. help. myself.  This functions pretty well for us, but I actually have another plan up my sleeve to make it function even better.  More on that later.

Let's change directions and head to the North Pole - as in my North Pole under the stairs closet space.  

Labels anyone?

Just because it's not a finished closet doesn't mean it can't be pretty.  Taking the time to get this space organized made putting away all of my Christmas decor a breeze rather than a chore!  The bonus is I'll never have to deal with this again.

Soooo worth the small amount of effort!

Earlier this week I showed you my very last organizing project in 2011.  If you missed it, I turned the guest room closet into my very own craft closet and I love it!  You can check out all the deets here.  

So, have you been in an organizing mood lately?  Any big projects planned?  How do you get yourself motivated to tackle the disorganized, hot messes in your home?  Oh, you don't have any hot messes -so  it's just me then?  


  1. Looks great Carmel! I have been organising my little heart away as well. Unfortunately, my house is far behind on this score so it might take me a while to even get to the pretty labels stage! This is some beautiful inspiration to keep me at work though :)

  2. Oooh Carmel, organized closets make my heart flutter. I love that you have a "north pole" sign for your Christmas closet. Love love love. Let's not look at my closets, mmmkay? ;)

  3. We have totally been organizing and purging over at our's so liberating and my little OCD heart loves every second of it (c: You are totally the closet makeover *QUEEN* you want to come visit AZ? I have like 5 closets that would love to meet you (c: And me, of course (c:

  4. Great post. I want to get my pantry/laundry room organized this year - thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Love it! Who else would think of using electrical tape for chevron???

  6. I proclaim you "The Queen of Organizing". It looks great. Love the ottoman and wooden hangers. I am working on a master closet overhaul myself. Gotta start the year out right!

  7. you really need to be selling your organizational services- you are phenomenal!!!!!!

  8. It's New Year's resolution was organization. This is my heaven!!

  9. I LOVE the North Pole Closet!! I'm envying your organizing ability!! :)
    I may have to take my house one room at a time!
    Happy 2012!

  10. Love this! All of your organizing ideas inspired me to tackle all of the toys in our bonus room. Check out what I did here:

    I'm a new woman! It has made all the difference in the world! Looking forward to more organizing this year! Thanks again for the great ideas!


  11. Girl . . you have serious organizational skills. Those closets are amazing. Still loving your North Pole. I did the wood hanger switch as well and I think they hold a magical power that helps you keep only what you love. If it's going on one of those babies, it better be good:)

  12. Carmel, you are an organizing genius! Will you come over and help me get my overflowing closets in shape?!?!? : ) Even if you can't swing a trip to Colorado right now, you've inspired me to get going on my organizing!

  13. Hey Carmel,
    You are the organizor's organizor's. Closet organization is a full time job. I try to remind myself that when something new comes into the house, something old should head on out.

  14. Love all your labels! So organized:) We are in the process of redoing our master {hopefully will finish up this weekend} and I can't wait for it to be all pretty and clean like yours! We ditched our wire shelving and my hubs built some wood ones-so excited for the upgrade. And I agree, wood hangers are the bees knees.

  15. I had not seen your master closet before but it looks amazing. Your kids' closets truly are inspirational and I do love what you did with the papers on the wall-such a great idea! The North Pole - will you be venturing in there at all for the rest of the year? How could you not - just to feel good at another great organizing project! Have to look at your craft room as I missed that post. Happy New Year, Carmel!

  16. I love your closets! Mine are shameful dark holes right now. I am inspired to get them in order!

  17. Oh girl, I am in the middle of our master bedroom closet makeover! I've been posting pics a long the way! Its been a nightmare, but oh so good at the same time! I can't wait til it is finished! I'm giddy with excitement to post the pics!

    Your closets provide great inspiration! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Thanks everyone! Aimee- I actually got the idea for the electrical tape from another blogger who used it for vertical stripes. You can check out the original post here that links to the project that inspired me -

  19. Great post. I want to get my aundry room organized this week!

  20. where do you buy those wire shelves that you use in the closets? I have been trying to find out the name of those forever!


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