Friday, January 20, 2012

Letting My Geek Flag Fly

I hate to burst your bubble.  I know you've all been thinking that I'm some super cool chick.  ;)  Unfortunately for you and me nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm. a. geek.

There, I said it; the truth really does set you free.  ;)

Proof -

Stats:  senior year of high school, eyebrows that could give Brooke Shields a run for her money, sporting my name on my shirt - I think this was a Volleyball team thing?,  why do I have a ring on my middle finger?,  weird facial expression in picture - I'm about to crunch a Crunch bar - really?!  

Want to know more about this picture?   Oh, yeah you totally do!  An old friend from high school has this picture - there were no digital cameras back then.  She found it when she was moving and thought it would be funny to scan and post it on Facebook.  Why do we think this Facebook thing is a good idea again?   ;)

As if you need any more proof of my geekiness, I bring you exhibit B-

Stats:  Disneyland, about three years ago, yes- I'm the grown-up girl who wears mouse ears - whatever- Minnie Mouse is awesome!, weird bangs- it was hot?    ---- look how sweet my baby was

Every now and again I have moments when I look like maybe I'm not a geek.  You know, moments when people on the street might think that I'm actually normal.

Those moments are far, far, far, and few between.  

Why am I letting the geek cat out of the bag?  Because I'm about to let my geek flag fly so high in the sky that you just might run for the hills, so I thought I should warn you.  ;) 

When my son said he wanted a Star Wars room, I just about did a cartwheel!  I LOVE STAR WARS!  I also love Lord of the Rings and may or may not have been at the midnight showing for Return of the King- whatever - just be glad that I don't have a picture of myself in elf ears.  Ok- that didn't happen, but it could have.  Back to the point.  Star Wars!  I was all about this idea.  I'm not usually into character themed rooms but in my opinion Yoda is a rockstar.  

So the room is not done, but here are some progress pics.  I'm not going super charactery (yes, that's a word) but I am definitely going all out on this one. 

The furniture hasn't been put back into place yet. 
Ok, so before I get to the paint details, I need to address the elephant in the room.  Yes, there is a large tv in his room, but no he doesn't have cable access or video games up here.  He can only watch parent-approved dvd's.  No we didn't buy this tv for his room.  This is just where it landed when our dreams of roofing and enclosing our deck went south because we had to have our hardwood floors replaced.  We bought the tv over a year ago on Black Friday thinking it would land out there, but instead it landed in a closet.  We figured we wouldn't be able to sell a barely used tv for what we paid for it even if we did get a good deal, so we put it in the boy's room.  So don't go thinking that I'm spoiling my kids rotten.  They are spoiled and sometimes rotten, but it's not my fault!   Besides, everyone knows that judgement is the path to the dark side.....or maybe I just made that up.   ;) 

Now that we got that out of the way..... 
Can I get a woot woot for finally finishing all of the painting?!  I painted the walls, all of the trim work, and the ceiling!

Walls - Olympic Moonstone - eggshell 
Trim - Bright white matched to the color of all of the trim throughout the house.  This made such a difference as the trim was looking sort of yellowish.  I don't think it had been repainted in over 20 years, and it really needed a fresh coat of paint.  

Over  a year ago, I painted the ceiling Valspar Royal Navy in a satin finish then added the decals (glow in the dark stars from Pottery Barn and X wing fighters ordered from this shop on Etsy but not sure if they're still open) .  Just last week I finally finished what I started by mixing the wall color with the ceiling color............

and using an old, very damp washcloth..........

to create the look of a night sky. 

Clearly, I'm not an artist, but the boy doesn't care.  He loves his ceiling, and that's what matters.  It's kind of like a Monet - if you get my drift.  It looks better from afar.  ;)  It will make more sense once I get the artwork framed and hung on the wall; but first I need to decide how to dress the windows. 

I picked up a few yards of this striped fabric in the clearance bin at a local fabric shop for $9/yd.  It's a nice heavy duty canvas!  I have a plan, but I haven't started on it yet.  Probably because I'm also working on the headboard situation with the help of my beanie-sportin' hub.  

More on that next week if I get a chance to finish.  

And just for laughs.......

.......the winner of the most awesome alarm clock ever! (K-mart baby- bought last fall)  Sister likes to hang things on it - like glittery necklaces, which highly annoys the boy.  I don't stop her because I think it's funny.  I know - such a bad momma.  What?  The arms are meant for hanging stuff!  

So, are you heading for the hills now?  It's ok people- go ahead - embrace your inner geek.  All the cool geeks are doing it!  

Funny Valentine Card - Yoda Greeting Card - Red and Black 5 x 7 Customizable Star Wars
I really want to give my son a room that he'll remember when he's older.  A room that he'll look back on as the setting for some of his greatest childhood memories.  I want to give him a space that is his own  - for him to play, imagine, dream, and rest.  I love him dearly and this is just one way I can show him - by making his dream room come to life.  

Cheers to the weekend!  What are your plans?  You can guess what mine are.  

P.S. I might get this for my office area. 
Yoda- Calm You Must Keep And Carry On You Will-11x14-star wars,yoda,geek,geekery,scifi
Man, it feels so good to let your geek flag fly!


  1. I'm obsessed with that ceiling - it looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see how this room comes out. My niece is going through a MAJOR Star Wars phase right now, so she's going to love this! :)

  2. That ceiling is AWESOME!! Looking forward to seeing the completed room!

  3. You are too cute-- love that you're so thrilled to give this boy his dream room. :) And yes, you totally need that print for your office! Awesome space, can't wait to see the finished product!
    xo Heidi

  4. You did an awesome job on that ceiling!! I'm sure your son is going to LOVE this room! I'm not even a Star Wars fan & I'm loving it! :) And, even though you've tried really hard to convince us, I don't think your a geek either! As far as plans for the weekend, my girlfriend convinced me that I really need to stencil her closet this weekend (as she is now determined to give hers a makeover.) So that's what I'll be up to!

  5. The room is looking great. Your son is a lucky little boy! If you are a geek, guess it means I am too! I'll go ahead and let my flag fly too! Have fun this weekend.

  6. Cute ceiling idea and his room will look great. Love your geek pics.

  7. Well, if there is going to be a theme, Star Wars is a pretty cool one. So glad you used my fave Yoda quote, "do or do not". My boys (husband included) LOVE Star Wars!

  8. Congrats on completing what must have been a back-breaking process. My neck hurts just looking at your ceiling. I am sure he will have great memories of his boy room when he grows up. My son remembers his, and I didn't do one-fourth of what you are doing. Also, just gotta add that you hide your geek well. I would never have known.

  9. It looks like you wear "geek" well! The room is going to be amazing!

  10. That looks amazing..I'm sure your son is so proud of his Geek of a Mom!! I'm a geek girls think I'm funny but my window is slowly closing on that one and they will soon discover.
    Have a great weekend

  11. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am pinning and saving to do something similar for sawyer's room!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE and he is home with a cough today so i just showed him and he loves, too!!!!!!! i hope you don't mind a copycat because i am going to geek out, too!
    and you, my friend, are the prettiest geek i know.

  12. Thanks Cassie - copy away my friend! ;) Your so sweet! Hope your little man gets to feeling better soon!

  13. You are so adorable. If you are a geek than I am a super geek. That ceiling is amazeaballs. I am so impressed by you.

  14. LOVE the ceiling! It looks amazing, and amazingly tasteful and understated for a "themed" room. Can't wait to see the rest--you are clearly pulling this off!

  15. Geeky gals unite! :-) I absolutely LOVE this Carmel and can think of about 20 million pictures I have of myself that are WAY more geeky than the ones you used my friend! I'm giving my son's room a mini-makeover right now and spent a crazy amount of time on the computer searching for things that look like "gears" since he is so into mechanical stuff so who's the geek now? LOL!

  16. Oh, and your son's room is looking so incredible and I can't wait to see the finished product! :-)

  17. You have been busy, Carmel! It is always a fun thing to bring out the child/geek/whatever you want to call it in all of us..makes things less serious. I love the room so far - the ceiling looks so amazing. The lamp I recognize (ours is from Target..a great find). I have started a Keep Calm.. board on pinterest but have not come across this one yet..I think it is perfect. Have a great weekend (snow today,big tv football game tomorrow)!

  18. You are not a geek, but a girl who sounds like tons of fun to hang out with! And this room rock it will!!!

  19. The ceiling is truly amazing!! So so cute! :)

  20. Gorgeous! You're a genius!! (Also a common geek trait!) :-) Can't wait to see the whole thing!


  21. This post cracked me up -- that first picture should totally be your profile pic! And your son's room is fantastic! Great job!

  22. I want that room for myself and I might have to order that alarm clock now! Be proud of that geek flag, although if you are a geek than I a SUPER geek. Too bad I don't have pictures of me playing D&D and eating pizza! The memories!

  23. Love, love, love the Star Wars ceiling and theme! So cute! I'm a new follower, and I can't wait to check out your other projects!

  24. I LOVE the ceiling! You did a great job with the paint color choices and the decals. I'm working on revamping my almost 4 year old son's room with a Star Wars theme! :)

  25. My son had a Star Wars room at the same age. We did a few extra special things that were really inexpensive. My son has a loft bed, so many of the decorations were below his level when he was in bed, not too much fun to have a themed room without seeing any of the theme.

    My ex-husband is an incredible artist and used to love making models in his teens. I bought an x-wing model kit from Hobby Lobby and gave it to him with instructions to assemble, paint and return. We hung the x wing from the ceiling several feet away from my son's bed so he could have something his dad made just for him and the best place to view it was in his bed. It also casts an amazing shadow on the wall.

    When this project I did, look as good it did not.

  26. Awesome webpages, ideas, and family ... keep it up! :)


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