Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Monthly & Yearly List

You had to know that this was coming if you read my post yesterday.  By the way, thank you all so much for your funny, sweet and encouraging comments!  It feels good to know I'm not alone!  Anyhow, I decided to stop running around like a crazy person and sit down to make a list.  I obviously need a little focus in my life right now.  Before I started making my list of projects I'd like to tackle this year, I took a look back at last year's list.  I made some progress on that list, but I certainly didn't get everything done.  I guess you could say it was more of a wish list than a to-do list.  This year I want to be more realistic.  I've also decided to make a monthly list in addition to the yearly list.  The yearly list is more like the goal sheet, and the monthly list is the how-to get the goal sheet done.  Makes sense right?  I figure if I break things down every month I might just maybe hit all or at least the majority of the following goals!

The 2012 List -

1.  The boy's room must. get. finished.  I'm honestly afraid he'll outgrow the Star Wars theme he requested before I'm done, so I have made this priority number 1.  My hub says once a Star Wars lover always as a Star Wars lover, but I don't want to push my luck.

2.  The girl's room.  I have basically done nothing with her room since we moved in other than organize one side of her closet.  I want to give her the pretty space she deserves and finally organize the toy side of her closet.

3.  The basement needs some love.  It was "finished" by the previous owners, but it isn't really "finished".  You know what I'm saying right?  I have lots of plans and ideas for this space starting with the fireplace.

4.  Project update kitchen needs to come to its final chapter.  All that is left to do is a little trim work and some accessorizing, so I really need to stop dragging my feet on this one.

5.  We need to replace our front door.  Need to not just want to.....

6.  Our landscaping in the front yard could use some help in the curb appeal department.

7.  The powder room needs an update.  The wallpaper needs to go.  Who wants to come and help me take it down?  Crickets........

8.  Accessorize the guest room and create a desk area for myself.  I've been blogging at the kitchen table, but I'd love to have a little work area carved out of the guest room where I can blog in peace.  ;)

9.  Find a beautiful, affordable light fixture to replace the chandy in the foyer and finish up the last few projects for that space.

10.  The hubs and I need nice retreat from the chaos.  The master bedroom and bathroom need a little makeover.  I'm thinking navy for the walls.....

So there you have it.  I've decided to stop at 10 because I'm trying to be realistic remember?

Oh yeah, and the monthly list is much shorter:

1. Paint the boy's room.
2. Paint the girl's built-ins.
3. Bring in a rug for the eating area of the kitchen.

Okay, ready, set, go!  At least now when I'm running around like a crazy lady with a paint roller in my hand I'll have a little more focus.

What's on your list for the year?  Anyone else making a monthly to-do list?  Here's to a great start, steady progress, and crossing the finish line!

*Linking up with the Nester's Home Goals Party!


  1. Busy year to come. Can't wait to see it all happen!!

  2. I think you are going to need that break on Thursday. I'm tired from reading your list, but it will be great when you check each one off.

  3. Oh man -- that's a big list, even for a full year! But it took me 9 months to finish my girl's room, so what do I know!?! :) I can't wait to see it all unfold!!

  4. I think it's a great idea to make monthly lists. I made a list at the beginning of every week and try to chip away at the yearly goals, but I think a monthly list might help me to stay focused on longer projects. Ughghgh focus, why do you elude me??
    Looking forward to seeing your projects as they unfold, Carmel!

  5. I just made my to-do list yesterday, but haven't decided if it will go on the blog! Accountability is great, but....You are brave. :)
    Also, I painted my guest room navy and it is so great--it is the most peaceful place in the house and I am often tempted to go sleep there! I strongly endorse this idea for your master.


  6. lots to look forward to over here! i have to say i agree with the hubs on the star wars theme.... we are heading there in sawyer's room, too and i don't think ht will be outgrowing it until he's at least 18, and then he moves out and i make it my studio for art, and then when emmy moves out 2 years alter i have a yoga studio. but i will have to start doing yoga before then.
    anyhow, love the wall color for the mbr! i was thinking of that just last night, too funny! i mean in my own home of course.... but then i knew i would come back to what i always do.... white or pale gray. ;) i know i always love those fun dark moody colors, but then i want my peace and white and gray give me that.
    what was i telling you earlier about talking too much in class?

  7. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  8. Love your list and can't wait to see all the results! We recently did our 5 year old son's room in Star Wars. It was so much fun and turned out great. He loves his new room. I pinned some ideas and some are the actual photos of his room. http://pinterest.com/karhuy/miles-star-wars-room/

  9. Good luck with the list... cant wait to see the finished projects!!! My son (and the hubs to be honest)is a fellow Star Wars lover as well so I am excited to see how his room turns out.

  10. Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors is doing a "Picture Perfect Room" link up on Jan. 27th. To get others motivated to get those to-dos done in rooms that are still in progress and have been for some time. And if I'm not mistaken I believe that she is going to do one at the end of each month! What a great way to be motivated to get it done finally! May be something to think about linking to! Original post was on Jan. 3rd!! If you haven't already read it. Have a blessed day and good luck on that list!!

  11. Sounds busy & exciting! I especially love the navy on the walls....

  12. Now that is a great list. :) I had forgotten how pretty your kitchen is....love the backsplash. Beautiful. Can you send some motivation your way? haha. I think its time a make a list too.

  13. You've inspired me! I normally live to make lists, but for some reason haven't sat down to do it for projects in our new home. So much to do it's a bit paralyzing! Baby steps...making a list now...

  14. My list is the annual one because each month varies with my schedule and then of course I am tied to the kids' schedule. You must realize that you have already accomplished a lot and I look forward to seeing the progress with your other projects, Carmel.

  15. My list is SO long too I can't wait to see what you do. My dining room is navy. I feel the same way about navy that you feel about red. It is MY color. I would love a navy bedroom!

  16. There must be five of you Carmel...you are able yo do so much. Navy in the bedroom sounds great!

  17. Sounds like you have a lot of great goals for the upcoming year. I'm looking forward to watching them come to life! You amaze me with what you are able to accomplish.

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