Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Kentucky Valentine Mantel

As promised in yesterday's post.......

I was inspired to create an "ode to Kentucky" by this canvas my bestie gave me for Christmas!

I'm in LOVE with the thing!  I mean does she know me or what?!  I feel bad because I bought her a toaster.  I mean honestly she needed one like crazy bad.  The girl has three kids and was using a 2 slicer!  What the what?!  Yeah, like I said, the girl needed a new toaster with not 2 but 4 slots!  Anyhow, I think I got the better end of the exchange.  She bought this canvas from Red Envelope in case you want one for yourself.  I really love this personalized canvas, and I probably would have never bought it for myself because it was kinda pricey - I guess she really likes me or something.  ;)

I wrapped this white flower pot that I picked up at Kroger (not sure of the name of this flower) in the sweater sleeve I made last month.  

White Beauty likes to be warm in the winter so I let her borrow my red scarf (that I crocheted last year).  I picked up those felt doily looking hearts at Target after Christmas in the ornaments section (they were less than $1).  I strung them up with some twine and used a gold key in the middle.

The flower petals I've had for years.  I just threw them up there.  They give it a little romance.  ;)

Mr. Brassy was in the mood for love.

I'll bet your dying to find out what books those are aren't you?  That would be Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.  HA!  Perfect for a love fest right?!  New Moon I only have in paperback, so it didn't make the cut.  That was my favorite book in that series by the way.

I was never really much of a Valentine's Day decorator until I had kids.  Now, I like to do little things for every holiday.  It just makes the house feel fun and festive.  I like to keep it simple with easy things that don't take up a lot of time.

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Very cute Carmel! And I love that you used Twilight novels for the books on the mantel! PERFECT!! I usually don't decorate for Valentine's day, but this year I'm thinking I might!

  2. I might do a simple little vignette in the family room or on the kitchen island, but Valentine's Day decor isn't my fave. I adore what you did here, though-- super cute! May have to rethink... :)

  3. Your mantel looks great! Love the new KY art too. I guess it's time to get the V-day decor out! Once again, you've inspired me.

  4. Your mantel is look great. I love the little bird and red accents. I typically do not decorate anything for v-day. We do not have kids yet--so I can see that changing once we do. Also--I love the kentucky canvas you got for Christmas. Looks perfect up on the mantel.

  5. The mantel looks great. I always put a few holiday decor items - thanks for inspiring me.

  6. So cute! I haven't even thought about Valentine's Day yet.

  7. I love it! And I didn't know you were a Kentucky girl!! I live in Northern KY.

  8. OMG! I LOVE that canvas!!!
    I want one.. it would be perfect for my husband and I ... we're moving and living all over the US right now (army) but were both from KY, we met at the University of Kentucky, and we got married in KY.

    I am totally looking into it ;)

    LOVE the mantel! SO CUTE!


  9. it looks adorable!!!! i love the red scarf white beauty.... he is as handsome as ever!

  10. The red scarf is very fetching on the horse. I read all those books and need to go see the newest movie.

  11. Not sure where to start! With the toaster or the print or the lovely scarf? It's all so great. It looks like it's out of a magazine. I sort of love your bestie. I had seen those in Red Envelope but it was too late. What a wonderful gift.

  12. I think you have definitely inspired to get into the spirit of things! We have my little man's birthday tomorrow, so it's going to have to wait until monday, but then, romance, here I come!!! (c: I love that the Twilight books are contributing to the fabulousness, btw...

  13. The sun is shining beautifully in the room Carmel (literally and figuratively) and the red is so vibrant. I love the touches you add for every holiday/season.

  14. This looks awesome. I love Valentines Day, but have never decorated our home. I think this year I will now after seeing your post!

  15. Carmel, I just love this room. It makes me want to come over for a chat and be your BFF. Or at least your FF. ;-).

  16. I say that your blog is awesome! Happy New Year!

  17. Okay - you are killing me with how stinkin' fabulous this display is! The scarf is my favorite. :) Stopping by from A to Z!

  18. it! I saw the Kentucky sign, and had to stop over and see! I live in Lexington too! I have wondered it there were any other bloggers around here. I live in about you?

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  19. Where did you get the horse head? We're KY natives living elsewhere (for now) and I'd love to get one to remind us of home.

    1. I ordered it from ZGallerie online a few years ago, but last time I checked they didn't carry it any longer. You could try checking ebay though. I've seen similar ones there before.


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