Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Choosing Paint Colors......

can be frustrating.  Walking into the paint department of any home improvement store can be overwhelming.  I, for one, am always amazed at how many different shades of white there are!  

I don't typically start a room design by choosing the paint colors first.  I almost always start by thinking about how I want the room to feel, and then I go from there.  I also look to my wardrobe for color inspiration.  I've found that to be an easy way to see what colors I'm most drawn to, and in my case, it's lots of neutrals with pops of red.  

Who's surprised? 

It can take me quite a while to find the "right" color.  If you're anything like me you will be excited to learn about a new site dedicated to help you take the headache out of selecting paint colors.  Glidden Paint has recently launched My Colortopia, where you'll find content from design bloggers (many of whom you'll probably recognize) that will guide you through the painting process - from finding the right color to getting it on the wall.  


In addition Glidden has also developed a fun quiz that can help you find the colors that best suit your personality and lifestyle. 

You can take the "My Life, My Colors Quiz" right here:

What were your results?  How do you find color inspiration?

*I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. and would it shock you that my wardrobe is lots of grays, but i wear black leggings.... and i wear simple accessories and my fave shoes are my gold flats. :) a little bling!

  2. In addition Glidden has also developed a fun quiz that can help you find the colors that best suit your personality and lifestyle.

  3. Great post! I really love your blog!

  4. ok, i must know, where did you find that buffet?! i'm in love! it looks so pretty and antiquey (is that even a word? haha).

  5. Hi Carmel! I have an odd project I want to complete but could use some help refining my idea. Based on white beauty and your son's room, I think you're just the person whose opinion I could use. Do you have an e-mail where you can be reached? Thanks!

  6. I took the quiz and they selected blue, off white and brown -- pretty close to my fave colors. I appreciate bold, bright colors in other peoples' houses but I think I've finally realized that I like a subdued color palette in my own home...but picking the right shade...still hard.

  7. My e-mail is Carmelraye@yahoo.com

    Tricia - that buffet is a wine bar bought at Target online years ago - here's the post on it's makeover - http://www.ourfifthhouse.com/2011/05/made-over-made-over-wine-bar.html

  8. Being the grouch at the party, I avoid questionnaires like these. They remind me of games like "Which Spice Girl Would You Be?" and I'll agree that choosing paint colors can be pretty tricky, which is why I love any company that provides inexpensive paint samples that I can paint onto trial poster boards. Best to you, Carmel!

  9. Hunh, what do you know? As I was taking the quiz, I thought, "I like more bold colors than this," but when it was all over, I thought, "Hey, these are really pretty!"

  10. Where did you buy the red paint and what is the name of it? I LOVE IT!

  11. It's Porter Apple - which is local paint company. It's almost exact match to Ralph Lauren's Hunting Coat Red.


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