Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Do It Already

Happy Monday!  I had a nice relaxing weekend.  How was yours?  I got my hub to snap a new head shot for me.  I really don't like having my picture taken, but I felt like I needed a better photo (one that is little more clear) for the blog.  Ugh - here I am.

I'd much rather be on the other side of the camera.  I got a DSLR camera for Christmas.  I've been a photographing fool since New Years Day.  Guess what?  I've been shooting in manual mode!  I don't know anything about photography, but blogging has definitely peaked an interest that I didn't even know I had.  While I want to learn how to take better photos for my blog, I am even more interested in learning how to photograph my kids.  Childhood is temporary and these sweet days are flying by.  I feel like I can stop time, even if just for second, when I take a picture.

My best advice for shooting in manual mode - just do it already!  Don't be afraid of what you don't know.  The best way to learn is on the job training.  Why bother dipping your toes in the water, when you can do a canon-ball?  Trust me - I'm living it - I'm learning as I go - and I'm having so much fun playing with my big girl camera!  I've read my camera manual like three or four times now, and I've also found these two posts to be very helpful for a beginner- Bower Power (tips for better outdoor photography) & Centsational Girl (basic photography tips).

My girl doesn't mind when I hassle her to pose for me.  She's my most willing model.

Clearly I have a lot to learn still, but it's so much fun learning as I go!  Speaking of just doing it already, I bought my ticket to the Haven Conference this weekend!

Hands=On at Haven Conference 2012

Are you going?  I was actually given a little nudge by a new friend.  I've been online friends with Traci from Beneath My Heart for a little while now.  Last week we met for lunch.  It turns out we only live like maybe 10 minutes from each other!  We had such a fun time talking!  Her sister Cyndi joined us as well, and we all had a great time.  

lunch 008
Me and Traci
lunch 009
Cyndi and Me
Traci was so sweet to answer all of my "newbie" blogging questions and not make me feel like a complete moron for asking them.  She's truly a beautiful person - both inside and out!  I'm so blessed to have been able to meet her in person and turn an online friend into a real life friend!

Funny that this post is about photography because I actually forgot to bring my camera with me to this lunch, so I had to borrow the above pictures from Traci.  ;)

Now to announce the winner of the sneakpeeq giveaway - Kristie Hagney!  Congrats!  I'll be sending you an e-mail with the details.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

****UPDATE - After almost a year of shooting in manual mode and using my camera every day, I've come quite a long way.   I'm still learning, but I shared what I've learned so far in this post here.


  1. you are so beautiful that i think any picture of you looks wonderful- seriously, friend. and josie is soooooo cute!!! fabulous pictures of your future teacher, jewelry designer, animal rescuer!

  2. Your new headshot is beautiful!! I love it!! And you are totally right about shooting in manual mode. It can be intimidating, but its just a matter of playing around with the settings until you get the perfect light!! The pictures of your daughter turned out great!! She is such a cutie!!

    I'm also going to Haven & I don't have a roomie yet! Let me know if your interested! I would love to room with you!! I am leaving for Blissdom this week & I'll be rooming with Traci & Cyndi there...can't wait to meet those girls!!

  3. Always fun to meet blog friends in person! glad you had a good time! Your photo looks great!

  4. Great new picture for the blog!! And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Seriously, she should be in modeling, unless you don't like that sort of thing, then

  5. Oops! ). You taking your own pics of her is great too!! Lol ok now the end!

  6. I've been starting to think about getting a "big girl" camera -- not sure which one to go with yet, but I'm excited to start experimenting with one.

  7. YAY!!! You're going to Haven too! I can't wait to meet you Carmel! :-) Do I seem a little bit too eager? Hopefully I won't be as dorky in person but don't bet on it. LOL! Your new profile pic is so beautiful and your daughter is just darling. My sis helped me get comfortable using manual mode on my camera and it has made such a huge difference and it really is just trial and error....mostly error but at least I'm learning! :-)

  8. Very pretty new headshot! I am thinking of going to Haven, I hope to meet you there. So many great people going...I should really buy those tickets. I am a greener than green newbie, but so excited to be blogging.
    Love that you are so fearless with manual mode. My hubs is quite the photographer, (has his own aviation photography blog and website) so you would think I would be less intimidated. ? I should really get on that.
    Your photos of your daughter are adorable!

  9. You look gorgeous, lady! I have been thinking the same thing, but definitely not in to the self portrait stuff, either! Your kiddo is a natural at it, though, what a cutie!

  10. No reason to be camera shy; you're absolutely beautiful!

  11. Always fun to meet blog friends in person! glad you had a good time! Your photo looks great!

  12. You are gorgeous, as is your daughter! I can't imagine why on Earth you would have a problem having your picture taken! I'm really enjoying your blog!

  13. I would not have pinned you as afraid of the camera and your husband took a great picture! I am camera shy and realize I need a new headshot for my blog as well. I also need a new camera:) Spent the weekend painting my dining room. Stenciling next..

  14. You are so gorgeous, and i love seeing u and your girl!! I recently got a big girl camera, and its fun, but i keep going back to my old one for blog pics!!

  15. Thanks everyone! You all are way too kind!!


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