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Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Painted Soda Bottle Vases

I've seen painted bottles all over blog land and Pinterest.  These soda bottles turned vases from The Colorful Living Project had me at hello.

                                                   Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

I'm a big fan of repurposing/ recycling, and so as the weather has been prime for spray painting I made my own soda bottle vases.

I saved these glass Coke bottles from last summer's 4th of July party.  They were too cute to put in the recycling bin, and I'm really glad I saved them now!  I decided to play around with some yellow spray paint.   Yellow is such a fun, happy color!

I started with Valspar and ended with Krylon.  I wasn't crazy about that Valspar color; it was a little too school bus-ish.  The Krylon yellow was a little more mustard-y, which is what I was going for here.  I know they look like little mustard bottles and you all are thinking, "Where's the ketchup?".  I thought the same thing, but once I brought them in they looked a lot less condiment-y.  (Apparently I'm the new Webster.)

They're so fun for a kitchen table centerpiece! 

I'm slightly obsessed with butterflies at the moment so I used my Martha Stewart butterfly punch to add in a few.  The branch I sprayed many moons ago ( I have a bunch of white spray painted branches, and I use them here, there, and  everywhere.).  

How cute are my little gnomes?  I saw this salt and pepper shaker set at a local consignment store (Street Scene) and they followed me home.  

I got a little butterfly punch happy and made a wreath using a paper plate.  I just cut out a whole in the middle of the plate and taped the butterflies around. 

I used the box that the gnome salt and pepper shakers came in to make these butterflies.  It's funny how the smallest thing can bring the biggest smile.  

These painted soda bottle vases add such a fun vibe, and they make the view from the couch in my family room a little sweeter too. 

Have you done any spray painting lately?  Anyone else loving mustard-y yellows, butterflies, and gnomes?  ......crickets.........  It's okay - I'm used to being the odd man out.  ;)  I think it's fun decorating to the beat of your own drum!  


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  1. These look great! I pinned the same image and have been saving some slightly fancier looking beer bottles for a similar project. I went with the very tame Heirloom White but I love your choice of yellow. The butterflies are very sweet and I can't believe all those colours and prints came from a salt and pepper package!

    Claire @

  2. Awesome! What a great pop of spring for your table. I love vintage coke bottles. We used to only have those until 3 years ago. Cans were not sold here!

  3. Did you spray paint the bottles on the inside or outside? They look awesome!! Thanks

  4. So darling. Funny. . I am smitten with the spray painted mason jars as well. That last quote is cracking me up. And the second yellow is perfect.

  5. oh my ! everything looks so colorful and happy- i just love it! and those gnomes.... i think you know how i feel about gnomes. :)
    and funny you should mention spray painting, cuz guess what i am doing today! spraying some knobs, and oh a little something for you!

  6. Those look so great Carmel! I have a huge collection of Pelligrino bottles that I've been saving so I need to do something fun with them like this. :-) Oh, and I was cracking up yesterday because right after I saw your quinoa post we went over to a friend's house for a playdate and that's what she made for us. Crazy!

  7. So cute! What a great way to add a pop of color!

  8. I love your gnomes! They remind me of my childhood in Germany especially with their little toad stool hats... now if only I could find mushroom salt/pepper shakers that looked like them. I too adore butterflies, even if I am surrounded by a house full of brutish males. haha! :) and to the spray painting... well anything I can get my hands on now is game for spray paint!

    Have a great day!

  9. They are so bright and fun Carmel!! LOVE!!! Adding this to my list of things to try! :)

  10. Fantastic Carmel... Love the colors and everything about them!

  11. I love the motto: keep calm and spray paint everything. Those turned out adorable.

  12. The yellow is so fun! I love this easy way to add color to the room. I'll be picking up some coke to drink very soon so I can have the bottles. Just love it!

  13. Fun Fun Fun!!! You're going to have me out in my garage pulling out some bottles! I see some blue in my future!

  14. Great punches of color and well-coordinated, Carmel. You are reminding my of the projects I have lined up.

  15. So cute. That is very similar to the type of arrangement we used at my son's wedding last year, but we used transparent turquoise vases and a variety of bright flowers. I love the look.

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