Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Full Bloom

Spring came early in the bluegrass this year.  I couldn't be happier.  I mean let's face it - you can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can't take the Southern California out of the girl.  I'm warm blooded  - born and raised.  While I love having all four seasons, I really look forward to any temps that allow me to bust out the flip flops.  Flip flop hooray - hooooo-   heyyyyyyy.  Okay - enough Naughty by Nature (please tell me you know that song).

I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to get some flowers.  Once the flowers were in the pots, I had to make a wreath.  This is how it happens right?  One thing leads to another.  I was going for easy, simple, and earthy.  I'm also currently obsessed with butterflies.  These cuties flew in from Michaels (about $1 each on sale).

I also picked up a wooden wreath form and some moss.

I bought a moss mat because I knew I wanted to wrap the wreath.

I painted the butterflies with some white outdoor craft paint.

Iced coffee makes any project do-able.  While the paint was drying I started wrapping my wreath form using a hot glue gun.  I cut the moss mat into small strips then wrapped and glued.

I wrapped the moss all the way around so that the wood wouldn't rub against my front door.  When I was done wrapping it was time to bring out the vacuum cleaner. 

Yeah - that moss is messy.  Once the butterflies were dry I hot glued them in place.  Then I used some fun polka dot patterned tape (also from Michaels) to cover my wreath hanger. 

Here's my mossy, butterfly wreath on the front door. 

The white butterflies really stand out.  

I mean you can see them from the street. 

They're so fun and spring-y.  The pink flowering trees are peach trees. 

Soon the pink flowers will be gone, and these trees will be covered in pretty red leaves.   I wanted something tall and colorful by the front door, and these trees definitely fit the bill.  I filled the the small white urns with miniature boxwoods.  

I still have quite a few things I want to do out here landscaping wise; good thing I have a helper. 

It was pajama day at school in case you were wondering.  And yes, that pink blob you saw in the above photo is a pig-shaped watering can. 

She rides pink bikes, wears pink pajamas, uses pink pig-shaped watering cans, and rocks pink glittery Toms. 

Grandma always give the best Christmas presents!  
What's not to love about spring?!  Do you have something springy hanging on your front door?  Anyone else in planting mode?  Who wants a pig-shaped watering can?  That thing cracks me up  - the water comes through the pig's nose holes!  HA!  (It doesn't take much people.)   

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  1. I love your creativeness. You get an idea and you go for it!! Such an adorable wreath and pink watering can! Those peach trees are awesome. Never though of using something like that in a planter. Great idea. Oh, your assistant is pretty darn adorable too!

  2. Love the wreath! And your little helper in the sparkly pink shoes - got to love a grandma!

  3. Awesome wreath Carmel and the pink pig watering can is super cute:)

  4. I love the polka dot tape you used. Its so cute!

  5. What a cute wreath! Coving the wreath hanger is a brilliant idea too!! Love your adorable little Pinkerella too!! :)

    ps~ I'm so jealous of your green grass and sunshine!! We aren't there yet in my part of the world!

  6. that is adorable! and i need some sparkle toms- really. my favorite gold shoes from target clearance 2 years ago are no longer gold... but they are the comfiest! i have been looking for a replacement pair but coming up empty so thinking i might do glitter toms. :)

  7. i wasn't in a planting mood until i saw the pig-shaped watering can. now i feel like i need to plant so i can buy one. i have glitter toms and love them. i'm loving the butterfly wreath. it totally pops on your front door. :)

  8. Very pretty Carmel! I love how fun it looks, even from the street. Sign me up for a pig watering can - made me laugh too :-)

  9. I love your wreath! It is absolutely precious!

  10. Oh, moss mat. Got it. It looked like something completely different in that clear plastic bag.

  11. How cute are you with that wreath. Such a beautiful house. I just added hydrangeas to our grapevine wreath. This is my favorite time of year to start doing fun things with the flowers and such. And your helper is darling. . . hmmm. . .pink watering can over here as well!

  12. I love this, Carmel! So perfect and adds such great curb appeal :)

  13. Hi, I have one of these "lady in Pink" too. I didn't eve like pink before. And now it is around me all the time. And I love!!!
    Great spring wreath!!

  14. I love that wreath! The flat moss looks fun to create with! and those toms...i think I need to tell grandma that's what babygirl wants for her bday!!

  15. The wreath looks fabulous! I love it against the blue door!

  16. I love how the butterflies stand out against your blue door! Beautiful!


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