Monday, March 19, 2012

When You Have A Small Master Closet........

it can be tough to keep it from looking cluttered.  Bringing in anything new, be it a dress or a new pair of shoes, can be tricky as you struggle to find a spot in your already small, somewhat cramped space.  I know this all too well as my master closet is teeny tiny, and I have to share what little space I have with my man.  Getting it organized isn't the issue though; keeping it organized on the other hand can be a problem.  

I've found that besides editing my closet once a season, being smart about what I purchase is the key to keeping my small closet organized and clutter-free.  I spend the majority of my wardrobe dollars on accessories (which always fit and don't take up too much space). When it comes to clothing I shop for good basics.  Whenever I purchase anything, I ask myself not only how many different ways can I wear this; but how many different seasons will I be able to use this item?  For example I recently purchased this dress from Old Navy ($29.94) that I'll be able to wear all year long! 

I don't buy anything that I can't wear for at least two seasons.  Shopping this way not only keeps my closet clutter-free, but it's also easy on the pocket book as not everything I want to purchase will meet the criteria.  

I'm currently rocking the spring metallics due to these awesome warm temps in early March! 

Spring Metallics

I'm anxiously awaiting the summer though. 
summer greens & blues

When fall rolls around again, I'll be ready for some short boots.  
Fall Denim & Camel
And then winter has me completely obsessed with these horseshoe earrings!  I might ask for these for Mother's Day!   
winter - navy, brown, & cream

In case you're wondering what's up with the color washes in the background, I change my make-up with the seasons too.  Rose-y pinks for spring, bronzes in summer, plum for fall, and wine in winter.

So, do you shop a certain way in order to keep your closet organized and clutter-free?  Do you have any great savvy shopping tips?  Who knew a $30 Old Navy dress could bring so much bang for the buck?!  

Hope you had a great weekend!  We cheered the CATS on to another victory, so you know ours was awesome!  

Check here for ideas on how to maximize clothing storage when you have a small walk-in closet.  


  1. O.K., I *need* those metallic deck shoes. We often go on my dad's boat in the summer and these are also perfect for just cruising around town. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Your winter outfit board reminds me of your living room. :-)

  2. Well, you are stylish and well-coordinated. I am impressed that you are so organized with your wardrobe. These palettes are all great - I could see myself with all 4. In fact, I do lean in this direction, too, although I tend to wear my jewelry throughout the year.

  3. Holy moly, I'm impressed! I think I could stretch that coat and boots into three seasons, just beautiful!

  4. What a great idea!! Love all the different ways you can style one simple dress!

  5. i am totally impressed, too! i do the same things though- wearing clothes that i can get away with year round and accessorizing differently. i am just not that organized to be able to post about it. ;)

  6. So many great looks! I think my favorite is summer...

  7. Thanks so much! Those metallic shoes are Old Navy too - $29!

  8. You are a genius! Love seeing what you will post each time!!! I so needed a great inexpensive tip like this to overhaul my not so master ,master closet! to Old Navy soon for some metallics : )

  9. So fun! I do the same thing- ask myself when and where and how many times I can wear something before purchasing. All your outfits for the seasons look great!! :)

  10. All are the beautiful collections for spring. Loved all the things and outfit!

  11. Beautiful! Love all the different ways you can style one simple dress!

  12. What a great idea!! Loved all the outfit!


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