Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color My World Challenge - Paint

I'm back today with the results for the paint challenge.
If you've been following this series than you know that a bunch of diy design bloggers were rounded up and challenged to use a new color (one they haven't really used much before) in their home.  I chose the color grey.  Last week I showed you how I brought in grey in home decor and today I'm showing you how I challenged myself to use grey paint.

First I mixed up my own version of chalk paint.  I mixed a little black paint with some white paint I already had on hand and then added in a little plaster of paris.

The plaster of paris gives the paint a nice chalky finish, eliminates the need to prime, and distresses nicely.

I painted three small decorative pieces to use in my entry foyer.

This wooden plaque that was stashed in my craft closet.......

this decorative piece I picked up at Home Goods a few weeks ago........

and this faux-piary I already had, all got dressed in grey.

Clearly, you can see how junk mail can come in handy sometimes.  ;)

I distressed the wooden plaque just a little.

I did not poly over the top because that would have darkened the finish.  When it was dry I marked the holes where I wanted to add on this Anthropologie hook I picked up back in December.

 Then I nailed this plaque to the wall where the hook would cover the nails.

I screwed the hook into place with screws long enough to go through both the plaque and the wall.  Then I  used a little rub n buff on the screw heads so they would blend in nicely.

For the decorative plaque of glass knobs I used a small craft brush and highlighted the texture.  Then I hung it up like this.

I managed to hit a stud on one side, so I didn't bother with anchors.  I did use a few command strips in the middle just for a little extra support (though they probably weren't needed).

I'm totally putting this little corner of my closet-less entry foyer to work.

These hooks will be so helpful when guests come over.  No more coats and scarves hanging all over the banister.  I love using every inch of our home.

I fell in love with this vase at Marshalls a couple weeks ago - $6.99!

The faux-piary is sitting on the table on the other side of the room tying the grey in without being overly matchy (yes, that's a word).

This has been such a fun challenge to tackle!  I really want to give a big thank you to  Suzy and Jessamie for including me in this challenge they dreamed up as it has really pushed me to get some things done around my home that I've been putting off for way too long!

My next foyer project will be to paint and recover this little guy.

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Have you tried any new paint colors in your home?  Have any of you tried making your own chalk paint?  I've yet to try the "real thing", but I'm sure I will someday.  


  1. it all works beautifully! that charcoal gray is the perfect gray for your home!

  2. Loving those hooks! Lots of character!! And, the photo with the dining room in the background is so fun.

  3. What the what?!!? Ok, you made your own chalk paint? This post has inspired me to a) try my hands at making that paint, too, b)Find me some hooks like the one from Antro, and c) make me a little make shift spot like that since I did take away our coat closet and turned it into a pantry:)

    I have the perfect spot! Oh, and you also made me remember that I was supposed to have stopped in Michaels yesterday for some rub n' buff for my chandelier!

  4. Seriously. This whole post is amazing-ness. I can't even stand it! LOVE the wall hook on the plaque. It's perfect for that space. And EXCUSE ME...you make your own chalk paint??!??! You're unbelievable.

  5. Wow, it looks amazing! I love how you attached the hook to the plaque & made use of the extra space in the corner to add interest and functionality. And I am very intrigued by the idea that you can make your own chalk paint!

  6. Wow! Love the plaque and hook (killer hook), and how you've created a space out of nothing. This has me looking around for a spot to do the same in :)

  7. Love how this corner turned out, Carmel!

  8. Wow, I didn't know you could make your own chalk paint...awesome. I love how you added the hook (which would look awesome in my laundry room by the way) to the painted plaque. Great ideas here!

  9. Very cool! I love all three pieces, especially the really cool hook.

  10. I am loving the fabric I spy in the corner! The grey is perfect! I am dying to make my own chalk paint! Love your grey!

  11. That is the *coolest* vase ever! And it fits so perfectly in your house, you equestrian lover, you!

  12. I've been tempted to try making my own chalk paint, but haven't done it yet. After seeing your corner, I've got to try it! Your gray is the perfect shade.

  13. i Just posted about a desk makeover i did. Bright Orange!!


  14. i LOVE that anthro hook! your whole little entry area looks awesome... loving the gray touches!

  15. That vase is so cool! I love the gray you chose!

  16. Closet-less entries are so hard! We have a closet, but it's maybe 12 steps in, so everything gets left on the living room end table which is only 8 steps:) If I didn't keep the piano lid up (at an angle) I'm sure we would dump things on that too.


  17. I'm loving the gray touches, the hooks, the topiary, it all looks great! I am going to try out the DIY chalk paint soon....I made the one with unsanded grout but I think it was meant to be chalk board paint instead.

  18. That corner looks amazing! That Anthro hook is fab!

  19. Wow! What a great color. The topiary looks awesome.

  20. Thanks everyone! I'm not the genius behind the chalk paint formula - Sherry from No Minimalist Here is - I mentioned her in the original make your own chalk paint post here - http://www.ourfifthhouse.com/2011/11/adventures-in-making-my-own-chalk-paint.html

  21. Wow, OMG, what the heck? This post is awesome and the design ROCKS! Thanks for the plaster of Paris tip, who knew??? It is so beautifully done, makes that corner stunning! Thought you might put a little of the rub n' buff (gold) on the edge of the placque to take the color of the gold hook over to the side of the placque. Tulips look awesome, but I can really see red gerbers, too! Love it.

  22. Very pretty and a unique space. Great vase - quite unusual! I love the hooks, too. You have some great pieces. It all ties in beautifully with the dining room.


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