Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Mantel & Weekend Project Plans

First I have to tell you all how much your comments on yesterday's post meant to me.  I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed more than a couple times while reading them - and no, I'm not pregnant.  ;)  It's not easy sharing something from your heart.  I'm brave when it comes to sharing my diy decor adventures, but sharing personal things about my life is much harder for me.  You made it feel a lot less scary and for that I'm very grateful.  It was also very reassuring to hear that so many of you could relate.  Finding out that I just might be normal kind of made my day.  So, virtual fist bumps all around - y'all rock and it's Friday!  Woohoo!

I switched up my mantel yet again.

I know you're not surprised.  I blame the magnolia trees in my front yard.  They needed to be trimmed, and I have a hard time throwing out the branches.  They're just too beautiful to go in the yard waste bin, so instead I brought them inside.  Let's get real, any excuse to redecorate is a good one in my book.

The horseshoe mirror was a diy project, the ikat bowl is from World Market, and the red wooden candle holder is from Meijer.

So, here's a peek at what I'll be doing this weekend.

Do you see the doors?  They're taped, primed, and ready to be painted.  Yep, finally getting another thing crossed off that February list.

Watch out world, it's April and I'm almost done with February's to-do list!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Feels very fresh! I've said it before but I still loooove that horse head!

  2. i love it! love the pops of red and still loving that bow. i need to get to world market pronto! maybe emmy and i will take a trip next week.

  3. Very pretty Carmel. That last shot is beautiful!!

  4. Hi Carmel,
    I sent you some Derby printables via email, after reading yesterdays post it occurred to me your CFO duties may delay you seeing them :) Found them at Hostesss with the Mostess and perfect for your decor :) Happy Derby Elaine (Gails June Jaunt)

  5. Very pretty - can't wait to see your doors!


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