Friday, May 25, 2012

Celebrating Lasts

Years ago I bought a book that has become one of my favorite children's books of all time  - Let Me Hold On Longer by Karen Kingsbury.

You can buy it on Amazon here.  The very first time I read it - I cried, and I've never been able to read it all the way through without tearing up a bit.  It's a good reminder for all parents no matter what age your children are to slow down and cherish your days - the good ones and the bad.  It reminds me to not just celebrate the firsts  - first steps, first words, first time riding a bike without training wheels - but to celebrate lasts as well - last time they needed a pacifier, last bottle, last sippy cup, last night they needed a night light.

Beginnings are great but so are endings.  Yesterday was my last day of being a mom to a kindergartner and a second grader.  This was their first day of school.

This was their last. 

I'm amazed at how much they've grown in a year (and how much of a difference having a good camera and learning how to use it makes!).  I just now realized that my son is wearing the exact same shorts and now (while you can't see this) they come to above the knee!  

Ice cream is always a great way to celebrate, so we dove right in. 

Here's a little mom advice for any of you that haven't reached the last day yet - feel free to take it or leave it: 

- Have your kids give their teacher gifts the day before the last day.  It makes the morning of the last day a lot less hectic.  
- If your daughter wants a crazy looking side pony tail just go with it. 
- Be prepared for crazy town.  I think the teachers gave them crazy juice because they were bouncing off the walls before we inhaled our sugary ice creams! 
- Don't forget your camera.  You will want a picture of them on their last day.
- Don't cry.  Growing up is a good thing.  Cherish the time God gives you so that you don't regret anything when they're too big to think that getting ice cream with their mom is a cool thing to do. 

Celebrating lasts has become a tradition in our house and it's one of my personal favorites.  Do you celebrate lasts too?  Can I get an amen to celebrating the last day of diapers?!  Oh my - now that was a celebration!  

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!  I'll see you on Tuesday! 

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  1. so sweet.... one year from now i will be in your shoes. as my kids head back to school this fall, i will become mom to a second grader, and a kindergartener. i am SO excited for what the future holds, especially for emmy as she embarks on a new journey, but also terrified and sad. and i just saw what to expect last night and it made me so sad, too, but in that good way if that makes sense.

  2. Love the book by Karen Kingsbury, I remember when she wrote that in one of her books in the Baxter series. Cute pics, love the ice cream ones! My oldest daughter will be finishing up her last year in elementary school in a few weeks. This will be the last time my three girls will ever be in the same school together. We will be celebrating soon! Endings.....they make me happy and sad.

  3. I love to celebrate lasts! Anything we can celebrate we do!! My kids are about to be in the 6th and 8th grade. {gulp} I miss the little years with them but love these years just the same. It really is about loving where you are in life, I think. And they still think its pretty cool to get ice cream with mom! I have a feeling your kiddos will still think it's cool as teen and preteen. I believe if you establish a solid, close relationship with them as they grow up your relationship will evolve over time but will still stay strong. Have a great long weekend!

    And I love the side ponytail! Did she just watch Napoleon Dynamite!? ;)

    1. Ha - nope she hasn't seen it - but that is hilarious! ;) That girl loves to rock a side pony tail - I just have to look the other way.

  4. We are getting ready to celebrate some "lasts" this coming week. On Monday my son has his last single digit birthday...ugh...and Thursday is their last day of school and my daughter's last year of only being gone 2 mornings a week...double ugh! But, I'm with you on celebrating these milestones! We truly believe in marking the moments and making memories out of them and if that includes cute and crazy side ponytails then we will just roll with that too. LOL! Your kiddos are just adorable and I'm going to definitely be ordering that book. As if I need another excuse to shed a few tears!

  5. A beautiful reminder of just how lucky we are to be watching our munchkins grow up - despite how bittersweet it is for the heart of the mother! I am blessed for each day even when they drive me bonkers. Your kiddos are so cute - side pony and all! :)

  6. This post almost had me in tears - not an easy feat. My kindergartner is almost a first grader!!!! When in the hell did that happen?
    Enjoy your summer - hopefully you won't be wanting to kill them after the first week. :o)

  7. Hi Carmel,
    I'm so glad that I found your blog via Censational Girl. I've pinned you and FB you too. I love your blog and I'm your newest follower. My little one has also graduated kindergarten and is off to first grade. Oh how the years fly. I ook forward to reading more of your blog. Have a blessed week & Happy Memorial Day.


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