Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dealing with a Hot Mess

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  It was HOT here, so I didn't feel too bad about staying inside on Sunday in order to deal with the hot mess in my bathroom.

This is so embarrassing, but ever since we had the bathroom painted and then had new carpet put in the master bedroom our bathroom has looked this way.  Basically it became a dumping ground, and it was starting to give me hives.

The cabinets and drawers needed to be cleaned and reorganized.  I found this pretty drawer liner.......

and lined the drawers and cabinets.

I left about half an inch in the back so it would be easy to remove later on if I get tired of this liner.  I've been known to change my mind.

My cabinet went from this......

to this with the help of a few accessories from Target and Lowe's.

The wire shelves from Lowe's really help to maximize the space and that wire bracket thing (no idea what you call it) is pure genius for holding my flat iron, curling iron, and hair spray!  Big thanks to my hub for putting it in for me.

This utensil caddy from Target works great for holding my makeup. 

The hubs cabinet went from this......

to this.

I reused the baskets that were in my cabinet in the hubs cabinet to hold toiletries and travel supplies.  I raided the kitchen and found these melamine bowls/ramekins for the smaller stuff.  

I found that ramekins and bowls worked well to organize the drawers as well. 


is so much better than this. 

The secret to a happy marriage - his and hers bathroom drawers/cabinets.   ;)  

I really love this drawer liner.  It makes theses drawers and cabinets look so clean.  

Now that the inside of this cabinet is clean and organized I can finish putting our master bathroom together!

I found the rug at TJ Maxx and the knobs are from Hobby Lobby. 

So what did you do over the long weekend?  Anyone else have any hot messes to deal with? 


  1. i just bough those knobs a couple weeks ago! seeing them there makes me love them more! :) love the awesome rug, too!

  2. My whole house is about to be a hot mess in two days when my kids get out of school. Love all the organization. I think I'll go empty a cabinet or two right now!

  3. Please share the story about that case of tiny lotion bottles!

    1. Ha ha - my hub travels a lot so we have lots of travel sized toiletries. That lotion is his favorite and when I cleaned things out he would't let me get rid of a single one!

  4. I love the drawer liners! I never noticed anything like that at TJ Maxx; I'm going to look the next time I'm there!

  5. My whole house is pretty much a hot mess right now too - we are in the midst of some reorganizing/rearranging! I love the wire shelves and the wire bracket to hold a hair straightener, etc. is genius! I have all my stuff thrown in a big crate under the sink and it's had to find anything.

  6. Love the rug and nice find on the liner! Love it, and love the his and her cabinets...I'll just keep dreaming

  7. Whew! You were busy!!! I've got a few cabinets with your name on it!! ;)

  8. Looking good! Love that drawer liner!
    It feels so great to have a place for everything, doesn't it?


  9. Looks lovely!!! You have me wanting to go and reorganize all my drawers!!!!

    xoxo, Sarah

  10. The rug is so cute! And I totally agree! Having his and hers drawers are the BEST!

  11. Oh, please come organize my bathroom cabinets. They are a disaster. In fact, I am planning to go through them in the next day or so and it's giving me hives! And congrats on your Apartment Therapy feature. So well deserved!!!!!!!!

  12. Compared to you...not a darn thing but complain about how pretty my neighbors back yard is.....I need to get a life.

  13. A great day of organizing! You must feel sooooo good!


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