Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Derby Week - The Horse in Home Decor

I'm so excited to be participating in Derby Week!  Thanks so much to Janette and Jordan over at The 2 Seasons for putting this little shindig together!

I may be a Californian living in Kentucky; but I've been married to a Kentucky boy for almost 12 years now and I think that counts for something right?!  ;)  Anyhow, if you've been around my blog for any amount of time then you already know I'm a big fan of horses in home decor.

This was taken back in February. 
Many of you already knew that I have a giant white horse head hanging over my mantle.  We call her White Beauty, and she's part of the family now.  (I purchased her from ZGallerie about 2 years ago.)

It seems the equestrian style is becoming more and more popular, and I for one am quite happy to see horses popping up everywhere.  In my opinion, whether on trend or not, an equestrian style is classic and timeless.  In addition, bringing in a little horse decor works in almost every design style from traditional to modern; and more often than not one key piece is all you really need.

Here are a few of my favorites!


This driftwood horse from ZGallerie would be great on bookshelf, mantle, or coffee table.

I may just need to purchase this next piece for my front door!

Pottery Barn 
Ummmmm, can you say Mother's Day gift?  One horse door knocker - yes please!

And how great is this lamp from West Elm?

West Elm
It could work with any style.

And if you still need a little horse convincing.........

Are you ready to add a little horse decor to your home?

If you're still not ready to commit, you can always try these fun, free Derby party printables.  Have yourself a festive Derby party!  A very sweet reader e-mailed this link to me, and I just had to share it with all of you.

I'll be back later today with the last post of the Color My World challenge and a link party you won't want to miss!  Two posts in one day - can you handle it?!


  1. Love the horses! That lamp is super fun!

  2. Great job, Carmel. Thanks for participating!!!

  3. Thanks for participating in Derby Week. I have always loved the horse above your mantel. Looks like a wide range of decorating with horses. I am thrilled about the derby printables I am having a derby party here and those will be great to use for the party!

  4. i was never a horse in decor kind of girl, but now that we live in the country i love them! tomorrow i will be sharing some new chicks in my decor! decor, not in my yard. :)

  5. Just beautiful! Felt like I was right there!!

  6. Just happened upon your blog through Primitive and Proper...love your horses! Was laughing when I saw the driftwood horse, I just blogged last month about scoring that same horse at a huge sale for $3. It was a proud moment!!
    Love your design style!


  7. I love all of these examples. . . and can we talk about the blue tufted sofa for just a moment . . ok. . back to horses. Love the brass one and the huge Z Gallerie horse print.

    1. I know - that sofa is amazing. Someday I'll convince my hub that we need a tufted sofa - I'm not holding my breath though. ;)

  8. If you love English/French classic design , you have to have a shot of horse in your home! Have you seen the unique horse mirror on Etsy? Very cute for the right spot.

  9. I am digging the horses. It reminds me of when I wanted a pony!

  10. i love horses and i agree its timeless decor

  11. Loving the horses too! Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I'm thinking I need to find a few pieces and incorporate it into my decor. Thank you!!

  12. I am an interior designer have had the pleasure of decorating 2 farms in Midway, Ky and absolutely love that area! You should visit our Classic Equestrian Home Decor website www.equestrian-interiors.com


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