Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Put A Label On It

What can I say really, I like labels..... a lot.  If loving labels is wrong..........I don't want to be right.

So I decided that these canvas storage bins (Target) needed a label.  

I've had these in the boy's room for over a year now, and I'm quite impressed with their durability.  

To label them I raided my craft closet and found these unfinished wood frames that I purchased at Ikea years ago.

I busted out some red paint and mixed it with water to give these frames a wash of color.  

Iced coffee makes any project better. 

While the frames were drying, I went inside and cut out some card stock. 

Then I borrowed a blue crayon from the art center

Then I hot glued some velcro I already had on hand to attach the frames to the front of each bin.  

The velcro holds them in place really well and makes it easy for me to change the labels down the road if needed.  Oh and I forgot to mention I wrapped the handle of each bin with some twine. 

And now they look like this. 

Yeah that's right, I liked it so I put a label on it.  ;) 

I love the look of the hand writing in crayon; it's so fun for a kids room.  And thanks to the velcro, it's an easy change to make.  The fronts of the Ikea frames are plastic not glass which protects the card stock but is still safe for a kids space.  

It's always crazy to me how the smallest detail can make such a big impact.  

The best part is now he has no excuse to stuff these bins full of random stuff.  Do you see a label that says "Stinky Shinguards"?  Yeah, me either.  

Are you a label lover?


  1. Stinky shinguards, lol!!! I totally get that:)

    Cool idea, Carmel. I'll have to bookmark this one:)

  2. Love this idea!! I think I have eight of these bins in my two kids rooms... I have had a dilemna with how to label them for a while now and this is perfect. I am so doing this! And I love the twine wrap - I do that all the time too! Love it.

  3. Love the organization! You're so clever…..the twine is really cute too.
    I seriously DO need a label that says Stinky Shinguards/Cleats/Sporting Goods for the bin in my garage…then maybe those things would actually GO into the bin :)

  4. These look great. I love the addition of the twine around the handles. I am a label junkie for sure.

  5. You are good!!! I would have never thought of it and it looks brilliant!

  6. Those are so super cute...and ugh, the shinguards are the worst! Give him another year or so and the smells wafting off him with cross your eyes!!!

  7. Such a great idea to put the twine on the handles. It looks fantastic!

  8. Fantastic idea - I love this! Any idea where else to find picture frames with the plastic inserts? Sadly Nashville doesn't have an IKEA... WHY, I don't know! I find myself wishing for one all the time!!!

  9. So clever and cute! I am going to do that in my daughters room! Love!

  10. My kids rooms only looked like this when they were gone! For the day and off to college. Oh well, better than never!

  11. I'm a label lover... sounds like a linky party!

  12. Thanks everyone! I love the idea of a label link partay! Hmmmm.........thinking about that!

  13. LOVE the new labels! And loving that you wrapped the handles in twine! So clever & gave them a totally new look!! Great job!

  14. You are full of great ideas! I love this one. Boys need all the help they can get when it comes to organizing.

  15. I'm a label lover alright! Obsessed with them! But your blog is my new obsession! I just love it and want to copy every single thing you do! For sure going to transform our target fabric bins like yours! I just hope to find that the velcro continues to hold strong!!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! One strip of velcro is working out great but for a better hold you could always use 2 strips - one on top and one on the bottom.

  16. I love these Carmel, adorable! Thanks for sharing.


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