Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peace, Love & Eat More Veggies

Hello Tuesday!  I unexpectedly took Monday off because my Internet connection blew up - not literally, but you know what I mean right?  Anyhow, it's fixed so I'm back.  I know you were worried.  ;)

I was featured over at Eclectically Vintage over the weekend which was such an honor.

Kelly has a beautiful home and the coolest design style!  I was beyond thrilled when she asked to feature my home.  She made me look way cooler than I actually am - you can click here to check it out. 

Today I'm guest posting over at Bird and Branch Redesign
bird and branch redesign

Jessamie is one of my newest blog buddies.  She runs a series called "friendly spaces" over on her blog, and I was super excited to share my favorite space today.  Any guesses what my favorite space is?  Click here to find out. 

And now on to Peace, Love &

When my dad was in town visiting he helped me build he built me a raised garden box using 2 x 12's and a couple pieces of 2 x 4's in the corners for support.

Then I got to have some fun playing in the dirt.  This is my first ever vegetable garden, so I wanted to start small.  I planted some herbs and veggies.  It's basically a salad garden.  Once everything was planted it was time to decorate.  I mean - you know me - right?  How could I not spruce up this little wooden box?

I painted only the outside with a watered-down outdoor craft paint.  From all that I read painting the outside with a water based paint is perfectly safe.  It also helps to protect the wood since this is untreated lumber.  I attached a little garden sign that I made using an old fence board.

My girl helped me make some garden markers.

I finished them off with a little piece of twine at the top.

We've had so much fun watching things grow.

Although, something is eating my lettuce, and I don't think it's a bunny.  Our very first little garden has been so fun to take care of, and the kids have taken a lot of pride in growing their own food - even if they still won't eat tomatoes.  

These pictures would have probably come out better if I had shot them in the middle of the day instead of the early evening.  There wouldn't be so many shadows; but then I wouldn't have been able to capture this one.......

.......and I wouldn't have a snazzy post title.  ;)  Sometimes laying by the pool with the kids all day and then doing a blog photo shoot just works out better.

We're checking things off the summer list left and right over here.

Are you growing any veggies or herbs?  How are you growing them - raised box, planter, or in the ground?  Anyone have any advice for a newbie veggie gardener?


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by on such a busy week! Loved having you (this is when we would cheers...if we were actually hanging out)!

  2. Your raised bed garden looks adorable! I LOVE raised bed gardens but never, ever thought to paint one! (and i've had them at every house we've lived in for the past 20 years....) In fact I am moving (well our boys, ha ha) our unplanted raised bed gardens from outside the fence to just inside the fence. They will easier to tend and the dog has finally figured out that she is not allowed to sleep in them! You are very wise to start small!! Have you thought about adding some perennial herbs such thyme, oregano, chives, and even lavender into your other beds? Or even a small stand alone bed of mint? (its really invasive but there is nothing like fresh mint, especially one of the sweet mints!! love using it in tea!)

    Advice??? Always add some marigolds and petunias to your garden as they help to repel bad bugs and attract the good ones. Lady bugs and praying mantis are your friend as they eat aphids. Nasturtiums are edible, the flowers, leaves, & buds (slight peppery flavor.. delicious in salad) but prefer poor soil so it is best to just put them in a pot next to your garden. I could go on and on.... drop me a line if you are interested! (i went to college for organic gardening/green house/nursery operations/management but we moved before i finished the degree program & haven't found another one like it since....) Trust me I am more than happy to help out plus give you some ideas for good local information.... i.e. the cooperative extension office. Great source of local info!!!

    Sorry for the book! I love gardening but am a little behind the power curve this year. My corn, beans, watermelon, and squashes were all planted late but the tomatoes are setting fruit like mad. And the basil, thymes (lemon & regular) , lavender, & cilantro are growing like gangbusters!

  3. All I can offer advice-wise is what not to do :) My husband built a garden almost identical to yours and so far we can't enjoy any of the veggies bc something keeps eating everything the second it turns ripe :( The latest tip we were given is to put some coyote urine (you can actually buy this stuff at the hardware store) in the garden and it keeps away little critters. Sounds gross I know but apparently works??

  4. I love your little garden! I really wanted to have a garden this year, but it's way too late. :/ Oh well, maybe next year!

  5. Thanks for all the advice.

    Peggy - You are awesome with all your knowledge - thanks for the tip on the petunia. When I get back from vaca I will be adding some in there for sure.

    Beth - The only thing that's being eaten by critters in my garden is the lettuce. I still don't know what's getting it?

    Ashley- maybe it's not too late to do some herbs in containers? I use the herbs I planted the most and they seem to grow really well. The mint, oregano, basil, and cilantro are so nice to have on hand!

  6. What a great garden! You'll need to add some more items to your summer list!

  7. My son-in law just put together 3 raised beds for me. My 4 year old grandson and I went out and bought bags of compost, chicken manure (smelly) and worms casings to add to our soil. Then we mixed everything together and planted the vegetables.We are excited for everything to grow. It's so much fun to garden with kids! Your kids look like they are having a great time.

  8. It may be slugs eating your lettuce. Diatomaceous earth is great for killing them, and is perfectly safe for humans.


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