Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints (Napa Vacation Souvenir)

When the generous people at Easy Canvas Prints offered me a free canvas I literally jumped at the opportunity!  As I was going through pictures trying to decide which to choose I kept coming back to the file named "Napa Vacation".  Kuleto was the most beautiful winery we visited, and this is my favorite picture from our trip.

kuleto winery

This canvas is the perfect souvenir.

napa vacation souvenir

canvas print napa vacation

The quality of this canvas is fantastic.

napa vacation souvenir kuleto winery

Everything else you see in this vignette I already had.

canvas print souvenir

I layered the canvas over our engagement picture.  Our wedding guests signed the matte as they entered our reception.

kuleto winery canvas print souvenir

The glass vase is an apothecary jar without the lid.  I filled it up with the corks from our trip as well as from some of our date nights.  We save our corks and typically write the date and restaurant name on them.

kuleto winery souvenir

This canvas is the perfect souvenir, and I couldn't love it more!  I walk into my bedroom and I kind of feel like I'm on vacation again (until I hear my kids calling for me to get them a snack).

canvas print napa vacation souvenir

Last time you saw this room all I had here was the two lamps.  Maybe sometime in the next hundred years or so I'll actually get around to hanging some curtains.  But before I completely change directions on you, let's refocus.

The Easy Canvas Prints site is so easy to navigate.  I will definitely be ordering again.  These canvas prints have the ability to make a simple photo feel so much more special.  They would make the perfect gift too!

And FYI the folks at Easy Canvas Prints also have three other sites where they sell car magnets, yard signs, and vinyl banners.  So all of you small business owners be sure to check their other sites out as well.

*I was offered a free canvas in exchange for writing a review.  My opinions are 100% my own.  I always tell it like it is.  So if Louis Vuitton wants to send me a bag to review I am totally up to the challenge.


  1. Such a great reminder of the vacation. I love it, girl. And you are cracking me up. If Jimmy Choo wants to pass along a pair my way I am super cool with it as well!

  2. LOL - good luck with the bags/shoes! Thanks for the review, I love the canvas prints!

  3. Love it Carmel! And LOL about the LV bag review! :-)

  4. (1) That picture on canvas looks like you ordered it from Pottery Barn. Amazing photography.
    (2) I love this idea for Christmas presents.
    (3) I am totally ordering some.
    (4) You are a rock star.

    :) me

    PS I just saw on Keeping up with the Kardashians that Kris Jenner got a Chanel tennis racquet. I want to review one of those :)

    1. Thanks girlie - you're so sweet! Ha ha - wouldn't we all love to review designer stuff!

  5. Love it! And that was the perfect print to pick! I also love the idea of writing on the wine corks, I'm going to have to start doing that!

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