Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mom Tip: Choose Outfits Once a Week

My friend Courtney is having an organization party today!


I thought I'd share my best mom tip for dealing with the chaos of a busy week.  Even though we're still on summer vacation the school bell will unfortunately be ringing very soon and we will be back to an early morning schedule.  Getting out of the house on time has always been a struggle for me even before I had children.  I found that preparation and organization were my best friends when it came to being on time.  As a mother they've moved from BF's to BFF's.  ;)

What works best for me is choosing all of their outfits for the week on Sunday night. (I shared my other tips for a stress free morning here.)  In addition, I have a designated spot for their weekly clothes in each of their closets.

In the girl's closet..........

I use these easy to reach Ikea bins.   One is just for her weekly clothes.  In the morning she can get up and put on whatever outfit is laying on top.  Some of you may have noticed that her closet looks a little different from the last time you saw it here on the blog.  I replaced the white baskets (they moved into my pantry) with some fabric covered bins I picked up at HomeGoods.  These works great for headbands and they slide out (kind of like drawers) much more easily than the baskets did. 

I like keeping everything she needs to get dressed right here in one spot including any hair accessories.  For me it just makes it easy to grab it all at one time (especially since she usually brushes her teeth in my bathroom instead of her own?  and I don't want all of her hair stuff taking over my bathroom!). 

I painted this Made By Girl inspired canvas and stapled ribbons to the back to hold her hair bows.  

Moving on to the boy's closet.  

Boy's need a little more help sometimes (at least mine does).  You know how a man can look for something in the refrigerator and say he can't find it because it wasn't in the very front; then you can come in and find it in half a second because you actually looked for it as opposed to expecting said item to smack you in the face?  Yeah, well, that's my boy too.  SO for him instead of a bin for school clothes I use a sweater organizer with the days of the week labeled. 


I think it's important when you're organizing a space for someone else to think about how they will use the area.  I know for my son if it wasn't laid out like this he'd be coming to me every morning wondering which outfit to wear.  My kids are different people so it makes sense that what works best for them would be different too.  

Anyhow, this is what works for me and my kids.  When I slip up and don't lay it all out on Sunday night we all notice a difference.  Our mornings just aren't as smooth without "the system".  ;) 

What are your best mom tips or getting out of the door on time tips?  Anything that requires me to think less at 6 am is a good idea in my book!  My brain doesn't function all that well until around 8ish - and after 2 or 3 cups of coffee.  ;) 

Oh and one last side note I just now thought to include for any moms out there like myself that are raising tiny fashionistas. 

My girl has become quite opinionated.  Gone are the days when I could choose whatever and she'd just put it on without protest.  She has her own style, and I admire that about her.  At the same time at 6 am I don't have the time or the patience to deal with the "I don't want to wear that" routine.  I have found our Sunday night ritual to be less stressful as we choose things together, and it's also become a special bonding time for her and I.  

For more organization projects check out the organization tab up above!


  1. This is genius. I LOVE this idea. And boy am I envious of baby girl's closet. Lucky lady. I think I may try this weekly planning of outfits with Riley this year. Thanks for linking up, my friend.

  2. These are great tips Carmel!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. you are SO organized... i am SO impressed.... i am... um... lacking.

  4. Love the school clothes organizer. I have my kids pick out their clothes the night before for the following day, but I like the idea of tackling the whole week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. This is such a great idea! I bet it cuts down on lots of those cranky morning arguments too! (Our house was always full of those)

  6. LOVE your daughter's closet! So cute!!! I have three boys so I'm a little jealous. :)
    Also-where did you find the stool in your son's room?

    1. The stool I bought at Meijer last fall on clearance for $17.49. We have two - one I spray painted red for our kitchen!

  7. I just have to laugh about the quantity of clothing is your daughters closet vs. your sons closet. It just goes to show that us girls are fashion divas from the beginning! LOVE how organized you are and a bit jealous of it as well ;-)

  8. Great ideas and love the closets. Little ladies are very opinionated about their outfits.. I see it all the time with my niece :) Kudos on beautiful and functional closets!

  9. I love how organized you are! Having outfits for the week all ready to go is such a great idea for younger kids…actually I think my 12 year old girl should try this in the coming school year - she is always running around trying to get her outfits together before the bus comes!! Thanks for sharing all your tips and ideas.

  10. Those closets look great. I love the shoe organizer in the girls closet.

  11. I had started working on your tips immidiately

  12. I love this! I think my girl needs a little of this organization in her closet. The shoe organizer is a good idea too especially for all those flip flops mine seems to hoard.


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