Thursday, July 5, 2012

A New Table for the Breakfast Room

Many of you noticed our new dining table when I showed you the patriotic table setting I threw together last minute.  Yes, we did get a new table, bench and chairs, and no, I haven't blogged about it until now.  It's only been here for a few weeks though so I really haven't kept you in the dark for too long.

You remember the old dining table and chairs right?  It was a queen anne style that we purchased on a deep discount from a family member many years ago.  It used to look like this (back before the dining room makeover and before we moved this table into our kitchen breakfast room/nook).....

before I gave it a makeover.

I liked it a lot more after the makeover.  It looked great in our breakfast room, but the truth is I never really loved this table.  The hubs didn't either.  The only reason we bought it 10 years ago was because it was such a great deal.  It was practically given to us and at the time we had no money to buy anything else.  We were grateful to have a table at all, let alone one that was so nice.  Even if it wasn't our style it was definitely a great piece of furniture.  

We've been saving for something new for awhile now.  I'm really glad we waited so long to replace it because it gave me the time I needed to really figure out what my style is.  I've always known what my style isn't, but figuring out what is my style has taken a lot longer.  Using what we had before buying/investing in something else helped me to really figure out what I wanted.   

pottery barn dining table crate and barrel chairs

Before I started shopping for a new dining set I made a list of what I wanted in a new table and chairs.  

1. Simple (I've figured out that I mostly like simplicity.  I'm not typically drawn to ornate furnishings.)

2. Casual (I like comfortable, non-formal furniture -probably because it's what works best for our family.)

3. Classic (I like a timeless look.  I know reclaimed wood is a little trendy right now, but farmhouse tables are timeless in my opinion.)

4. Clean lines (that was the hubs word - he doesn't like curves in a table but on chairs and women they're okay?)

5. Rustic/ Low Maintenance (I wanted something that would wear well.....something that could handle hot wheels, bey blades, and craft projects in addition to the chaos that is a family meal around here.) 

6. Mismatched (This is why I decided on a bench and chairs.  I like a good mix of styles - it's why I like the chandy over this rustic table.) 

It's a big change.  We craigs listed the old table and chairs which added to the "new dining set fund".  The new table and bench is from Pottery Barn (benchwright reclaimed wood).  We took advantage of the furniture sale they ran during Memorial Day.  I also purchased the chairs from Crate and Barrel (lyle side chair) during their Memorial Day sale.  I love our new table, bench and chairs!  We used and made the best of what we had, took the time to save our pennies, and figured out what our style is before buying something.  It feels so great to have something that is "us".  I think a home should be filled with pieces you love......even if it takes you a while to collect those pieces. 

How do you make furniture purchases?  Do you make a list first or do you just start shopping until you find the "one"?  I think it's interesting how some people just shop until something jumps out at them and other people (like myself) do a bunch of research first to figure out what they want to buy before they go shopping. 


  1. I've had the benchwright table and bench for three years now (the original mahogany version) and I still love it as much as the day it was delivered! We get compliments on it all the time and I know it's something that will stand the test of time (and two kids!). I love the reclaimed look and wish was available when we got ours, nice choice!

  2. It looks great! I love the mixing of styles with the bench and chairs and the beautiful chandy above. So much more you!

  3. Love your new table! I was searching for a rustic farmhouse table several years ago, finally found it and right after I bought it every place started carrying them. Have seen so many that would have been better and/or cheaper.

  4. I love it!! I'm a sucker for mixing styles too. And we have a bench in our dining room and love it. You will wonder how you lived without it. Looks great!

  5. It looks fantastic. I would've never thought to mix a bench with the dining room table. I'm currently in the hunt for a table for our new(old) home and have been going to estate sales. They're amazingly full of gorgeous furniture for a steal. I walked into a furniture store after doing estate sales for awhile and immediately walked out because the prices were just too high. :)

  6. oh my word - i can't believe how DIFFERENT the space looks and it is soooo much more YOU! well well done - way to go waiting for the right stuff & being brave enough to get rid of the 'good piece' because it wasn't right for you! xo

  7. Just AMAZING! at the first look I really didn't get the chairs and the bench, but now I love it! (Sorry for the bad english) and just to say, I find your blog casually on the web and I was like WOW so many beautiful things and inspiration! I really wanna do your striped lamps (and I will, soon). That's it, and again, sorry if you don't understand what I wrote, I'm brazilian and I'm not fluent (far of that) but I just wanna stop and comment! Bye

  8. The table and chairs are just amazing! Love, love and love ...

    I'm a lot like you with the whole doing a lot of research and the whole ruling out what I don't like in trying to figure out what I do like ...

    Excellent and timeless choice!



  9. WOWZA...I love the new look...and that table is a classic. I just took a picture of the bench for a client the other day.......It is so nice when there is a bench to break up all of the chairs. Nice styling girl!

  10. I know what you mean about it being hard sometimes to define what you DO like, but easy to say what you don't. I admired the Benchwright table from PB when I was doing my dining table search. It was a little too rustic for me, because I lean more toward industrial/modern, but I do like it a lot. It freshens up your eating area, giving it a more youthful vibe. The chairs are fun too. I'm a sucker for the industrial, as I said. And I like the chandy there too ... a bit unexpected, which creates tension and spices things up a bit.

  11. That whole setup is BEAUTIFUL! I love the country-ish table with the industrial chairs!

  12. I love the new table, bench, and chairs! I've been eying similar chairs as well and am glad to see how great they look in your house!

  13. Love the new table! And your little (not really) trip to Napa! Pretty good month for the 'ol girl!

  14. How comfortable are the chairs? My husband is a little hesitant on chairs like this since we love family dinners where everyone sticks around to talk at the table. Love the look! I am never brave enough to go for new things (we are reusers and wanna be builders of furniture).

  15. These chairs are just as comfortable as an all wood chair is. I love them for their versatility - they work just as great outdoors as inside. We pull them outside for parties and the fit in perfectly. The wipe up great too - which is key for my family with 2 young kids. I sit in them a lot - and have no complaints! Hope this helps. - It takes me a long while to buy new things too.

  16. Hi there, I have been eyeing this table for months and came across your blog while researching it...

    Just curious, is the the extending version or the fixed?

    Thank you for your time!!

  17. Where did you get the light fixture? Love it!

  18. OMG love it so much, how i wish i can get it in Malaysia....I really need one for my new house <3

  19. I have loved the Benchright table for sooo long and finally we are getting to a place in our life where we need it. I'm wondering how it's held up? It looks like it is super sturdy but how has it help up to kids? Have you ever had to get crayon or marker off? Does it come off? Do you have to rewax it every year? Thanks!


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