Thursday, August 30, 2012

Basement Bathroom Progress

We all love before and afters, but the in between is what really deserves the glory. Even the smallest of makeovers can take a great amount of time.

I revealed the ugly truth about my basement bathroom a couple weeks ago, and today I wanted to share some progress with you.

Here's how it has looked since move in day -over 2 years ago -paint swatches and all.

Here's where we are now.......with freshly painted walls and ceiling.  I painted everything the same color to create the illusion of a larger space.  

I know it's not exactly knocking your socks off or anything, but I am glad to no longer have 4 large swatches of paint on the wall.   I was happy to receive some Dutch Boy paint to get this project started.   Honestly if not for them contacting me about trying out their paint I'd probably still have swatches on the wall next year.  So big huge thanks to them for helping me to get motivated!  

This paint is beyond perfect for a basement bathroom - or any bathroom for that matter. 

They had me at odor eliminating by Arm & Hammer.   Like I said, perfect for a bathroom!  And what I loved most about using this paint is how easy it is to pour. 

I chose a color called Inspiration Blue.  It's a soft grey blue, although its definitely reading more blue right now.  I think this is because I've yet to paint the baseboards.  You may not have noticed in the first picture, but the baseboards are a not-so-pretty off white.  

I'm thinking once I slap some bright white trim paint on them the wall color will read more grey blue.  Anyhow, while we're staring at the floor, let's talk about the grout.  It looks decent from here, but when you get closer.........

it's shameful.  It was clean, but you would never know by looking.  I decided to paint it yesterday afternoon.  I just grabbed a sponge brush and got to work. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this color yet. 

I'm going to let it dry down before I do anything else.  Painting the grout didn't take anytime at all.  I painted and used a damp rag to wipe any excess paint off the tile.   

And last, this sad looking dude was sent to the Goodwill. 

He was replaced by his bold friend - Mr. Kohler. 

It's the easiest, quickest diy in the world.  You literally screw the old head off and screw the new one on; and boom, you're done (that whole sentence seems wrong in some way).  But really that's all you do, and it makes the hugest difference in the world.  Totally makes the basic shower stall look like something special. 

I bought the new head at Home Depot, but you can get a replacement shower head practically anywhere -Target, Walmart, BB&B - they all sell them. 

 So there you have it - fresh new paint, dealing with nasty grout, and screwing on a new shower head (again, questionable)  - all rolled into one tiny, little basement bathroom burrito for you.  I'm hoping to get the rest (the fluffy accessories part) done over the weekend.  Wish me luck.  

Speaking of the details of a room makeover, Dutch Boy is sponsoring a Restore My Decor sweepstakes where you can enter to win a room design makeover!  

Head over to enter for your chance to win!  I may enter my laundry room because who knows how many years will go by before I have time to tackle that project! 


  1. love the soft new color and what a great idea to paint the grout... hmmm....

  2. Looks good! If you decide you don't like the grout, you could do a dark charcoal gray. That's what I'm kind of dying for in our bathroom

  3. beautiful! The little changes really do make a big difference. Maybe you'd want to try painting the grout a grey color? Then it would bring out the grey in your wall color. Just a thought!

  4. For the grout, you must try Polyblend Grout Renew (available at Home Depot in a few colors but Polyblend's website says they have like 25+ colors or something). It's amazing... works as a colorant AND sealer. I used "Antique White" for my house and have been very pleased with the results

  5. Looking great! I really like the color, makes it so bright and airy in there. Can't wait to see the rest of it. Also looking forward to reading some more posts next week when the kids get back in school! Hope you have had a great summer!

  6. It's looking great. I love the wall color.. Very soothing. I didn't even know you could paint grout. Fabulous idea.

  7. I love the blue, it's a subtle, yet refreshing change! And I definitely didn't know you could paint grout! I may have to look into that in our bathrooms!

  8. looks great!! I love the wall color. My parents painted the grout in their vacation condo in Florida and the paint really stood up - even with renters and sandy feet. I might try a charcoal gray on the grout though - might be more natural although the yellow is unexpected and fun!! Great work.

  9. Which paint did you used to color the grout? A terracotta color would also look better. Anyway it is look much better. xoxo
    ~ Herman Swan

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