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Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Ombre Art and Gold Sequined Lampshade

I'm working slowly-but-surely on little projects for my girl's room.  I made this ombre art one night while I was camped out in front of the television.  It took maybe 30 minutes - I didn't tape off any lines - I grabbed 2 bottles of acrylic craft paint  - dark pink and white - and a sponge applicator brush - then just started painting - adding a little white to the pink to lighten as I worked my way to the top of the canvas - when it was dry I used rub 'n buff and finger painted the xoxo - just because  - because I like x's and o's - and I also rubbed 'n buffed the sides of the canvas too.  Then it was done and I leaned it up above her chest of drawers.  I took no pictures of the process - I was too busy watching American Reunion - don't judge, but you've probably seen like a bagillion step but step OMBRE tutorials by now.  Best advice - relax - it's art - not rocket science.  

Okay - got that out of the way - now on to the sparkly part - my favorite!

I was cleaning out my girl's closet (also a night time project  -  I do this twice a year) and was sad to find her gold sequined skirt was too small for her now.  Enter sad momma face.

How do you just get rid of these special things?  She wore this skirt to church last Christmas.  She picked this skirt out at Gap - she begged me to buy it for her.  And now, it's too short and I'm supposed to get rid of it, or store it away with all the other keepsakes that I refuse to let go of?  I don't think so.

The wheels in my head started turning as I was misting up thinking about how my little is getting to be not so little anymore.

When I turned around to see an innocent looking lamp staring me down.

This lamp was the very first thing I bought when I found out I was having a girl.  Most moms probably buy a pink outfit - I bought a pink lamp!  I designed her nursery around this vintage hobnail lamp that I scored for $7 at an antique mall in Virginia (3rd house).  I fell in love with the color and shape.

Long story short - this happened.

Yeah, I just pulled the skirt over the top of the shade.  The elastic band of the skirt fits snugly around the top and I covered it with grosgrain ribbon.  It took all of like, ummm - 5 minutes!

And the best part is my girl LOVES this thing!  She loves her some sparkle - no idea where she gets it from.

I can't lie - I'm kind of coo-coo for it too!

It's just so fun and quirky and girly and sparkly and Kate Spade-ish and shiny and sparkly - oh wait I already said that  - but mainly I love that I was able to find a new way to use something that has so much sentimental value.

And I love the shimmer it adds to her room.


WHO -WHO you callin' cray cray?

I'm sorry I couldn't resist - there's a 14 yr. old nerd inside this almost 34 yr. old body.  

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, about my absolute FAVORITE part.  

The light bulb department at Lowe's is too legit (to quit) - there are so many fun light bulbs now - did you know? 

I'm immediately drawn to anything with the word sassy.  But, yeah - it's a pink light bulb so enough said.  

Look how pretty it is at night! 

OH MY WORD!  I can't even take it - pink light people - it makes the world a happy, happy place!  

What is making your world a happy place lately?   Anyone else re-purposing your kids outgrown clothes?  What do you do with all those "special outfits"?  


  1. That is the coolest project I have seen in a loong time! I love the art and super duper props to a momma who can take a skirt and make it into a lampshade! Great job Carmel:)!

  2. Ok, you are so stinking creative. I LOVE it. If you lived near me we would have a girls "Carmel" party instead of our "Pinterest" parties - seriously this Rocks!!!!!!

  3. wow...very cool!! this is a MUST do on my list!!

  4. I pinned this!! Love it all!! And I need that skirt in my size!

  5. How cool! I love the sequin lamp.. what little girl wouldn't adore that? And the pink light is awesome! How fun!

  6. TOTES ADORBS!!! You've outdone yourself YET again! Please come down to Nashville and help me with my triplets big kid rooms!!!! Pleeeeeeease!

  7. I love the combo of the hot pink and the gold sequins!! So fab for your little sweetie's room!

  8. Girlfriend. Where do you come up with this stuff? You are so creative. And you are on a roll. I think I need to rearrange my schedule over here. Super adorable. Actually working on artwork for Riley's room right now! Fun!

  9. You've outdone yourself, once again!! I love this idea. So stinking cute!

  10. First of all, look and you and all your cute lamps lately! And second, next time your daughter outgrows something THAT cute, I'll pay for shipping!

  11. You are one crafty lady. I wish I had half your energy!!

  12. Both projects are seriously FABULOUS Carmel! Once again you scored some "cool momma" points!! :-)

  13. I mean, really, have you every seen such a darling lamp! agh! I can't even handle it's fabulousness. I truly love the painting as well. The gold xoxo on the bottom is the icing on the cake. What a lucky daughter you have!!

  14. the ombre art is so fun!!! love the xo on it, too! and hello, did someone say sequins??? lovely!

  15. Oh my word.... that skirt lamp shade!!! The art work is great too, it all works!

  16. That is so wild!!! And the pink bulb is perfect!

  17. Your awesome lampshade made me want to march right out to Goodwill and search out a sequin skirt! Would work great with a tutu, too!

  18. love that lamp with the sequins! i'm a sucker for anything shiny and sparkly too!

  19. This is such a great idea! So much better than just throwing it in a box of keepsakes to never be seen again. My daughter has that cute little brass owl in her room husband actually found it in the trash at our storage unit. Where did you find yours?

  20. I love it all...the art,pink, gold and sequins!!!

  21. BRILLIANT!!!!I LOVE the sequins and the sentimentality!!

  22. That's an amazingly clever way to revive that skirt! I love that lamp!


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