Friday, August 24, 2012


I had a coffee date with a friend the other day.  She's planning to start a blog and wanted to pick my brain.  Our conversation got me thinking...............about my vision.......... my hopes.................. and my dreams for this little blog of mine.

I don't really know where I want this adventure to take me, but I know what my goal is.

I want to inspire you to..............

Let go of the fear that holds you back, quiet the voices in your head that make you doubt your decisions, realize that making mistakes is part of the journey, and let your home be a reflection of the unique person you are.

Be fearless, take chances, and go confidently down the road that will lead you to a home that is filled with all the things you love!

gold bear lamp animal crackers

Don't worry that someone else isn't going to like your style; someone else doesn't live in your home - you do!

Don't worry about the rules.  They were made to be broken.  Think of them more as guidelines. The most inspired art comes from those who color outside the lines.

Collin Phillips - age 3 

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Have a great weekend!  


  1. You are doing a good job at inspiring. :) Thanks to you and a few other blogs I follow - I have started my own blog too. And it was a fearful thing to start. Worried about what others would think, or say. But I am enjoying doing. I think of it more for me, a documentation of my growing and learning and exploring what I am capable of creating or doing. So - again. Thank you. :)

  2. That's awesome - I love hearing that! Welcome to the blog world!

  3. My thoughts exactly, Carmel! I blog for the same reason and I think you are such an inspiration to decorating a home on your own terms - in a way that reflects your family's personalities and works for you - but in a beautiful and pulled together way!!! Thanks for all the ideas, tips and tutorials you share - and for writing such a positive and uplifting blog!

  4. well said girlfriend!! Love it

  5. What a nice and inspiring post!

  6. Perfectly Put!!!! "Its YOUR home, not THIERS" has always been my desing motto when it comes to decorating my spaces. I think once people truly embrace and accept that is when a house truly becomes a home! Thanks so much for the early morning inspiration. Just what I needed before I head out to home depot!!

  7. I agree.


    This is a wonderful reminder that we need to embrace our own sense of style!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  8. So well said Carmel. You are doing such a great job believing in yourself.

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