Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday - Fall Inspiration

I regret not having a good camera when my kids were little.  Though they aren't the clearest photos they still warm my heart.

I made those overalls - well, I mean I added the ruffle to the bottom and appliqued the patches.  (I was crafty even before I was a blogger.)  And you might not be able to tell from the above collage, but the back says Happy Fall Y'all!

Oh my word I want to squeeze the girl in the picture!  Is this really my girl?!  Was she ever really that little?!  When did she get so big?!  Why did my kids stop letting me coordinate their outfits?!  Coordinating is so CAUTE!  My girl will probably someday hate me for putting her in this outfit, but I love it so much I don't care!  Everyone needs to have embarrassing pictures of themselves from childhood - right?! 

I had forgotten all about these photos and was looking through old albums the other day and ran across these pictures from 2008 when we lived in Pittsburgh (4th house).  They made me laugh and smile.  Time flies by way too quickly.  It's nice to stop and look back every now and again.  Somehow, seeing these pictures reminded me to appreciate the stage that my kids are at now.  

Today is tomorrow's yesterday.  

I'm so honored that Tonya from Love of Family & Home is featuring my kitchen makeover in her Happily Ever Before and After series!  It's a great series, and I'm thrilled to be included!

Happy Weekend!


  1. SOOO sweet! i have a picture of sawyer and i when i was pregnant with emmy.... it's in a pumpkin patch, pumpkins all around, and me and my then 14 month old baby, and a baby in my belly due just 3 months later... it's a favorite picture of mine because fall is my favorite season, and it was one of the happiest times of my life.

  2. That outfit is SO stinkin cute!! Your kiddos are so, so adorable.

    I know - why does the coordinating of the outfits have to end?? Now for my Christmas photos I'm just happy if everyone is smiling!!!

  3. so stinking adorable! They grow up so fast dont they?
    Have a great weekend girl!

  4. I LOVE the white curtain in your kitchen - do you mind if I ask where you got it? Your little girls overall's are soooo cute - great job. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. The curtains in my kitchen are from Target. I just hot glued some black grosgrain ribbon to edge - so easy!

  6. I've been feeling so nostaligic about my kids lately - growing up way too fast! It seems like you don't appreciate those sweet moments when you're in the throes of them. Not that I want more kids - would love to go back for a day or two and really take all of it in again. Perspective is a crazy thing.

  7. I love looking back on pictures and my son's only two! I can't even imagine how fun (and sad) it will be a few years from now. Your girl is darling, and yes. Everyone needs embarrassing pictures. It keeps us humble, right?

  8. So sweet!! Why does it go by so quickly!!!!??? Seeing your daughters sweet picture and comparing it to her grown up picture brings a wave of sadness to me---knowing my own children will be grown up in a few years!

  9. I think you've just inspired me to take a walk down memory lane this weekend! Those pics really are darling...and yes, every kid *NEEDS* some seriously embarrassing pictures of themselves from childhood, it build character (c:

  10. Oh Carmel! I made some overalls for the twins like that except they were snowmen! What a blessing those times were! Thanks for the great reminder today! You made my heart smile :)

  11. I love that you made those overalls! {or prettied them up} She is so little. We pulled out the old albums the other night, too. Ughh. Breaks my heart to see them getting so big. Hope you had a great weekend.


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