Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Summer

I know I'm late.  Summer officially ended about a week ago right?   I always think of Labor Day weekend as the official end of summer.  I just didn't get a chance to give it a proper goodbye.  I spent a little time this weekend working on my fall mantle, but it just doesn't seem right to share it here on the blog until I give summer the closure it deserves.

For the second time we made a summer list.

I think our potting bench is proof that good things come to those who clean out their garage.  ;)

We actually crossed off most but not all of the things on our list.  Turns out the kids thought using their water guns was way more fun than filling up millions of water balloons, and they also decided they'd rather go to Sonic than make snow cones (can't say I blame them).  We also never got around to hiking, but maybe we'll do some hiking this fall.

We did build a home for TinkerBell.

TinkerBell may be growing cabbage, but the kids and I also planted a veggie garden with the help of my dad.

It's the cutest little backyard garden, and we have had an abundance of yummy tomatoes, bell peppers and herbs.  The kids have really enjoyed watching things grow.  This was by far my favorite summer project!

Although I also really love the little birdhouses I painted and hung on the back fence.

I think catching lightning bugs was the kids favorite activity.

Although they also really enjoyed riding scooters (instead of bikes) at the park.

They also loved taking a road trip to the beach.  While I actually got to sit and relax, they enjoyed the pool.

And while it wasn't on the list, our trip to Napa was absolutely fabulous!

It seems the summer goes by faster and faster now that my kids are both in school.  I thoroughly enjoyed having them home.  I'm glad we started the tradition of making a summer list, and I'm looking forward to making our fall list very soon!

Now I feel like I'm ready to fully embrace fall (even though I've been drinking pumpkin flavored coffee for almost a month now)!

Are you ready?  Ready for cooler temps?  Leaves changing color?  Ready for fall TV?   Goodness gracious -summer television is horrid!  Can I get some Vampire Diaries for heavens sake?!   Or how about Revenge?  The Voice?  Once Upon A Time?  Grey's?  Oh my word - do you remember how it ended?  Obviously I'm only slightly obsessed.

Here's a look at the lists we've made in the past:


  1. I think you had a very successful summer. I am not ready for fall but the temps dropped to fall here on Sunday so I cannot deny it but fall is here in New York.

  2. What a great re-cap! SO many great memories! Love the wine quote ;)

  3. What a great summer you made for your kiddos! I just love that fairy garden - so adorable - especially the cabbages!
    I'm digging the routine of the kids being back in school, but I'd love to hold onto summer weather just a little longer!

  4. The little girl in my is *DYING* over that little fairy garden...what I wouldn't have given for one of those during my Barbie days! (c; I'm also diggin' the veggies sign...totally need one of those in my house, too!

  5. Looks like you guys had a great summer! So did we but I'm really looking forward to fall!

  6. I think you definitely got the most out of your summer my friend! The fairy garden might just be my most favorite part. :-) I'm working on my fall mantel too and can't seem to get mine right either...ugh...those long expanses of wood are mocking me. LOL!

  7. Looks like a fabulous summer! I'm admiring your veggie garden..


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