Monday, September 3, 2012

My Side of the Bed - A Mirrored Night Stand

So, did you scoop up any great Labor Day deals over the long weekend?   I stopped in Kirkland's to see if they had any fun lanterns or outdoor decor items on clearance.  While I didn't find anything great in the summer clearance section, I did find the perfect chest to use as a night stand on my side of the bed!

mirrored chest

Originally $299, I brought it home for $239.

After looking everywhere in the world for a mirrored chest with the right dimensions (at a reasonable price) I had basically given up hope that I would ever find one.  As you can tell it's a snug fit.  It's for this very reason that I wanted something mirrored.  The light bounces off the mirror and keeps this tight spot from looking overly cramped while still giving me some storage and a spot for personal items.

I borrowed a measuring tape from the sales clerk and lo and behold it was the perfect size!  Literally one half an inch more and it would be too big.  So while this may not be the steal of the century, considering it may be the only mirrored chest on the planet that will fit in the space beside my bed I promptly paid and brought this bad girl home!

kirklands mirrored chest

I LOVE her!  She's girly and glamerific............

mirrored night stand

with a subtle worn and weathered charm.

shabby chic night stand

And she balances out the other side of the bed.  The side where I carved out a workspace for myself.  This is where I blog and it's also my hubs side of the bed.

desk by the bed

He doesn't care what his night stand looks like.  Plus he has a whole room to himself for an office so he's not allowed to complain.  ;)

Did you score any good deals over the weekend?

Want to know what the numbers mean?  Click here.


  1. Love your bedroom Carmel - that mirrored piece is perfect for the space and your little blogging spot is gorgeous xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Oh, it looks great! What a cute piece for your side of the bed! For a mirrored piece, $239 is an awesome price:)

  3. Wow, it looks so great! I'm a huge fan of mirrored furniture, and I love how it kind of just blends into your side of the bed. It looks like it's the perfect piece!

  4. you know i love mirrored nightstands! mine both have mirrors on top of them- something so pretty and glam about it! it looks awesome and i love the pretty shape, too!

  5. It's so great, Carmel! Your styling is always so pretty. Have you told us about your curtains? Just wondering what the fabric is.

    1. I'm headed to the fabric store where I bought it today so I'll definitely be sure to find out the source.

  6. Too cute! It works perfect in that space!

  7. I love it Carmel! I had to swear off mirrors (and glass for that matter) because of our dogs. The hair on a shiny surface drove me nuts!

  8. Love it! The mirrors look absolutely amazing! It definitely keeps the corner from looking crowded.

  9. Love your new nightstand and your bedroom is gorgeous!

  10. Your bedroom is so pretty!! and i love your little side bench you covered!

  11. Like a fish, I'm attracted to shiny things! What a find - a little bling is always a good thing!

    And I LOVE your curtains - I need some, my poor bedroom windows have none

  12. Wow, that last picture looks like a magazine! Your workspace is perfect!

  13. What is the color and paint you used for the walls?


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