Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget (The September 11 Photo Project)

I bought this book many years ago.

I will never forget that day as I'm sure none of you will.

God Bless America


  1. i was driving on my way to work in nashville i remember.... frantically grabbed my old school cell phone to call my friend jen, and make sure she was safe. then i called my family,and then chris. shortly after that i made the decision to move in with chris as i was in a city all alone with not too many friends since i only met people i worked with and they worked for me so i couldn't really hang out with them... i needed to be near people i loved.
    have you seen up close and really personal? i cried so much but it was such a beautiful movie. i just can't imagine having been there or so involved. i hope that this country never forgets.... generations from now i hope they still talk about it and the important of peace among nations.

  2. Haven't seen that movie Cassie, but I did have a number of friends living there at that time. It was such a scary day.


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