Sunday, September 16, 2012

The In Between Days

My Sunday -

cereal for breakfast

declared it to be an all day pajama day

but was sure to say, "Teeth brushing is still happening!"

told my boy to brush his teeth 3 times before he actually did it

checked his teeth

brushed his teeth for him

wondered to myself when he'll learn to truly brush his teeth   - he's 8 for heavens sake

swept the garage

watered the plants

took the kids to get hot chocolate at Starbucks (yes, in our pj's) - had a pumpkin spice latte

rocked out with the windows down to Call Me Maybe

added a few links to the blog project gallery

answered a few emails

made peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch

watched Cheaper By The Dozen with the kids

folded clothes, started a new load

watched Good Luck Charlie with the kids

had a random dance party to Marky Mark's Good Vibrations

cleaned my bathroom

photographed my bathroom for a blog post

took a shower

put on some pj's that don't really look like pj's

helped my girl do her homework

read with my girl

packed lunches for school

ordered dinner from our fav italian restaurant that has a great gf menu

picked up dinner and thought to myself, "Why doesn't every restaurant offer carry out and bring your food to the car?"

ate dinner in front of the tv in the basement - watched another episode of Good Luck Charlie

helped the kids put their clothes away that I folded earlier

made the kids clean up their toys

got outfits ready for the week

sent the kids to bed

folded another load of laundry

started another load of laundry

had a glass of wine

was so happy to see my hub come home after being gone for business all weekend long

wrote this random post

because the simple days are the ones I never want to forget

the days that come in between the big moments matter

sometimes they matter more

they fill our lives

all those in between days

the cuddles, giggles, and silly dance moves

the never ending pile of laundry

like a magic trick the dirty clothes just never stop coming out of the basket

and I want to remember these days too

not just the big moment days

first day days

recital, big game, and vacation days

but the in between days

I really want to remember those too

How was your Sunday?


  1. I think you should write in-between day posts more often! I want to remember them too - because the years just go by too darn fast…..and we all need reminding to appreciate these ordinary days that make up an extraordinary life. So lovely read and hear the gratitude you have for your life, the joy that you find in your family!!

  2. I agree. Those are the days that are a blur. Sweet post.

    And we love Good Luck Charlie :)

  3. What a cute post :) We had a similar day, even washed cars in my pj's - LOL - but I did manage to shower and go to mass last night - I didn't think the Priest would approve of my pj's - ah haaa. Have a blessed week.

  4. sounds like a great day to me! love that you went to starbucks in your pjs. that is the best.

  5. I spent yesterday browsing the streets of Paris (France - not Kentucky) with my husband for six hours. The feet are aching today so I'm taking it easy. Thanks so much for adding our blog to your sidebar. We are in our third and final week of traveling/bicycling in France, and it's nice to take a minute to catch up on my favorite blogs.

  6. Sweet post, love it - these are the greatest types of days.

  7. Absolutely loved this post? Sunday's in our house are family days. That means no electronics (unless we watch movies together), so no iPads, computers, or television. It's the one day of the week we r all together at once. Yesterday's theme was "Oldies but Goodies" so we watched Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The kids loved the "vintage" movies! And it all just happened to go down in our Pjs as well!!

    1. I love this idea - Mary Poppins is one of my all time favs!

  8. The quiet days are so easy to forget and the ones you'll probably want to remember most as the years go by. Love that you wrote it all down!

  9. This is preceious! And such a great reminder to enjoy every day, thanks for that! :)

  10. This is such a sweet post!

    Almost every single day since I've been on mat leave I've told myself to start a little journal to remember all the little details.

    I might have to start tomorrow. :)

    1. I should start one too - mine are 6 and 8 - is it too late?

  11. I love this post, Carmel. Such special days. Sometimes I giggle to myself when folding the laundry. Feel blessed to have my kiddos laundry to fold. Thanks for the sweet post.

  12. You're right, those are the moments to remember. My boys love the days we declare to be a pajama day- such a rarity to find those days. And good for you getting a latte and wine that day :)

  13. Beautifully said :) I began reading your blog when I became a stay at home momma last year. You were a "friend" when I was at home with a newborn, sleep deprieved and not wearing matching pajamas! I truly adore your positive and uplifting personality; never fails to brighten my day :) This post made me a little teary! I too adore my precious baby boy and my precious husband and there is nothing I love more than soaking in the simple days with the two of them. Blessings, Melodie :)

  14. This is such a great post, Carmel!! I love the in between days ... they are often the ones that matter most!

  15. Fun- and I live in Lex as well and I want to know what your fav Italian Restaurant is?:)

  16. Hi Susie! My favorite is Bella Note - I always loved it -but since I've been gluten free I've really loved that they serve gluten free pasta! I'm a big fan of italian food so being able to enjoy a pasta dish that I myself didn't have to make is a real treat when you're gf.


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