Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disguising A Bothersome Light Switch

What's up with light switches in the middle of a wall?

I mean, really?!  In. the. middle. of. the. wall?!  

Not cool.  

My solution?


disguising light switch plates

Using an array of frames in wood tones (to play off the window box storage baskets) and white I created a little gallery wall to draw attention away from the awkwardly placed (aka bothersome) light switch plate.  I think mission: disguise the switch plate was a success.  

As for the actual art used the horse prints are vintage paint by numbers I picked up at a local thrift shop (Street Scene).  I've been kind of obsessed with vintage paint by numbers lately.  This cute pair came already framed in these rich wood toned frames.  The scrabble art I made using some scrabble coasters I bought over a year ago at a local coffee shop (Coffee Times).  

I laid the scrabble coasters over some patterned scrapbook paper and used white frames from Target.  

A little love and.......

and a P for Phillips. 

For the last frame I used a scrap piece of fabric and layered a dried magnolia leaf on top. 

Why a dried magnolia leaf?  

Because they're free.  I have buckets of them in my front yard.  Plus I liked that the brown color tied in nicely with the color of the wood frames.  

The horseshoe mirror is an old diy project. 
How do you deal with bothersome light switches in your home?  

*Sharing at Emily's Work With What You Have Party!  Head over to be inspired to work with you have in your home. 


  1. i love that little gallery wall! it's adorable and so you and it blends the switch plate perfectly!

  2. Well done - that is definitely an odd place for a switch. What were they thinking?!? Great horseshoe mirror too - I don't think I've seen that before. Very clever and in keeping with your "equestrian art" too. :-)

    Also, great job on the Joss & Main curator sale! How cool is that?!? Do you mind me asking how that opportunity came about? I'm always interested to hear the backstories on things like this, along with magazine features - a dream come true!

  3. I agree. And what about thermostats in the middle of the wall? What's up with that? I did the same thing you did. I hid the light switch in among art work, and I made a gallery wall around the thermostat.

    1. Oh gosh - don't get me started on thermostats! ;) Sometimes even smoke detectors can be a problem! Builders should hire designers to help them figure out the best place to put these things.

  4. LOVE the window box storage baskets, great way to hide the unwanted outlet! My pet peeve are the thermostats!

  5. Love the backgrounds you used for the leaf and the scrabble coasters - the whole wall looks fantastic!
    What light switch?? :)

  6. Perfect-o, my dear! You rally can hardly see it. OH and I gave you a little shout yesterday for Joss & Main. Congrats again!

  7. This is one of my favorite groupings. So wishing I had those scrabble coasters. Just darling.

  8. Um LOVE this! Everything goes together quite nicely. Love the wicker baskets too. Pinning this and wanting to do in our bathroom. Thank you!

  9. Really and truly, if you had not told us you were disguising a light switch, I would have never seen it!! Even after, I still thought it was a frame around a teeny tiny favorite photo. I had a photo of a cat who used to own us, and I framed it like that. Great disquise....so what are you going to be for Halloween?

  10. Carmel I love what you have created!! I am another who has a double light switch AND a thermostat in the middle of a wall. I have used art to distract as well!!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  11. I never would have seen the switch! I've thought about doing something like this in my house, but wondered if I'd accidentally draw more attention to it. Thanks for a little inspiration!

  12. Such a good idea! And that gallery wall is so cute! I love the magnolia leaf on the patterned fabric!

  13. This reminds me of our dinig room, where someone placed the thermostat right in the middle of a huge wall! We plan to do something similar, by making the whole wall a frame gallery, to hopefully disquise the little box.

  14. Girl, how can everything you do be this amazing? Love the arrangement and the black and white pops!

  15. This is really, really, really well done! The combination of creative ideas and style is so cool! Great job.

  16. I still love this bathroom :) thanks for linking up!

  17. We're almost done building our one and only custom home and just discovered the electrician put a light switch in the middle of the only wall where I could put a large mirror (just outside of and in front of our bedroom door), rendering it useless. And of course, they're saying now it will require a change-order (translate $$) to move it. Sigh....

  18. Although a few property owners feel safe doing minimal electrical rocker light switches work them selves, remember to understand that energy is exceedingly harmful and you should often shut off almost any circuits ahead of working on all of them. Never work with reside energy.

  19. have the same problem in my living room because the previous owner who put on an addition did not relocate the switch. I put a book shelf under the switch and put an object on the top shelf to hide it. If I rearrange the furniture, I will keep your idea in mind.
    Another idea is to put wallpaper on the switch plate and painting the switch. if necessary.


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