Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Painted Storage Baskets

I've had these baskets for a few years.  I think I originally bought them at Pier 1.  Lately I've had painted baskets on the brain so I decided to give this pair a makeover.

DIY  Painted Storage Baskets

It took less than an hour including drying time.  I used painter's tape and acrylic craft paint.  I just eye-balled the lines - no measuring at all.  Then when the white paint was dry I free-handed the numbers.  This was an easy, no-cost (I already had the tape and paint) diy project - my favorite kind!

DIY Numbered Storage Baskets

I don't know why but little changes make me happy - especially when they take less than hour!

Painted Baskets

And if I ever get tired of this look they'll be just as easy to repaint.

Have you hopped on the painted basket bandwagon?


  1. What an adorable and inexpensive DIY project. Isn't it amazing sometimes what a little paint can do?

  2. They look darling. I painted some canvas ones this weekend in a similar way! ;) Hope you are off to a wonderful Monday.

  3. those are adorable! i love the number added to them!

  4. Ok, I love this and need to do it! I think I have the perfect baskets for them too!

  5. I love them! You're a genius. You always amaze me. :-)

  6. Great idea! Love the little bit of personality you injected!

  7. Those are cute! I really need to invest in some cute decorative baskets!

  8. Very cute- they go really well with all your autumn decor :)

  9. Those are so cute! They look fantastic in the room!!

  10. WEll thank you so much for great idea, aren't you the clever girl. I can't get over all the incredible talent out there in blogland.
    I have some baskets on our bathroom storage unit and would like to do something to snazz them up. Now I can do it thanks to your genius and sharing. I keep toiletries, nail polishes, etc in seperate baskets so now I'll give them a little zing.
    We don't have a linen closet so hubs built like a bookcase for me to keep towels, etc. and baskets for toiletries in bathroom. Luckily our bathroom is a decent size to accomadate. He also built shelves over the toilet enclosure, quite handy. Maybe I'll keep the grouchy old stinker after all. (Just kidding honey)


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