Thursday, October 25, 2012

Horseshoe Art and The Easiest Tastiest Pumpkin Soup

I've got 2 things for you today.

First up - Horseshoe Art

Scrapbook paper has come a long way.  I found this velvety leopard print at Michael's during a 5 sheets for $1.00 sale.

leopard print scrap paper  

I grabbed a 12 x12 canvas, and a horseshoe I had already spray painted gold.

horseshoe art

Then all I did was rub 'n buff the edges gold and glue the paper down.

rub 'n buff art project

Then I glued the horseshoe on top and it was done!  I love me a quickie!  #getyourmindoutathegutter 

Speaking of quickies, let's move on to #2 - The Easiest Tastiest Pumpkin Soup 

Seriously, this soup is sooooo gooooood!

Start with a jar of this.

trader joe's pumpkin butter

God Bless Trader Joe's for finally coming to Lexington! 

Empty the entire jar into a pot and heat over medium heat.  Then add 3 Tbs. of light sour cream and half a cup of half and half.  (The recipe on the jar calls for 3 Tbs. of fat free sour cream, but I prefer light.  And I added the half and half to make it creamier.  For anyone that is dairy free, maybe you could try using coconut milk?)  

Top with applewood smoked bacon and asiago cheese and let your taste buds thank me later.  The combination of the salty bacon with the sweet pumpkin is flavor perfection - in my opinion!  And the fact that it takes less than 20 minutes to make isn't half bad either.  ;) 

pumpkin soup

Sorry for the phone pics.  I wasn't planning to blog about this soup, but after I made it the other night I just had to share it with you all!  Go get you some pumpkin butter right now!  

Do you have any quick art projects or recipes to share?  Quickies make me happy.  #thatdidn'tcomeoutright


  1. Beautiful and Yummy! Love the quick art and that soup is calling my name. Looks like a trip to Trader Joe's is in my future!

  2. How much soup did it make? Enough for 2-3? Sounds so good.. I've been on a huge pumpkin kick! I live in AR--No Trader Joe's... I would have to find a substitue for the pumpkin butter.

    1. It makes about 2 to 3 small servings. It's perfect for us because my kids won't touch it ;)

  3. Quick projects are the best and your pumpkin soup looks delicious. I was searching for an easy recipe to make tonight, I think I may have found it! Thanks Carmel.

  4. yummy pumpkin soup!!!!
    the horseshoe art is so cool!!! i found some horseshoe candlesticks at a yard sale a couple weeks ago! i put them in my space at the barn and i think they sold, but they made me think of you. :)

  5. Cool art. Love how fast and easy it is. The soup looks good too. I just might have to make a run to Trader Joe's!

  6. Wow - love that art. It looks so chic and fancy, so it's great that it was quick and easy!

  7. I was looking for a way to make pumpkin soup out of some pumpking spaghetti sauce I picked up. Didn't really like it for spaghetti, so I thought soup. so this is great timing. I think I'll try it with the sauce instead of butter. thx. love the horseshoe. I have 3 I need to do something w/from our trip to the smoky mtns. so I'll be keeping this in mind;).

  8. That soup seems so intriguing to me! I've never had anything like it before, and I'm afraid to try, but at the same time it sounds so delicious!

  9. That soup sounds delish! We just got a TJs near us too and I'll have to scope out the Pumpkin Butter.

  10. That's fun! It looks very Texas glam to me, like GCB :)

  11. Oh my gosh, this horseshoe art is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just discovered your blog via the "A Thoughtful Place" blog, and am so glad I did! I love your horse shoe art and look forward to checking in frequently! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Nicole @


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