Friday, October 19, 2012

I blinked........

and 12 years went by.

We started dating in 1998.

(once upon a time I used to make scrapbooks)
 We got married in 2000.

On Sunday we'll celebrate 12 years of marriage. 

I don't know how it happens. 

How does 12 years go by that fast? 

I hope the next 12 go a little slower. 

Dear Brad, 

I'm forrrrrreeeeeeever yours...........faithfully    - lighters in the air   ;) 

You make the journey fun.  I like you.  


Have a great weekend peeps!


  1. they say that the road ain't no place to start a family, right down the line it's been you and me.... lovin a music man aint' always what it's supposed to be, oh girl you still blind me.... i'm forever yours faithfully...
    na na na na..... na na na na....

    happy anniversary. you have been serenaded.

  2. Congratulations! And yes, the time does go by so fast -- in the blink of an eye -- and your kids grow up too fast too! I hope the next 12 and more go by slower too! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Anniversary! wishing you a wonderful day.

  4. Time flies when you're having fun! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary you two lovebirds!! Hope you do something fun to celebrate this weekend!
    It's SUCH a good thing to actually LIKE the person you are married to. (Not kidding - 100% serious - wish everyone liked their partner in life. I like mine too!)
    Best wishes for many more wonderful years ahead!!

  6. I love the "I like you" line. I say that to my hubs and kids too. Hey, I kind of like you. Anyway, have a great weekend!

  7. I can not stop singing the song. And my lighter {ok, cell phone} is totally in the air. Darling love letter. Such a sweet couple. Happy Anniversary, friend!

  8. My waving along with you! "Circus life, under the big top world, we all need the clowns to make us smile". Am I the clown in this scenario or are you? ;-) Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple and I completely agree that still "liking" your spouse year after year totally rocks...even more than Journey!


  9. Congratulations Carmel! Happy Anniversary...and many more to come!

  10. Happy anniversary to you love birds! Here's to many, many more. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Very sweet, congrats and happy anniversary. Pretty awesome to love your bestie :)

  12. Happy anniversary. I blinked and 37 years went by.

  13. Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  14. I have the very same question ...why do the years go by so quickly? Yesterday it was July.

  15. First of all Happy Anniversary Good for you. Enjoy your day and your lives together.
    I loved your console table makeover. Very pretty. Such fun making something you already love better and different. It's only paint right?
    You've inspired me to paint some of my baskets. I have a few on our portable linen closet in our bathroom so doing those. Love your blog and enjoy every visit.
    Hubs and I will be married 44 yrs. 11/30/12 and it doesn't seem that long to me, (maybe alot more to him). The years do fly by, we raised 4 kids and now have 6 grandkids. Life has been great. Now we have 2 furry kidz. Have a wonderful day.

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  17. Happy happy anniversary! We've been together 18, and celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this summer. how am i old enough to have been with someone that long?

  18. Congratulations! I also started dating my husband in1998 and we married in Sept 2000 :) I had to look twice at your dress it is very similar to mine.

  19. Thanks for all of your sweet anniversary wishes!

  20. I guess we share more in common then I thought! I love home decor, love your blog,live in So Cal and celebrated my anniversary yesterday with my hubby too! 17 years! Happy Anniversary!

  21. I just found your blog today, (linked over from Bower Power), and I am in. love. with your house. It is so my style... mixing a traditional house with more fun and funky and COLORFUL home decor. I love it!
    Then I got to this post and HAD to comment, because my hubs and I got married in 2001, and I am pretty sure you and I picked the exact same bridal style - all the way down to the gloves! I will certainly be back for lots of style tips. We just moved into our house 4 months ago and I am dying to get some personality going on!


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