Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Shout Outs

Happy Halloween!  I hope you all have a fun and safe night with your friends and family!  

Last month I started a new blog tradition of giving thanks to my top referring blogs.  I appreciate so much the features and mentions from my fellow bloggers!  This community is so super supportive and continuously inspiring.  I'm blessed to be a member of such a special group! 

And thanks so much to my renewing sponsor!

If you're interested in advertising your blog or business contact me at for rates.  

*My thoughts and prayers are with those feeling the effects of Sandy.  


  1. Carmel - I really enjoy your blog! Your home is beautiful as well! By the way, we are in our 5th home too! Great name for a blog!

  2. Found your blog via Young House Love. LOVE IT! I get so excited when I find other bloggers from Kentucky (except I'm a little further west right outside of Elizabethtown)!! Anywho, I'm following along now =)


    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  3. Look at you on all the big blogs! You're so popular! ;)


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