Thursday, October 11, 2012

Q-tips Earbud Case

You all know I like to re-purpose things.  Ummmm.......does the animal crackers container turned brass bear lamp rings any bells?  ;)  I'll admit I can get a little cray cray about re-purposing things that most might just throw away.  I think deep down I'm a 90 year old woman who doesn't like to throw containers away - it's a borderline sickness - but I don't plan on seeking treatment.  

So when I saw that Jen repurposed the travel sized Q-tips container as an ear bud case I think my crazy- container-hoarding-head popped off!  My sister-in-love got me addicted to having a travel sized pack of q-tips in my make-up bag at all times.  They really do come in handy for so many things.  When I finally used the last one I put Jen's awesome idea to use.

diy ear bud case from a q-tip container

I was able to get both my ear buds and usb cable in there!  Woot   - no more loosey-goosey wires in my desk drawer!

organized desk drawer

I just used a little piece of card stock and some washi tape to make a label.

I'm kind of embarrassed to tell you just how ridiculously happy this makes me.  There is something so gratifying about reusing something that would have gone in the trash.  And I never would have thought to try this if I hadn't read Jen's awesome blog!

Have you repurposed any containers lately?

I'm linking up with my girl Courtney - she's having an organization partay!  Even these little itty bitty steps towards an organized life count right?!


  1. simple and smart and i love that it is all ear related.... ha ha.

  2. Very creative! I'll have to remember this.

  3. I love this idea! My son lost his earbud case on the bus the other day. Perfect timing!

  4. Pure genius. Seriously. Love your blog cards too!!!

  5. Love your organized drawer and the repurposing of the q-tip box is great! I have those things and it's time to find a home for them!

  6. have no idea how much I needed this idea!!! So brilliant! Pretty much nothing irks me more that opening my drawer and having to untangle my earphones from *everything* in there to find what I'm looking for!

  7. Such a clever idea! I totally need to do this with our ear buds!


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