Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Terrifying Tuesday

Yesterday I was home forcing myself to finish taping the stripes in the hallway, when all of a sudden over the extreme loudness of Misery by Maroon 5 (I have a major crush on Adam - we're totally on a first name basis - I love Cee Lo, but I'm Team Adam forever!) there was a major loud crash.

It took my breath away!

I could have sworn someone was trying to break in the house or something.

So, I did what any sane person would do........

I grabbed a hammer from the junk drawer in the kitchen and started yelling........

"I. have. a. WEAPON. and I will hurt you!"

Like I said - totally normal.

But I didn't hear anything else.

As I walked into the dining room I realized immediately what had happened.

You see that vignette?

Yeah, ummmm, super smart chick over here put that black frame around the clock up with velcro strips.    And they worked.........until yesterday.......when it came flying down and knocked just about everything else that was up there down with it.......the only good news lamps made it out alive........and not one of my plates chipped.

The room looks like this at the moment.

Hello hot mess, how you doin'?

But, I have a plan........a dream if you will.......okay that was a stretch........but it is a plan.......and it's one that won't involve any patching or fixing of the wall which makes me super happy.

Dining room disaster saga to be continued.................

P.S.  crazy girl named this photo album "dining room disaster"   - I crack myself - writing this blog makes me happy  - it feels good to let the crazy out - ya know?


  1. I'm with ya! and I have had a similar moment at my house - loud crash, walking around looking for it. yeah, just like the movies...going towards the "danger". :)

  2. i cannot wait for the "to be continued".
    and i am with you- writing, being me, being a goof.... it feels good! let the cray cray out!!! fly that flag high and proud!

  3. i think i know what you are doing next,lol.its gonna look fab..

  4. that sucks because it looked great, but i'm excited to see what you have planned!

  5. Can not wait to see what is up your sleeve now :)
    Sometimes.....when things like that happens it is just an excuse to change up!

  6. I've had that horror before, I can sympathize. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  7. We have no doubt you'll come up with something fab! Been there, the mirror has fallen off my diy sunburst mirror twice, I just hot glue it again, I'm just asking for it to break, huh?

  8. Oh, what a nightmare! I'm sure you're going to turn it into a dreamy spot again, though!

  9. I am totally giggling about you yelling to the intruder that you have a weapon! I am right there with you…for like 6 months our hammer was missing because I put it between the mattresses when my husband was traveling….just in case….okay now I sound like a crazy person.

    Can't wait to see your newest dining room idea!! it's going to be fabulous I'm sure!

  10. It's amazing what a difference is made by just taking those few things aways!

  11. Oh no! The same exact thing happened to me yesterday! I was in another room and heard this loud crash. I came running (although, I didn't threaten to hurt anyone) to see that a piece of our window covering had fallen off! Thankfully it didn't take anything down with it.

    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  12. Oh no! I absolutely HATE when things like that happen while I'm home alone!

    I cannot wait to see what you're planning on doing with those mirrors!

  13. Oh no - I hate it when stuff like that happens! Can't wait to see the new plan!!

  14. You crack me up too! I can't wait to see what happens next!! :)

  15. Been there...done that my friend! Woke up last Dec. to find my carefully constructed Christmas mantel and garland had crashed to the ground puling everything along with it. So sorry that you had that happen but I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

    P.S. "Letting the crazy out" is exactly what I feel like I'm doing when I write my blog posts too! Love it!

  16. Oh man, I bet that scared the you know what out of you. I normally go for a knife, but I can see why an experienced DIYer like yourself would pick a hammer. Too funny. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  17. Carmel - Try using the Command picture hanging strips, you can get them for varying amts of weight. They are sort of like velcro but when you crunch them together they "lock". I have had some things hanging just fine now for 2 weeks, mind you I used the 16lbs strips and used several on one item (just to be sure). Worth the small investment to know its still hanging and didnt have to bang nails in the wall.

  18. Oh, crap. You are freaking me out. I have my mirror on mirror up with the locking strips. Sort of scared now.


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