Tuesday, October 16, 2012

White & Gold Console Table Makeover

If you give a diy design blogger some Purdy paint supplies........

purdy paint supplies

she'll definitely find something to paint with them.

white and gold console table

You might remember the first makeover I gave this table when I experimented with making my own chalk paint.

I liked the blue, but I was ready for a change.  I wanted something lighter and brighter so I chose white.  I again mixed up a little homemade chalk paint combining some white trim paint and plaster of paris.

homemade white chalk paint

The paint went on super smooth thanks to that amazing Purdy paint brush.  I'm not just saying that because they gave me the brush either.  Seriously, painting furniture with a Purdy brush makes a world of difference!  That slight angle of the brush makes it so easy to get into the corners.  And there are practically no brush marks!

To make this console table a little more interesting I decided to use rub 'n buff in gold leaf for the top.

gold rub n buff on furniture

I brushed it on allowing a little of the blue to show through.

painting with a purdy paint brush

I love the subtle sheen.

painting with rub n buff

And I added a little gold in another place too.

diy dipped furniture legs

gold rub n buff dipped legs

I've been wanting some dipped leg action around here for a while now.  I love little details.

I'm really digging the new look of this console table.

Thanks to Purdy for the paint supplies!  I've got big plans for the rollers they sent too!  Purdy is currently running a You Can Save The Walls Sweepstakes where you can submit a paint question and have it answered by TV Design Star Lisa LaPorta and enter for a chance to win weekly brush giveaways and the grand prize, dinner with Lisa LaPorta in Los Angeles.  Do have any paint related design questions?  Go ask Lisa!

Find the deets on the painted baskets here.

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  1. Oh this turned out fantastic!!!! Love that you added a little gold to the bottom of the legs.

  2. I liked it blue and now I like it white and gold! I love that you are not afraid to change things up. The dipped legs are the icing on the cake!

  3. Oooh - meow! What a sassy looking table you have there with those gold accents! I like it!

  4. Love the gold and white and how you did the bottom of the legs. Great detail.

  5. Looks great! Especially love the gold dipped feet :)

  6. i think i have seen every transformation of this table- this one seems the most you! i love the gold!!!

  7. the little dipped legs are my favorite part! so pretty. and I noticed a great painting trick that I'm going to use next time...the tin foil under the legs - so smart.

  8. Love the glam addition of gold ~ great job with the r & b, sometimes it can be tricky, I've never thought of brushing it on! I love my Purdy brushes, too!

  9. I've been so behind on my fave blogs....so relieved to be caught up over here now! :) I love this table and those baskets! And of course, love the gold dipped feet! And you're funny about all your clothes stashing places...I'm the same way! But I usually forget where I've put things. :/

  10. I have been blog stalking you for a while...since I stumbled upon your fantastic red living room :) I LOVE your blog. You got me addicted to rub n buff LOL. The table looks fantastic :)

  11. I saw those sleek dipped legs yesterday and may have drooled on my keyboard a little bit! Great makeover.

  12. That table is looking like it needs to go out on the town now Carmel! ;-) Seriously, I love that you did the gold on the legs and the baskets you have on it are fantastic!

    P.S. LOVE Purdy brushes too! They rock and you rock!

  13. Carmel,

    I love those dipped legs! I had to pin it....I couldn't resist. And then I am totally doing this! You are so brilliant.

    Have a great day rock star!

  14. This turned out fantastic! I love the gold legs. The branch on top is perfect there too!

  15. Love the table with its new gold shoes! And the baskets look great...one can never have enough cute baskets around!!

  16. Look at you go, I especially love the gold tipped legs!

  17. Pretty, Carmel! I'm going to try the DIY chalk paint on a bookshelf, hopefully this week or weekend. Did you find it held up pretty well from when you did it before?

    1. It held up great! I sealed it with a couple coats of polycrylic.

  18. This looks great! I love the white and gold! Such a gorgeous combination!

  19. Love'n those sexy legs, lady! Oh and the table too ;)

  20. I actuallt really love Purdy brushes! They're my face because of the smooth angle!

    Thrift Diving

  21. Love it...boy that rub and buff is the best invention ever...would there be DIY post without it :)

  22. OK, I didn't know you could use a brush on large areas with R&B. Good to know! Fantastic overhaul, and loving the dipped legs! And, I'm in love with your big branch. Pretty vignette!

  23. It looks so great against your dark floors and couch- speaking of couch- I love it. It looks so beautiful and comfy in that dark leather!


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