Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How was your Christmas?

Well, we got back from Disney World late Sunday night - the 23rd.  I had just enough time to get the gifts wrapped, and then we were off to my father-in-law's house in Cincinnati for Christmas Eve dinner.  We got home in time to put some milk and cookies out for Santa, and then my kids woke up at what felt like 4 am (but I think it was really 7).

We had a great Christmas!  I. am. exhausted!

Don't let the look on my daughter's face fool you.

She had a great Christmas too (and she really does love her brother).

How was your Christmas?  Has your house recovered yet?

I'll be back soon with a recap of our Disney World trip and some highlights from 2012!


  1. ☆ * :: *: ☆ Merry Christmas ☆: * :: * ☆
    Cute for children, give thanks to God.
    I was a very fulfilling year in 2012 to volunteer.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

  2. LOL Thank you so much for your chaos picture! You've made my day!!

  3. I think I can relate to everything you wrote. How fun to spend Christmas at Disney! We were there over Thanksgiving. I love your blog and discovered it recently when I was pinning pics of black and white stairs for our current DIY project. Great inspiration!

  4. I think I felt like the expression on your daughter's face when I left for work yesterday haha. Lucky for me my husband had the day off and he cleaned everything up, washed all my dishes from cooking for the in-laws and neatly stacked the presents on the dining room table (so I could get my OCD on and put them away) ;)


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