Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks to all of you.......

I finally made a lighting decision in my boy's room.  If you remember back in February I posted about how I was having second thoughts about the light fixture I had originally planned to use in the room.  You all came to my rescue in a big way helping me to make a decision.  In fact, it was Lisa from Shine Your Light that recommended I think about using a metal barn light and guess what?

See, I read each and every comment!  I found this light fixture at The Home Depot for $24.88!!!!  It's actually $5 less than the Ikea fixture I had originally chosen, and I didn't have to drive almost 2 hours to bring it home either!  I'm really happy with my decision.  It feels boy-ish and not too Star Wars-y but totally fits in nicely.  I'm also a BIG fan of the vintage light bulb which I also bought at The Home Depot.

The new light is so much better than the old tract light that was there before.

The best part is while this new light fixture should work with his decor for years to come, having only paid $24.88 I won't feel bad at all if I ever decide to make a change.

So a big thanks to all of you for helping me sort things out and finally make a decision.  Now I can move on and maybe, just maybe, actually finish this room!  In case you missed it, here's the post on how I painted this ceiling.

While I'm thanking all of you, I really want to thank my friend Cassie from Primitive and Proper for the sweet and totally unexpected gift package she sent me this week!  She knows me so very well!

Ack!  I can't even handle the horse-y goodness!  I can not wait to finish the desk area I'm planning to create in the guest room so that I can put this pencil-holding horse on top.  My daughter laid claim to the other one.  My love of horses has rubbed off on her in a major way.  Thank you so much Cassie for your sweet friendship!

In fact, I feel like a terrible blog friend because I totally forgot to let you know that Denise from Pink Postcard invited me to guest post the other day.  Please hop over and say hello.  Denise was one of my very first blog friends.  I'm over there talking about some outdoor spray painting projects.

Last (I know I'm all over the place today), next week is my kids spring break.  While I do have some fun stuff planned for the blog ( I actually scheduled posts - crazy right?!), I won't really be around blog land much.  I plan to spend as much time as possible doing fun things with my kiddos!  These fun things involve pancakes, black bears, and Dolly Parton.  Who knows what I'm talking about?

Have a great weekend and GO CATS!!!!!!  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outside The Frame

Happy Thursday!  Three more days 'til the Cats take down play Louisville not that I'm counting or anything.

Over the last few months I've received a number of questions via e-mail from readers.  I love getting e-mail from you all, and lately I've noticed a theme.  Most of the questions are about how to display art, photos, and other keepsakes besides using frames.  It seems you're out of wall space or just looking for another creative way to display things that you want to see on a daily basis.  I totally get that sometimes we have more pictures/photos/art than wall space, so I thought I'd throw some ideas out there to help inspire you to think outside the frame.

My mom had an antique coffee table that was similar in style, though not this color, when I was kid.  I have no idea where it is today, but I remember how I loved seeing the old black and white photos she had displayed.  This is a great way to make those special photos even more special.  The bonus for anyone who struggles with coffee table styling is that there's no need to put anything on top of a table like this one.

                                                                          Source: via Veronica on Pinterest

* You can purchase this table from Etsy seller Inspired By Nature by clicking here

Simple twine hanging from a curtain rod with clothespins used to display some of your favorite photos is a simple, no-fuss but oh so charming way to show off your favorites.  It makes them so easy to change too!

                                                           Source: via Marie Lily on Pinterest

I really love this memories-in-jar idea.  This would be such a great way to keep those little keepsakes on display - like the hair from baby's first cut  - or the first hand written note from your child  - concert tickets  - etc.

                                                                          Source: via Happy To Create on Pinterest

You can always get your mod podge on and make some coasters.

                                                       Source: via Vivienne on Pinterest

This idea is pure genius.  It's a picture frame turned coffee table tray.  You could easily put a photo/keepsake over the fabric or even create a little collage.  

                                                    Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

The inspiration is endless.  I even created a little "Outside The Frame" pin board.

Thanks so much for sending me your questions and asking for my help!  You all make me feel a lot more important than I actually am.  I'm really honored that you would even think to ask me.  I'm planning to put together a big FAQ post for this coming Monday answering lots of other questions that I've received, so if there's something you've been wanting to ask now's your chance.  ;)

P.S.  If you've sent me an e-mail and haven't received a response it's probably because it went to my spam folder.  I answer every. single. e-mail. that I receive - though it sometimes takes me a little while to respond.    So if you haven't heard back - shoot me another e-mail.  I'm never too busy for a friend.  ;)  I'm the girl who drops everything when you call to say, "Hey, you want to grab some Mexican food?"  DUH?!  Of course I do!  Seriously though, a lot of times you start an e-mail with - I know you're really busy but - or  - If you don't have time I understand, but I want you to know:  1. Yes, I'm busy, but so are you and you still took the time to e-mail me.  and   2. No, I will NEVER not have time for people in my life.  For me life is about relationships - period.  It's not about projects or climbing the bloggy ladder.  The fact that you come here to read my random posts is such a blessing to me, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to visit!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Full Bloom

Spring came early in the bluegrass this year.  I couldn't be happier.  I mean let's face it - you can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can't take the Southern California out of the girl.  I'm warm blooded  - born and raised.  While I love having all four seasons, I really look forward to any temps that allow me to bust out the flip flops.  Flip flop hooray - hooooo-   heyyyyyyy.  Okay - enough Naughty by Nature (please tell me you know that song).

I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to get some flowers.  Once the flowers were in the pots, I had to make a wreath.  This is how it happens right?  One thing leads to another.  I was going for easy, simple, and earthy.  I'm also currently obsessed with butterflies.  These cuties flew in from Michaels (about $1 each on sale).

I also picked up a wooden wreath form and some moss.

I bought a moss mat because I knew I wanted to wrap the wreath.

I painted the butterflies with some white outdoor craft paint.

Iced coffee makes any project do-able.  While the paint was drying I started wrapping my wreath form using a hot glue gun.  I cut the moss mat into small strips then wrapped and glued.

I wrapped the moss all the way around so that the wood wouldn't rub against my front door.  When I was done wrapping it was time to bring out the vacuum cleaner. 

Yeah - that moss is messy.  Once the butterflies were dry I hot glued them in place.  Then I used some fun polka dot patterned tape (also from Michaels) to cover my wreath hanger. 

Here's my mossy, butterfly wreath on the front door. 

The white butterflies really stand out.  

I mean you can see them from the street. 

They're so fun and spring-y.  The pink flowering trees are peach trees. 

Soon the pink flowers will be gone, and these trees will be covered in pretty red leaves.   I wanted something tall and colorful by the front door, and these trees definitely fit the bill.  I filled the the small white urns with miniature boxwoods.  

I still have quite a few things I want to do out here landscaping wise; good thing I have a helper. 

It was pajama day at school in case you were wondering.  And yes, that pink blob you saw in the above photo is a pig-shaped watering can. 

She rides pink bikes, wears pink pajamas, uses pink pig-shaped watering cans, and rocks pink glittery Toms. 

Grandma always give the best Christmas presents!  
What's not to love about spring?!  Do you have something springy hanging on your front door?  Anyone else in planting mode?  Who wants a pig-shaped watering can?  That thing cracks me up  - the water comes through the pig's nose holes!  HA!  (It doesn't take much people.)   

* linking up at Southern Hospitality, At the Picket Fence

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing With Color

This little nook in my guest bedroom was just screaming for some attention.

I added a black and white patterned fabric to the bottom of the curtain panels and some nail head trim to the chair.  Then I layered in some abstract art (courtesy of my son when he was 2), a throw, and a pillow.

It's amazing what just a few small changes and accessories can make.

The pillow is from a local shop here in Lexington called Street Scene.  It's made from vintage fabrics.  I'm obsessed with the horse print!  I know you're not surprised.

The nail head trim is sort of hard to notice, but in person it really does add something special to this chair (that we've had for years).

The canvas painting was done by my son when he was 2 years old.  I'll never forget the day he painted this canvas as it's the last memory I have of being a mother to just one child.  I was 8 months pregnant at the time and 2 weeks later my daughter was born.

The fabric that I used here and here  I actually purchased because I wanted to add a little length and pattern to the curtain panels in this room.  I used no-sew tape and it took all of maybe 10 minutes per panel.

I love the way the patterns play together.

So, have you been playing with color?  Lately I seem to be drawn to mustard and red.  What colors are calling your name right now?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Trifecta

1.  The Kentucky Wildcats made it to the Final Four!!!!!

2.  The hubs and I went to see The Hunger Games on Saturday night.

The Hunger Games Poster

3.  Mad Men finally came back on television after what seemed like an eternity.

Mad Men Season 5 Cast Photos

Yep, pretty much a totally awesome weekend trifecta!  Oh and if that wasn't enough, I also had a little fun with some hot pink spray paint.

More on that later this week.

How was your weekend?

P.S.  I'm on instagram now.  You can follow me at carmel_ourfifthhouse.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally, a Rug for the Kitchen

I knew I wanted a rug under the table in my kitchen.  I also knew I wanted something in a natural fiber.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the size I needed (6' x9') at a price I wanted to pay.  In fact, I almost stopped looking.  I went ahead and did the big kitchen reveal sans said illusive rug.  Then one day I virtually hopped over to Ballard Designs and what do you know - they had the perfect rug!  Oh happy day!



This is the Sunbrella Bordered Seagrass Rug.  I've had it in here for a couple weeks now, and I'm very happy with the look, feel, and quality.  It's so great for hiding crumbs (especially with my dark floors).

I had no idea how hard it could be to find a 6' x 9' rug, but Ballard sells that size in lots of different styles.

I love the way the chairs stand out against this rug.  Speaking of which, many of you wanted me to share how the stenciled chairs would hold up to lots of use.  They're doing great - kid tested - mother approved.  ;)

The new rug works well with the rug I already had (from Lowes) in front of the kitchen sink. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We'll be cheering on the CATS tonight!  Then maybe a little Hunger Games action on Saturday night!!  Happy Friday to all of you.  Thanks so much for making this little blogging adventure so. much. fun!

* This was not a sponsored post.  However, if Ballard Designs wants to sponsor Our Fifth House I'd be thrilled!  ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Painted Soda Bottle Vases

I've seen painted bottles all over blog land and Pinterest.  These soda bottles turned vases from The Colorful Living Project had me at hello.

                                                   Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

I'm a big fan of repurposing/ recycling, and so as the weather has been prime for spray painting I made my own soda bottle vases.

I saved these glass Coke bottles from last summer's 4th of July party.  They were too cute to put in the recycling bin, and I'm really glad I saved them now!  I decided to play around with some yellow spray paint.   Yellow is such a fun, happy color!

I started with Valspar and ended with Krylon.  I wasn't crazy about that Valspar color; it was a little too school bus-ish.  The Krylon yellow was a little more mustard-y, which is what I was going for here.  I know they look like little mustard bottles and you all are thinking, "Where's the ketchup?".  I thought the same thing, but once I brought them in they looked a lot less condiment-y.  (Apparently I'm the new Webster.)

They're so fun for a kitchen table centerpiece! 

I'm slightly obsessed with butterflies at the moment so I used my Martha Stewart butterfly punch to add in a few.  The branch I sprayed many moons ago ( I have a bunch of white spray painted branches, and I use them here, there, and  everywhere.).  

How cute are my little gnomes?  I saw this salt and pepper shaker set at a local consignment store (Street Scene) and they followed me home.  

I got a little butterfly punch happy and made a wreath using a paper plate.  I just cut out a whole in the middle of the plate and taped the butterflies around. 

I used the box that the gnome salt and pepper shakers came in to make these butterflies.  It's funny how the smallest thing can bring the biggest smile.  

These painted soda bottle vases add such a fun vibe, and they make the view from the couch in my family room a little sweeter too. 

Have you done any spray painting lately?  Anyone else loving mustard-y yellows, butterflies, and gnomes?  ......crickets.........  It's okay - I'm used to being the odd man out.  ;)  I think it's fun decorating to the beat of your own drum!  


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