Friday, August 31, 2012

Thinking of Painting Your Interior Doors Black?

This may be the push you need!

When Jennifer, from Dimples and Tangles, emailed me to show off her freshly painted black interior doors my jaw dropped.  They. are. fabulous!  See for yourself!

What a HUGE difference black paint makes!  She started by painting just her front and back doors and the french doors that lead to an office.  


She loved that change so much that she decided to paint all of her doors black.  She gives all the details as well as many more before and after pics on her blog, so be sure to head over and check it out.  

I don't know about you, but this has got me wanting to do the same.  As you know, I've already painted my sliding doors and this made a huge difference in my family room.  Jennifer makes it look like a fairly simple process, so I'm thinking I should give it a go!  

What about you, would you consider painting all of your interior doors black?  or maybe some other color?  

Have a great 3-day weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Basement Bathroom Progress

We all love before and afters, but the in between is what really deserves the glory. Even the smallest of makeovers can take a great amount of time.

I revealed the ugly truth about my basement bathroom a couple weeks ago, and today I wanted to share some progress with you.

Here's how it has looked since move in day -over 2 years ago -paint swatches and all.

Here's where we are now.......with freshly painted walls and ceiling.  I painted everything the same color to create the illusion of a larger space.  

I know it's not exactly knocking your socks off or anything, but I am glad to no longer have 4 large swatches of paint on the wall.   I was happy to receive some Dutch Boy paint to get this project started.   Honestly if not for them contacting me about trying out their paint I'd probably still have swatches on the wall next year.  So big huge thanks to them for helping me to get motivated!  

This paint is beyond perfect for a basement bathroom - or any bathroom for that matter. 

They had me at odor eliminating by Arm & Hammer.   Like I said, perfect for a bathroom!  And what I loved most about using this paint is how easy it is to pour. 

I chose a color called Inspiration Blue.  It's a soft grey blue, although its definitely reading more blue right now.  I think this is because I've yet to paint the baseboards.  You may not have noticed in the first picture, but the baseboards are a not-so-pretty off white.  

I'm thinking once I slap some bright white trim paint on them the wall color will read more grey blue.  Anyhow, while we're staring at the floor, let's talk about the grout.  It looks decent from here, but when you get closer.........

it's shameful.  It was clean, but you would never know by looking.  I decided to paint it yesterday afternoon.  I just grabbed a sponge brush and got to work. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this color yet. 

I'm going to let it dry down before I do anything else.  Painting the grout didn't take anytime at all.  I painted and used a damp rag to wipe any excess paint off the tile.   

And last, this sad looking dude was sent to the Goodwill. 

He was replaced by his bold friend - Mr. Kohler. 

It's the easiest, quickest diy in the world.  You literally screw the old head off and screw the new one on; and boom, you're done (that whole sentence seems wrong in some way).  But really that's all you do, and it makes the hugest difference in the world.  Totally makes the basic shower stall look like something special. 

I bought the new head at Home Depot, but you can get a replacement shower head practically anywhere -Target, Walmart, BB&B - they all sell them. 

 So there you have it - fresh new paint, dealing with nasty grout, and screwing on a new shower head (again, questionable)  - all rolled into one tiny, little basement bathroom burrito for you.  I'm hoping to get the rest (the fluffy accessories part) done over the weekend.  Wish me luck.  

Speaking of the details of a room makeover, Dutch Boy is sponsoring a Restore My Decor sweepstakes where you can enter to win a room design makeover!  

Head over to enter for your chance to win!  I may enter my laundry room because who knows how many years will go by before I have time to tackle that project! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of the New Bookcases

Remember in this post here when I mentioned we had a contractor coming to build some bookcases in my hub's home office?

Well, here's a sneak peek (of just one part of a whole wall of bookcases).

They would be done, but a couple of the cabinet doors cracked in shipment.  We have to wait another 6 weeks for new doors to arrive, but I'm still so glad I decide to have cabinets built on the bottom.  I went back and forth on this for awhile.  I love the look of floor to ceiling open shelves.  In practicality though my hub has a lot of stuff (and it ain't pretty to look at), so I think it's best for that stuff to stay behind closed doors.  Even the printer fits inside the bottom cabinets!

I'm still deciding on hardware for these doors.

Maybe by the time the replacement doors show up I'll finally be done tweaking these shelves.

Probably not though.  They already look different, and I took these pictures less than 12 hours ago.  

My best advice when you're working on any arrangement is to take a picture and examine it.  You see things so differently when you're looking at a picture than when you're staring at a space in real life.  It's also good to walk away.  Arrange a little, then walk away and do something else, then come back in and arrange a little more.  You'll have fresh eyes, and fresh eyes are always better.  Last - you can always text a picture to a design loving friend.  New eyes can be even better than fresh eyes!  

One last little sneak peek......

I finished wallpapering!  I promise to give you a full rundown.  It was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be!  And the new curtain panels arrived last week.  I had a credit to use at Pottery Barn so I splurged on velvet panels!  Me likey!  

Okay - more to come - I promise!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ikea Night Stand Hack

I bought a set of nesting side tables at Ikea about 7 years ago.  It was a set of 3, but we haven't used them together in a very long time.  Ikea doesn't even sell this same exact table anymore.  Well, at least, now the look alike only comes with 2 nesting tables.  Anyhow, my girl was in need of a night stand so I hacked the largest of the three nesting tables for her room.

It was pretty simple.  I took it apart, spray painted the metal base gold (Rustoleum metallic gold), covered the table top with a throw rug I picked up at TJ Maxx for $16.99, put it back together, and called it done.

The fabric covered boxes (HomeGoods) fit perfectly underneath and are so great for added storage.

 I literally just glued the brass pulls (Home Depot) to the fronts. Liquid Fusion glue is serious - works on everything  - not kidding!

I love the texture, pattern, and color the rug adds to the table top.

Night Stand - Check! 

It's taking me forever to finish her room, but I really am enjoying the process. 

Are you old enough to have furniture you bought at Ikea 7 years ago?  It's funny to see what was once a side table in our family room (3rd house - before my girl was born) is now a night stand in my daughter's room.    

oh and if you missed it last week   - here's the floral pleated lamp shade tutorial 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rolling Sheets - Organized Linens

Can we talk about how much I dislike folding sheets?  I can NEVER get them folded right.  I've probably watched Martha Stewart fold them perfectly a billion times, and I still can't get them folded nicely.

This weekend I had one those - why didn't I think of this before - moments.  I picked up some canvas bins at Target and decided to roll the sheets instead of fold them.    

Seriously, why am I just now thinking of this?!  This is SO much easier for me.  I've decided to group them by flat and fitted for each bedroom instead of keeping them together as a set.  I like to mix and match my sheets so this works better for me.  

The labels are just gift tags (also from Target) with red circle punches taped on top and tied with a piece of yarn.  

Have you had a  - why didn't I think of this before  - moment recently?  Do you know how to perfectly fold sheets?  Someone please tell me I'm not the only person who can't fold a fitted sheet to save her life!  

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Friday, August 24, 2012


I had a coffee date with a friend the other day.  She's planning to start a blog and wanted to pick my brain.  Our conversation got me thinking...............about my vision.......... my hopes.................. and my dreams for this little blog of mine.

I don't really know where I want this adventure to take me, but I know what my goal is.

I want to inspire you to..............

Let go of the fear that holds you back, quiet the voices in your head that make you doubt your decisions, realize that making mistakes is part of the journey, and let your home be a reflection of the unique person you are.

Be fearless, take chances, and go confidently down the road that will lead you to a home that is filled with all the things you love!

gold bear lamp animal crackers

Don't worry that someone else isn't going to like your style; someone else doesn't live in your home - you do!

Don't worry about the rules.  They were made to be broken.  Think of them more as guidelines. The most inspired art comes from those who color outside the lines.

Collin Phillips - age 3 

Welcome to my newest sponsor!

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Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Ombre Art and Gold Sequined Lampshade

I'm working slowly-but-surely on little projects for my girl's room.  I made this ombre art one night while I was camped out in front of the television.  It took maybe 30 minutes - I didn't tape off any lines - I grabbed 2 bottles of acrylic craft paint  - dark pink and white - and a sponge applicator brush - then just started painting - adding a little white to the pink to lighten as I worked my way to the top of the canvas - when it was dry I used rub 'n buff and finger painted the xoxo - just because  - because I like x's and o's - and I also rubbed 'n buffed the sides of the canvas too.  Then it was done and I leaned it up above her chest of drawers.  I took no pictures of the process - I was too busy watching American Reunion - don't judge, but you've probably seen like a bagillion step but step OMBRE tutorials by now.  Best advice - relax - it's art - not rocket science.  

Okay - got that out of the way - now on to the sparkly part - my favorite!

I was cleaning out my girl's closet (also a night time project  -  I do this twice a year) and was sad to find her gold sequined skirt was too small for her now.  Enter sad momma face.

How do you just get rid of these special things?  She wore this skirt to church last Christmas.  She picked this skirt out at Gap - she begged me to buy it for her.  And now, it's too short and I'm supposed to get rid of it, or store it away with all the other keepsakes that I refuse to let go of?  I don't think so.

The wheels in my head started turning as I was misting up thinking about how my little is getting to be not so little anymore.

When I turned around to see an innocent looking lamp staring me down.

This lamp was the very first thing I bought when I found out I was having a girl.  Most moms probably buy a pink outfit - I bought a pink lamp!  I designed her nursery around this vintage hobnail lamp that I scored for $7 at an antique mall in Virginia (3rd house).  I fell in love with the color and shape.

Long story short - this happened.

Yeah, I just pulled the skirt over the top of the shade.  The elastic band of the skirt fits snugly around the top and I covered it with grosgrain ribbon.  It took all of like, ummm - 5 minutes!

And the best part is my girl LOVES this thing!  She loves her some sparkle - no idea where she gets it from.

I can't lie - I'm kind of coo-coo for it too!

It's just so fun and quirky and girly and sparkly and Kate Spade-ish and shiny and sparkly - oh wait I already said that  - but mainly I love that I was able to find a new way to use something that has so much sentimental value.

And I love the shimmer it adds to her room.


WHO -WHO you callin' cray cray?

I'm sorry I couldn't resist - there's a 14 yr. old nerd inside this almost 34 yr. old body.  

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, about my absolute FAVORITE part.  

The light bulb department at Lowe's is too legit (to quit) - there are so many fun light bulbs now - did you know? 

I'm immediately drawn to anything with the word sassy.  But, yeah - it's a pink light bulb so enough said.  

Look how pretty it is at night! 

OH MY WORD!  I can't even take it - pink light people - it makes the world a happy, happy place!  

What is making your world a happy place lately?   Anyone else re-purposing your kids outgrown clothes?  What do you do with all those "special outfits"?  

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