Friday, January 18, 2013

My Signature Style - A Fun Weekend Design Activity

As a part of Darlene's (Fieldstone Hill Design) series on overcoming decorating paralysis she encouraged readers to create a signature style board and she even gave a little tutorial.  

I had so much fun putting my board together!  You should make one too! 
from top left to bottom right  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 

Have you found your signature style?  Creating a board is not only a fun sit-on-the-couch-by-the-fire weekend activity, but it's also a great way to sift through all the design ideas in your head and really focus in on what you love.

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday for the Thrift It Challenge!

Oh and PS - all you Lexington Peeps - today's Anthro's grand opening!!!!   Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!  (NLJS - not like Jessie Spano).


  1. so fun and yes so you! i did mine the other day, too and loved doing it! love the reds and blues i see in yours!

  2. Your style board is SO YOU! I love it. Looking forward to putting one together this weekend. Have fun shopping today.

  3. Perfectly, Carmel! You need a black and white wallpapered or stenciled room! :)

  4. I'm looking forward to doing this this weekend, Carmel... LOVE your board! Enjoy your weekend ~ xo Heidi

  5. Oh my gosh your board is perfect for you Carmel! So pretty, fun and interesting.

  6. Very pretty Style Board. I love all the color. I just made one the other day but as I am looking at yours I just realized I need to go back and add my sources from Pinterest. -Shelley

  7. I love the rich colors on yours! This was so much fun to do. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I really have to do one too soon! Love your style :)


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