Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Chalkboard for the Potty Room

I had an extra cabinet door hanging around from the add-bookcases-to-the-office project.  This door had a very small crack on one side, so the cabinet company gave us a replacement.  The crack was only noticeable on one side, so I decided to upcycle this cabinet door into a chalkboard for the basement bathroom.

This was the easiest project.

making a chalkboard from a cabinet door

I already had all of the supplies on hand too - which is always an added bonus!  I gave the surface a light sand job (wrote that just for you Cassie).  Then I used a sponge applicator to paint the surface for a nice super-smooth-with-zero-brush-marks chalkboard surface.  It took 3 coats.  When the paint was dry, I screwed the cabinet pull on upside down to hold the chalk and called this project done.

using a cabinet pull to hold chalk

chalkboard message board from a cabinet door

It's a great spot to jot down reminders for my little peeps.  Do your kids forget to flush?  I feel like all of the bathrooms in our house need to have a rules sign posted:  1. Flush  2. Wash your hands  3. You have to use soap when you wash your hands.  4. Don't leave the lights on.  5. If the roll is empty, replace it!   Am I the only mother that feels this way?!

Thanks to the Paint It Challenge I got another project done in the basement bathroom!  You gotta love a challenge that motivates you to get things done!
link party 2
I hope you'll come back tomorrow to show off your own Paint It Challenge project!  Remember it can be a new or old project - anything that involves paint - no matter how big or small.


  1. I think every kid's bathroom needs those rules posted...we surely do! Cute project. I've used the cup handles as chalk holders too and they are super handy!

  2. What a great idea, Carmel - no one is going to forget now! I love that you have very creatively added a chalk holder, too! My kids are a little older so we are past these necessary reminders but when we have younger visitors this would be so handy :)

  3. Love how you used the handle as a chalk holder...ingenious!

  4. My chalkboard would say Brush Your Teeth! I don't know why these children will not brush their teeth in the morning!!

    Carmel, I have a quick question about tomorrow's blog party. How long will it be open? I am painting my kitchen next weekend and I would love to join in (it will be a big challenge and a definite transformation) but I probably will not be ready to post until next Sunday.

    Thank you!

  5. My sons have one in their bathroom. My eldest makes a note every time he goes no. 2. Granted, he is 21, but him and his brother get a kick out of having this.

    1. HA! My 8 year old boy often uses the board to write silly messages - guess he'll never outgrow this ;)

  6. Cute idea. Those rules are funny!

  7. So funny!! When I first saw the title to this post, I thought to myself,..."What? Who in the world would need to write notes to themselves in their bathroom"? Then I scrolled down and read on...what a difference living with other people makes, huh?? Great idea.

  8. so cute! i love the cup chalk holder. we need this reminder for sawyer... emmy needs one that says, "a real princess wipes well". ;)

  9. Love this! Some people just need a little reminder sometimes haha and this is a very cute way of reminding! Great job girl! xx Liz

  10. This made me chuckle, because I've had a project like this on my list for awhile, for the same reasons you describe!! What is so difficult about flushing?!?!

  11. Very cute! I LOVE the little chalk holder. Perfect.

  12. Nice hand job!! Cute upcycle...and the hallway is looking GREAT!!


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