Sunday, February 3, 2013

Handmade Valentines - your kids could make by themselves

I spent some time making Valentine's Day cards with my kiddos this weekend.  I love crafting with my kids.  I especially love those crafts that they can pretty much do all on their own.  Making almost 50 handmade Valentines feels like less of a chore when there are 3 of us working together.  So, the boy, the girl and I got scissor happy and busted these out on Saturday afternoon.

We started with these.

Yes, I'm totally that mom.  Hey- at least we're giving candy this year rather than pencils like last year.

I found these awesome free printable guitar valentines at Zakka Life. These are so perfect for an 8 year old boy.  I wrapped the suckers with washi tape while the boy cut out the guitars.

guitar valentines

Then I folded them in half and poked a hole in the middle for the lollipop - added a small piece of double sided tape on the inside to hold them together  - and they were done!

diy guitar valentines

I wrapped a cardboard box and stuck all the guitars inside.

For the girl, I free hand cut out balloon shapes from some colorful card stock.

balloon valentines

Then I poked a hole in the middle and the girl stuck the lollipops through.  Again a small piece of double sided tape was all that was needed to hold the sides together.

I wrapped another cardboard box to hold them all and just so happened to find a Minnie Mouse sticker in my craft stash.  Using a white sharpie I drew lines to make it look like Minnie is holding all of these balloons.  My girl is so excited to give these to all her classmates.

The boy approves of his guitar valentines too.

Take a look at the valentines we made last year.   Here's a peek.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Love It challenge link party!  Anything Valentine's Day related goes.  I can't wait to see your projects!


  1. Such a cute idea. I need to channel my inner cupid and get get my Valentine's butt in gear!

  2. I love the valentines. So cute.

    If you don't mind my asking, where did you find organic lollipops? My son has a ton of food allergies so I am always looking for things he can have.

  3. Cute! This makes me miss being a kid and giving out Valentine's in school!

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