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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cauliflower Hummus - Yummy Paleo Snack

Before I was a paleo chick, one of my favorite healthy snacks was hummus and veggies.  Unfortunately, traditional hummus is made from chickpeas, and chickpeas are legumes - which are a no-go in the paleo world.   After doing a little research, I learned that you could make hummus from - cauliflower!  And PS - it tastes so much like the chickpea version you will totally fool your friends!

paleo cauliflower hummus

I played around in the kitchen until I created a recipe that I love!

cauliflower hummus recipe

garlic red pepper cauliflower hummus

It's easy to get creative with this recipe - serve it as a dip - or use it as a spread!  It's really delicious and a great one to take to a party!

I shared this recipe a few months ago over at Honey We're Healthy.  While it's not a paleo blog it's definitely one of my favorite healthy living blogs!  Reading keeps me inspired to keep up with my regular workouts.  It's so easy for me to get into a rut and not feel motivated to exercise but Honey We're Healthy gets me energized to stay committed.  And there are lots of great recipes over there too - many that are easy to tweek for a paleo lifestyle.   I'm planning to make these yummy kale chips tonight!

Head over to say hello and get inspired to live healthy!


  1. I am sending this to my son who eats paleo and glutton free. He has had stomach issues since he was a little boy and finally feels right.

  2. Yum! We love hummus so I definitely want to give this new spin a try!

  3. i love cauliflower and hummus and will have to try this! yum!

  4. I am TOTALLY new to this Paleo way and would like to know why traditional hummus is a no-no? Love following you on IG and here...xo

  5. NEver heard of cauliflower hummus but it sounds delicious. And I love kale chips.

  6. I make a traditional hummus recipe but never heard of cauliflower hummus recipe but it sounded very healthy, I guess better than my mom version when she fries the cauliflower. I have to try it this week.

  7. Made this last night and it was amazing! Followed your recipe almost exactly but I did add one spoonful of tahini. I actually liked it better than regular hummus!

  8. Okay I like this a lot. I'm not a hummus fan in general, because I don't like the beans. This I could eat!

  9. Hey, I don t have almond butter here in Romania, what do you suggest instead?

    1. You could easily make your own or try any seed butters - you could also leave it out entirely. It won't change the flavor too much.

  10. One might also try sunflower butter, which is (to my tongue) not as sweet as almond butter.

  11. Why aren't you using tahini in lieu of almond butter? It's traditional to hummus.

  12. Why aren't you using tahini in lieu of almond butter? It's traditional to hummus.


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