Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Gifts - 2 Easy, Simple and Inexpensive Ideas

Friday is my kids last day of school!  With a first grader and a third grader I'm just as happy to see the end of homework  the school year as they are.  It's been a tough year!  I had to muddle my way through fractions this year - yikes.  Without great teachers, I don't know where we would be.  They've been tremendous and my kids have learned so much this year.  I always love putting together little thank you gifts to show our appreciation.  

Gift Idea #1:

recycling a mason jar

mod podge jar lids

reese's pieces teacher gift idea from Our Fifth House

candy filled mason jar teacher gift idea from Our Fifth House

Recycling was something my little 1st grader learned a lot about this year, so I thought this idea was also a nice real life learning lesson for her (yes, that's me patting myself on the back).  But seriously, this is my favorite salsa that comes in a jar.  I prefer fresh but when that's not possible this Green Mountain Gringo salsa is hard to beat.  Plus, it keeps me well stocked in mason jars for things like this.

I made these candy jars for teacher appreciation week which was a few weeks ago.  Remember those Anthro napkins I used to make the girl's tote bag?  I used the orange one to hide all the writing on the lid.  Mod Podge is a wonderful thing isn't it?!  

* I promise to show you how these labels were created very soon.  Just as soon I get the go ahead signal, I will shout it from the rooftops - and you all are going to love it!  I can't wait to spill all the deets and show you how I've been making all of these awesome labels!

Gift Idea #2: 
s'more gift basket

marshmallow skewers

marshmallow skewers

s'more gift basket

s'more gift basket  - teacher gift idea - Our Fifth House

s'more gift basket - teacher gift - Our Fifth House

I found these marshmallow skewers in the dollar spot at Target a few days ago and was immediately inspired to create a s'more gift basket.  After searching both Target and then Walmart for a large plastic bucket and coming up empty hand, I opted to use these plastic crates I found at Walmart.  I'm actually glad as these crates would be adorable with flatware corralled in the them for outdoor entertaining and the under $1.50 price tag wasn't bad either.

The frames I already had on hand, and I again I used my magic label maker to create the card inside.  The pinwheels I stole from the leftover sleepover party decor, and the little heart stickers were another dollar spot at Target find (at few months ago).

My kids headed off to school with these s'more gift baskets to give to their teachers today!  I hope our teachers have a great summer vacation.  They most definitely deserve some relaxation!

What is your go-to thank you gift idea?   I like to have a few different ideas up my sleeve, so I'm not scrambling around trying to figure out what to give at the last minute.

Here are a few gift ideas from years past:  


  1. Brilliant! Oh and yes, that is the best salsa ever. I love the S'mores basket. Can't wait to hear about these labels.

  2. love the cute smores idea!!! yummy and sweet!

  3. Your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated by your children's teachers.

  4. Those are so cute! The kids' teachers must love you!

  5. I loved seeing this when you posted a picture on instagram! I bought some reece's pieces yesterday. :-) That smore basket is so adorable too!


  6. So cute! My husband is a teacher, and somebody needs to send this link to his kiddos so he brings me home some candy! haha. Apparently teacher gifts aren't done so much in high schools that are in rough areas? :) Maybe I should just buy my own reeses?

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  7. Great ideas! Teacher appreciation is a must.

  8. CUTE!! You are so creative! And now you have me really wondering about these awesome labels... :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Carmel!

    ~Abby =)

  9. Both ideas are wonderful. Teachers always need items that stuff can be stored in. The mini box for the smores is perfect for their desk or learning centers

  10. Both ideas are SO adorable!!!! The S'mores signs are too cute.


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