Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pintererst Inspired Projects - Make it Party Features

Well, once again - you all brought it!  I was so inspired by your pinspired projects, and I may have pinned a few things  - vicious cycle right?!   Oh the joys of Pinterest!

Here are a few favorites!

diy gold elephant home accessory
I've been itching to do this very thing.  How much fun is this gold elephant from Bliss?!  A chic home accessory from a kids toy - that's straight up pintastic!

Another I-so-want-to-make-one-of-these projects is this amazeballs paint stick light fixture from This House Might Be Bigger Than the Three of Us.

Pinterest light fixture

I'm totally digging the yellow splash of color at the bottom - so fun!

Last but certainly not least, is this Pottery Barn knock-off from Angie's Roost.  She saw this on Pinterest and was going to buy one until her man said they should just make one themselves.

iPad Stand Knockoff Comparison

I mean seriously?!  Doesn't their version look just like the Pottery Barn version!  I would love to have one of these.  I'm always pulling up recipes on the iPad when I'm in the kitchen. 

Thank you all so much for sharing your pinspiring projects!  My pinning fingers are tired, so now I need to start doing - and the cycle continues......

Here are a few of my previous pinspired projects: 

Don't forget the next party is this coming Monday! 

It's the LOVE It Challenge - anything Valentine's Day inspired goes!  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Master (Closet Organization Ideas)


There are a number of alternate titles I could have used for this post like "How to Make Wire Shelves Look Less Hideous" or maybe "How to Make the Most of a Small Walk-In Closet".  They would equally work well.  But really, this post probably has the most to do with my take on "How to Share a Closet With a Man"  - not just any man - a clothes loving man.   I've mentioned before that I'm married to a well-dressed man which means he has just as much if not more clothing than I do.  (I know this is a hard concept to grasp, but they do exist.)

shared closet spaces

I've showed you before how I maximize our clothing storage by thinking outside the closet.  Since I do a closet clean-up-clean-out about twice a year and just finished up the January session I thought I'd share a few tips and things I've learned over the years about how to keep your closet organized, how to handle sharing your closet space, and how to maximize every inch of a small closet while keeping things looking pretty and not too cluttered.

First and Foremost - Be Choosy
Hanging and shelving space is limited in my closet.  We each have one hanging rod and one shelf. 

closet storage ideas

master closet

So before I purchase any article of clothing I ask myself, "Is this worth the closet real estate it's going to use?"  Basically, do I really need it and will it fit in my closet?  More often than not, I edit as I bring in new things.  If I buy a couple of new blouses I will take an inventory of what I already have and decide if I should donate anything.  This makes it so that I never have more than I have room for, and it also helps me make better clothing purchase decisions.  Rather than just buying something because it's on sale; I only buy it if I really, really love it and it's worth the closet real estate.  So I end up with a closet of clothing I love, and I avoid those "why did I buy this purchases?".  I also believe the jewelry makes the outfit (like how a cake is nothing without the frosting), so I think "less clothing more accessories" which is helpful when you have a smaller sized closet as accessories take up much less space than clothing.  

Thankfully, my hub also subscribes to this method of wardrobe editing, so while he has a thing for dress shirts he typically only brings in new when he has a few old to discard/donate. 

Maximize Your Vertical Space
Our closet, while it is a walk-in, has a fairly small footprint.  To really get the most out of it we use as much of the vertical space as possible.  Last year I lined one wall with fabric scraps to add a little pretty to an otherwise boring wire-shelved closet.  This year I decided to get the most out of that wall by using it as a giant pin board for jewelry, shoes, belts and handbags.

master closet storage

jewelry storage ideas

jewelry storage

DIY Shoe Rack 
Make It Convenient to Put Things Away
Okay, so I know all men aren't slobs, but if you know of one that isn't I'd love to his name.  ;)  In all honesty, I don't think my hub is necessarily "messy".  He just doesn't like to put in too much effort to put things away.  If he has to jump through hoops to make it happen - it ain't going to happen.  This is the main reason I have a chair in my closet.  We use it as a step stool (though, I'm not recommending that you use a chair as a step stool - it can be dangerous, but this particular chair is quite sturdy). 

closet chair
Goodwill Chair Makeover 
Having this chair conveniently available to use makes it near impossible for him to have an excuse not to rehang his clothes which in turn keeps our closet from looking like a dumping ground. 

I also have a few hidden fabric bins for "stuff" and for dirty clothes.  Having an easy to reach designated dirty clothes spot means I don't have to deal with boxers on the bathroom floor.  ;) 

fabric storage bins

Re-evaluate & Re-adjust
 If an organization system has any chance of staying organized it needs to be re-evaluated and re-adjusted from time to time.  This is one of the main reasons I do a closet clean-out about twice a year - once in January and then again in June or July.  It's good to rethink things that aren't really working out and make any necessary changes.  One thing that had turned into a bit of a problem for my hub was his ties.  He has a lot of them.  He was using a wooden tie hanger that hung on his closet rod which made it difficult for him to see them and put them away - which means there were ties all over our bedroom and bathroom.  I decided to ditch the hanger all together and use a cafe rod instead. 


Now he can see them all very easily and the bonus for me - he can put them away just as easily.  


 I also recently labeled the fabric storage bins at the very top of our closet.  I've used them for a few years now to store out of season items.  However, I'd often forget what was in each bin.  I bought some dry erase ceramic labels to solve that problem. 


Now I can easily see what each bin contains and can make changes as the seasons change.  

Shop Outside of the Storage Department
Some of the best organization items are those that don't come from the storage department of the store. I've not only used a cafe rod for neck ties as I mentioned above, but I'm also using a drapery rod and a piece of moulding for heels.  

shoe storage

These shoe shelves did come straight from the organization area of Target (a few years ago) but even a bookcase would work.  

shoe shelves

Trays, bowls, jars, empty containers and even cup hooks are being used for accessory storage. 

jewelry storage

closet organization ideas
Cup hooks for hanging scarves

jewelry storage ideas

Do you have any closet organization ideas, tips or tricks?  Maintaining an organized closet keeps me sane  - am I the only one who feels that way?  

Take a look at Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our master closet.  Now that we're on Phase 3 I'm wondering if there will be a Phase 4 next January - hmmmmm......maybe wooden shelves will happen next year?! (a girl can dream right?)

If you're a small closet owner you might appreciate this post here for more clothing storage ideas!

small closet organization ideas

Need some help figuring out how to keep your wardrobe well edited?  Check out this series on wardrobe essentials here!

wardrobe essentials

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pin It - Make It Link Party

How was your weekend?  Mine was great but over way too soon  - sounds familiar huh?  I am excited for this Monday though because I get to see what lovely Pintastic things you all made!

Yep, it's January 28th, so it's time to see what you did for the Make It Challenge.  The goal for this challenge was to make something that you pinned.  Basically, don't just pin it - make it.  Sounds simple enough right?  I showed you what I was pinspired to make last Friday - a diy shoe rack 
diy shoe rack

which inspired me to dress up some basic shoes shelves and give them some campaign style.
campaign style shoe shelves

Now before you link up your pintastic project be sure to check out all of the other party hostess projects - maybe you'll see something you want to pin.   That's the insane great thing about Pinterest - it's like the gift that just keeps on giving - total vicious cycle.

And now it's your turn to link up your projects! Remember when you link up on just ONE of our blogs your project will be seen on all NINE sites! And even if you don't have a blog, I'd love to see your projects on my Facebook page.

 FYI - before you link up: 
1. Please link-up Pinspired project posts only. 
2. Feel free to link up old and/or new projects! 
3. Please include a text link back to the blog where you linked up. (Only those that provide a text link will be featured.) 
4. We will be sharing some of our favorites on our Pinterest board. 
Be sure to follow it HERE! 

 I'll be featuring a few favorites later this week!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Charles Emerson Designs - Necklace Giveaway

*****This Giveaway is now closed.****** The winner has been notified by email.

As I mentioned earlier today, I keep a well edited wardrobe mainly due to space reasons.  Although, more and more I've started to realize that clothing-wise you really don't need much.  I'd say on the whole - I probably spend 30% of my wardrobe budget on clothes and 70% on accessories - shoes, handbags and let's not forget the power of gorgeous jewelry!

One necklace can totally make an outfit - it always fits - and can provide limitless outfit options.  (and lucky for me - and for all other small closet owners - it takes up far less real estate than say a new dress, skirt or blouse.)

Let's take for instance the gorgeous Ivy necklace from my fabulous sponsor Charles Emerson Designs.

The Ivy in Mint - $30
casual spring summer

simple summer

Clearly I'm color crushing on coral + mint right now, but you get the point right?  With just a few wardrobe basics (basic tees, jeans, maxi skirts) you can pull together multiple outfits with just one fabulous statement necklace.

The really good news is - one of you lucky ducks is going to win this gorgeous Ivy Necklace in mint green!

To enter this giveaway:
1. tell me what color combo you're crushing on for spring and summer
2. visit Charles Emerson and tell me what your favorite item is 

All Our Fifth House readers are truly in luck today as you can get 20% off with code OURFIFTH20 until next Friday (February 1st) when I'll be announcing the winner of this beautiful necklace!!  Now that's how you start a weekend friends!   

Have a great one!  See you on Monday! 

DIY Shoe Rack & Campaign Style Shoe Shelves

I like to do a deep closet clean out of my master closet about twice a year.  I typically take everything that's on the floor out and wipe down all of the baseboards (it's amazing how dusty a closet can get!).  At this time I also like to take a quick inventory of what I have, what I wear and what I'm ready to donate.  Maintaining a well edited wardrobe is the only way I am able to keep my small walk-in closet organized and chaos free.

As I was doing my normal January clean out I realized I needed a better solution for shoe storage.  Truth is  - I needed more shoe storage.  I had a bunch of my favorite pairs thrown into a big fabric bin.  While that was keeping the floor clutter free, it made it difficult for me to see what I had.  I want to be able to walk in  - see what I have - grab what I need - and go.  I was inspired after finding this shoe storage post on Apartment Therapy.
crown molding shoe storage

Crown molding as a shoe rack  - genius!  So I headed to the garage to search for a couple pieces of scrap wood.  Luckily, I had a piece, and it didn't even need to be cut down to size.  But, I really needed two pieces for all of my heels (and to have a little extra room for more - it's a hard habit to break).  After a quick rummage through my home I found a gold drapery rod (that I had been planning to use in my girl's room) and decided to see if it would do the job.

diy shoe rack

A regular old drapery rod worked out perfectly for my taller heels.

diy shoe rack

The shorter heels wouldn't stay put on the rod, so they went up to the crown molding.  It's nice to have my heels out in the open where I can see them.  (In case you're wondering - I used a bunch of fabric scraps to create a wall treatment last year.)

And now for the flats and wedges - and the hubs shoes - because we share (I'm an only child - it's a hard concept to grasp) this small closet.  I purchased a few laminate shoe shelves from Target a couple years ago.  They work so well and have stayed in great condition.  Since I was already working in the closet I decided to give these shoe shelves a quick little makeover.

campaign style shoe shelves

Oh yeah, campaign style  - created with  - you won't believe it.......

campaign style shoe shelves
a SHARPIE!  I'm drawn to gold like a moth to a flame, so while perusing Michael's a few weeks ago I randomly decided this metallic gold oil based Sharpie needed to come home with me.  I literally just free handed the gold  - colored the corners  - it was so easy and done in less than 10 minutes!  I didn't need to prime the surface because it's an oil-based pen - and it is most definitely permanent  - I tried scratching it off and it didn't budge.  Oh the possibilities  - what shall I use my metallic gold Sharpie on next?!  My kids better run.  ;) 

So that's how I finally did something with an idea I pinned and prettied up some plain old shoe shelves.  How do you organize your shoes?

Don't forget to come back on Monday for the Make It Challenge Party!  What pin are you going to finally make?!  It's so great to actually do what you pin - isn't it?

I'll be back in a few hours with a great giveaway!!!  Two posts in one day - woot!  Happy Friday!!

For a full closet tour and more closet organizing ideas - click here!

Sharing here:  Home Stories A to Z

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shopping At Second Hand Stores - Thrift It Features

I grew up shopping at Goodwill, Salvation Army and many other second hand stores.  My mom would  drag me along on most of her thrift shopping excursions, and I remember having a bad attitude about it most of the time.  I didn't get it back then.  Old furniture did nothing for me, and I couldn't understand why my mom would get so excited about finding a pewter pitcher covered in 9 pounds of dust.

My how times have changed!  I LOVE shopping at second hand stores now!  Apart from the treasures that can be found, often times at a great bargain, it truly inspires creativity.  Breathing life back into an old piece of furniture or finding a way to repurpose something that time has forgotten, is good for the soul.

I also find that those second hand pieces are the ones that really bring a room together -giving it that lived in collected feeling - that you really just can't buy new at a retail store.

These features from the Thrift It party definitely prove my point.
made over sideboard from Primitive and Proper
brass shelf supports and brackets
revamped brass shelf from Cuckoo 4 Design 
prettied up old mirror from House by Hoff
blog 004
old frames turned pretty labels from Reinvented

Thanks to everyone for linking up to this party!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you all bring to the table for the Make It Challenge!  The challenge is to make something that you pinned on Pinterest.  Anything goes - recipes -organization - diy projects - whatever pinspires you.  You had to know that was coming.

I'm sharing my project a little early.  I'll be back tomorrow with all the deets!

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