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Fashion Week: 7 Wardrobe Essentials (Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers)

Hello friends!  Today you are all in for a real treat as I somehow suckered Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers to share her 7 wardrobe essentials!  

Natalie is the full on I-kind-of-hate-you package.  She's beautiful, her home is beautiful, she looks good in everything - probably even work out clothes, and she can cook!  Yeah- like I said, I kind of hate her.  ;)  But seriously I can't remember when I fell down the rabbit hole at her blog, but oh what an adventure it has been ever since!  She's always dishing up the goods - passing along great deals- and quite often making me wanna bust out my credit card.  Without further adieu.......... 
Hello Fifth House Readers!  I'm Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers  and I am so excited to be helping Carmel out with this amazing series!  In no specific order here are what I consider the 7 things all women need in their closet!

My all time favorite skinny jeans are Rag and Bone Skinny Jeans in Kensington wash.  I can't live without them!  They suck you in all the right places!

Even my style icon Gwyneth Paltrow has them!

Nude pumps go with anything and everything.  They look great with jeans and dresses, so versatile.  I love this Micheal Kors version.

As a mommy to a little one I always need a huge purse to stash all my stuff in.  Your purse can be hot mess but you still look chic if you are carrying a great purse.
This is my personal collection of big fabulous totes:)

 I am a blouse hoarder.  They are my favorite item to buy so of course I feel like all women should own a super feminine blouse!  They can really dress up jeans and make a pulled together outfit.   Rebecca Taylor, Joie, and Diane Von Furstenberg make the best blouses!
I am lusting after this Joie Blouse for Spring.

I love to wear dresses but there is nothing I hate more than seeing bulges and underwear lines.  All women should own a great slip.  I wear my Spanx one all the time.

A statement necklace is the best piece of jewelry you can own.  It can dress up even the dullest outfit.  I love to wear a casual tee shirt and a fun necklace.
I adore this Adia Kibur one, it would go with everything!

Last but not least I think everyone needs a Maxi Dress.  They are chic in the winter with a cool blazer or leather jacket and perfect in the Summer.   Effortlessly chic!


Thanks so much Natalie!  I'm a big believer in the power of a great blouse and a big fabulous tote as well!  I told you all she was always dishing out the goods!  Be sure to head over to her blog for more fabulousness.  

In case you missed any of the other fashionistas included in this series - be sure to check out Cassie (HI Sugarplum!), Courtney (A Thoughtful Place) and Amanda (Amanda Carol At Home).  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Everyday - Take A Peek Into My Life

Hey all!  I'm interrupting fashion week for just a minute to let you all know about a fun little interview I did over at Kelli + Vanessa.

I'm honored to have been included in such an inspiring series!  Head on over to check it out!

Fashion Week: 7 Wardrobe Essentials (Amanda Carol at Home)

wardrobe essentials

This series has been so much fun for me, and I'm so thrilled you all seem to be having just as much fun with this series as I am!  Today I'm excited to have Amanda from Amanda Carol at Home here to share her 7 wardrobe essentials as she is always dressed to perfection! (If you follow her on instagram then you already know this!)  

But really would you expect any less from someone who blogs from here?  

Amanda's amazing home office
Yeah, I think not.  I'll just let the style guru take it from here! 
Hello dear Our 5th House readers- I am so honored that Carmel asked me to participate in her fashion series.  I honestly do not consider myself a fashion diva by any means, nor do I claim to know much about fashion in general.  I do however know what I like and approach pulling together an outfit  the same way I would design a room.   I love mixing textures, patterns and colors.  That being said, my 7 "go-to" items are:

#1 Statement Jewelry:  Those of you who know me or at least follow me on Instagram know that I like bling:

Sometimes all it takes is a piece of statement jewelry to take an outfit from bland to glam.  

#2 Chambray Shirt:

Do yourself a favor- invest in a good quality chambray shirt- I have this one from JCrew and I wear it all the time.  You can dress it up or down- layer it with a statement necklace or wear it under a great sweater. (sorry for the bad phone pics)

#3 Statement Shoes:

Again you can take a simple outfit from bland to glam with a pop of color from a cute pump or ballet flat.  Stores like DSW and Marshall's are great places to find inexpensive but good quality shoes.

#4 A pair of "hot momma" Jeans:

You know what Im talking about- those jeans that make you feel sexy or at least make your butt look good.  When you do find "those" jeans, I suggest you buy at least 2-3 pairs.  I love JCrew's toothpick jeans and always buy a pair when they are on sale.

#5 A touch of Leopard:

Just remember a little goes a long way.  A clutch, a bangle or even just a belt is just enough to make a statement.

#6 A comfy pair of heels in black and nude:

The key to these shoes is: COMFORT.  Aside from your cute and colorful statement shoes (#3 above) you need a good pair of  "I can wear these all day" pumps.  One pair of black and one pair of nude and you are good to go with ANY outfit.

#7 The Undergarments:

You can wear the cutest sweater or the perfect skirt- but if your "hardware" is not up to par you can ruin a whole outfit.  And for those of us who have had a kid or two know all too well the "muffin top" boobs and the "spare tire" gut.  With the proper undergarments you can minimize these unsightly sags and rolls.  Just remember SPANX is your friend.  And do yourself a favor- head to your local Victorias Secret and have your "girls" fitted.  Let me tell you after three kiddos I thought I was still in the same bra size I had as a young adult.  For years I was wearing the wrong size bra and would never wear fitted tops because of the "muffin top" spilling out over my bra- ugh! With the proper bra size and proper style I can wear those snug t-shirts and tight sweaters with confidence.  And yes I do lament my BK Boobs (Before kids).  *sigh*  

Thanks Carmel for having me today and letting my share some of my favorite things.


I couldn't agree more on her number one - statement jewelry - it's the icing on the cupcake - the very best part!  And the tip on undergarments is so great.  I really need to be refitted  - I have twin baby newborn girls (if you know what I mean) - so I feel like I don't belong in a lingerie store. ;)    Thanks so much for sharing your awesomeness with us today Amanda

Find Cassie's (Hi Sugarplum!) 7 Essentials Here!  And Courtney's (A Thoughtful Place) Here

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Week: 7 Wardrobe Essentials (A Thoughtful Place)

essentials in a woman's wardrobe

Hey everyone!  I'm back today with my sweet friend Courtney from A Thoughtful Place.  
I just adore Courtney's classic, effortless style in both interior design.........
IMG_2210 copy

IMG_1833 copy

and fashion. 
She's a true beauty inside and out, and I feel honored to call her a friend!  As you have gathered from the above photos, she most definitely knows what's up in the world of all things stylish-  so I'll let her take it from here! 
I'm so excited to be hanging out here at Our Fifth House. Carmel never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful home, impeccable taste, and sweet manner. We all know Carmel has it going on fashion wise but I am thrilled to be sharing some of my favorite pieces with you. I am the first one to shop a great sale and keep a few trendy pieces in rotation at all times. But there are some investments that stand the test of time. Maybe it's the preppy vibe that runs through my wardrobe, but I certainly find that the following items could be considered classic and timeless. 

7 wardrobe essentials

I love the simplicity of a simple striped dress. It works well dressed up or dressed down and lends itself to a great statement necklace. If you spend a little more on a classic dress, it's easy to add a trendy inexpensive piece of jewelry to the look. Likewise, the red blazer never goes out of style. You can toss it over a black dress or pair it with an old well loved pair of jeans. A huge staple in my wardrobe is the scarf. A plaid is timeless and looks great with anything. I am also a huge fan of the black rain boot. With all of the darling trendy boot liners, you can instantly update the look without spending a fortune. While the skinny jean may come and go, a well fitting jean looks great under a boot or worn with a sexy heel. That brings me to the nude heel. I have always loved this shoe. It let's our outfit shine and makes the leg look even longer. And lastly, a classic handbag is key. I literally carry the same one almost all year long. If you keep it neutral with pretty detail it will go with anything you own. 

I tried to find a save and splurge option for each of these classic looks. While I think any of these are worth splurging a bit, it's not always possible and there are plenty of darling options out there. 

1. skinny jean {save}  // {splurge}

2. red blazer {save} // {splurge}

3.  striped dress  {save} // {splurge}

4.  rain boots  {save} // {splurge}

5.  handbag  {save} // {splurge}

6.  scarf   {save} // {splurge}

7.  nude pumps  {save} // {splurge}

Thanks so much for having me, Carmel! Enjoy your day, everyone. 

Okay is it just me, or do you all feel like you need to buy all 7 of those items - like right now?!  How is it even possible that I don't already own a red blazer?!  And, how fabulous is that striped dress?  Such a fun look in place of the basic little black dress.  Thanks so much Courtney!  
Check out Cassie's (Hi Sugarplum!) -  7 wardrobe essentials.  
And be sure you come back tomorrow for another super stylish blogger's fantabulous fashion advice!   
I'm over at Living Savvy sharing a few simple organizing tips today - head on over to check it out! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fashion Week: 7 Wardrobe Essentials (Hi Sugarplum!)

I'm so excited to announce that this week at Our Fifth House is Fashion Week!

7 wardrobe essentials every woman needs

You're probably thinking, "What in the world is Carmel doing hosting a fashion week"?!  I know right?!  I'm clearly no fashionista, I blog about diy design, so what the heck am I doing mingling with some of the most fashionable bloggers in blogland?  Well, here's the deal.  While I'm not a fashion or style blogger, I do blog quite a bit about organization.  I've mentioned before that I truly believe the key to a well organized closet is a well edited closet.  But how do you achieve a "well edited closet"?  I've rounded up 5 of the most stylish bloggers to help us answer that very question.  They'll all be dishing on what they believe are the 7 wardrobe essentials every woman needs.  I am so very excited for this series as my small-ish closet has made me realize that you don't need a lot of pieces in your wardrobe - you need the right pieces.  So let's get this style party started, shall we?!

First in the line-up of fabulously stylish bloggers that will be dishing the goods this week, is Cassie from Hi Sugarplum!  Cassie is just an all around stylish hot momma.  Her home is amazing, and her outfit inspiration posts are ridiculously fantastic!

I'll let the style professional take it from here!
Hey, hey friends! I'm a huge fan of Carmel's mad DIY-skills, not to mention her gorgeous style. I mean, seriously, supermodel much!? So I'm thrilled to be sharing my Seven Wardrobe Essentials over here today. Assuming I can narrow it down to seven...

My biggest advice is first to figure out your body type and shape, and then here's the big part.....make peace with it! Embrace the assets that make you special, and focus on accentuating those with flattering silhouettes. We aren't all tall with narrow hips and long legs...trying to dress like we are is not cute. Trust me, I've tried.

I have fuller hips and thighs, and a long torso...but I also have a small waist and strong legs. To offset my pear-shape and lengthen my legs, I wear a lot of high-waisted full, and a-line, skirts. And to accent my waist and legs, I belt tops high on my torso and keep skirts above the knee.

Gray & Navy outfit
Dressing for your shape is a lot more flattering and fashionable than dressing for the trends. With that said, here are my wardrobe essentials.

1) Bootcut jeans in a dark rinse. Yes I have skinny jeans, and colored jeans, but dark bootcuts flatter everyone, and are easily dressed up or down.
7 For All Mankind® High Waist Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Los Angeles Dark)
seven for all mankind

2) Striped tees. Stripes occupy half my closet...I'm slightly obsessed. I love them paired with a floral skirt, or peeking out from a basic cardigan. And don't forget the dose of preppy they add to business blazers and pants.


3) Army-style jacket. They come in great neutral-shades of khaki and green, and look effortless thrown over skirts, jeans and dresses. Even the most basic outfit is made cooler by one.

4) Colorful cardigans. I love all the cardis...fitted, boyfriend, chunky, and tissue...and in all the colors of the rainbow. They are great for layering over tanks and dresses, and even a pair of yoga pants look more pulled together when paired with a cardi instead of a sweatshirt.

Magenta Outfit

5) Brown boots. I love knee-high boots not only because they look great with jeans of any color, but also because they help to balance my hips. And yes, you can wear brown boots with black...just make sure the hues aren't too similar (think camel with black, or chocolate brown with light gray).

steve madden

6)  Leopard anything. Heels, ballet flats, scarf, sweater, skirt, name it! I wear leopard as a neutral, paired with almost any other pattern, in place of basic black or brown. Just that one change can give a basic outfit power!

green & leopard

7)  Bright scarves and big earrings. These are my secret to looking stylish no matter what I'm wearing. A colorful scarf brightens your face and draws attention to your eyes, and over-sized earrings make even rumpled outfits and messy hair look fashionable.


Come over to Hi Sugarplum for more {Outfit Inspirations} and read my tips for packing and traveling stylishly. Thanks for having me, Carmel!

I'm pretty sure Cassie's never heard of a bad hair day!  Such great advice to make peace with your body type.  And is it just me or do you feel like you need more leopard in your life now?   Thanks so much Cassie!  Be sure to come back tomorrow to hear from another fabulous fashionista!

Check out Courtney's essentials here.
Amanda dished hers here.
See what Natalie had to say here.
Here's where Camilla shared hers.
Last but not lease I wrapped this series up and shared my 7 wardrobe essentials here.

Clean It Link Party!

Okay guys it's time to party!  Let's get our Mrs. Clean on!  Yesterday I finally got around to sharing how I clean our dark wood floors, which is a question I've been asked by readers hundreds of times.

cleaning dark wood floors

Sorry it took me so long to post this info, but sometimes you need a challenge to help you get your head in the game - ya know?!

Be sure to check out all the other great Clean It Projects.  You'll come away truly inspired - I promise!

Now it's your turn to show off what you cleaned!  Feel free to add new or old projects.  Be sure to link back to the blog where you linked up - only those that link back will be featured. 
And in other exciting news, I'll be back in a couple of hours ( 2 posts in one day - say whaaaaaaat?!) to announce the start of a week long blog series here at Our Fifth House - Fashion Week: 7 Wardrobe Essentials!!  

It's going to be so great - you won't want to miss a single post!   

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