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Monday, January 13, 2014

quick and easy instagram art

I love me some instagram.  And I especially love to print my instagram photos and display them in my home.

This was the easiest project ever.  Literally, it took all of maybe 15 minutes not counting the drying time.  I started with this scrap piece of wood.  I had a wood project panel from The Home Depot cut down for another project I'm working on, and this was the left over piece of wood.  So of course I had to figure out what to do with it; I couldn't just let it collect dust in my garage.

wood project panel from The Home Depot

I stained it with some Minwax Polyshade in Pecan.  I love that Polyshade stuff - stain and poly in one step - I'm all over anything that eliminates extra steps.  While it was drying, I spray painted some clothespins with my favorite gold.   Then once everything was dry I arranged the pins in a heart shape and super glued them to the board.  Super simple. Easy. and Quick.  Basically, this has Carmel written all over it!   Y'all know how much I love me some simple, easy and quick projects.  

diy instagram photo art display

Using clothespins makes it really easy to change the photos on display. 

instagram photo art

Can't wait to show you where this new instagram display board has landed in my home. 

Do you like to print your instagram photos too?  I'm still a big fan of the Printicular app which makes it so easy to print your photos!  


  1. This is such a cute project! I love instagram but I find it a bit frustrating as I never get the physical result. This might just be what I was waiting for!

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  2. Such a great idea and so many more possibilities! Love!

  3. Darling. And good call on the super glue. I used a glue gun for our advent board and they started coming off. I need to go back and use super glue on the rest. I LOVE me some IG prints.

  4. How to do you print them in those cute little squares?

    1. I have the Printicular app on my phone....prints directly to Walgreens - so quick and easy - and pretty cheap too!

  5. this is so cute!! My favorite way to display mine are on an old window frame from a barn that I put chicken wire on and I use clothes pins too. I love this too especially the heart shape!!!

    1. I love the old window frame idea! I think instagram pics are like the polaroids of our time - ha!

  6. Cute! Love that you made a little heart with the pictures!

  7. So fun! I am going to adapt this idea to make a family picture board for my toddler and laminate the pictures so they are more durable :)

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