Thursday, March 20, 2014

wood shim instagram frame

diy wood shim instagram frame

The frames I used to display a few of my favorite instagram prints for my mom cave were super easy to make.
mom cave - instagram display

In fact, I'm pretty sure just by looking at them you could figure out how to construct your own.  But just to make it even easier, I'll give you a little play by play.

The bonus is they're easy on the wallet too - totally my kind of project - fast, cheap and easy!

All you need is wood shims, clothespins, stain/paint and wood glue.  You could totally upcycle some paint stir sticks, but I preferred the look of shims for this project because they look a little rougher which is what I was going for with my frames.  Stir sticks are super smooth, but they might be a better alternative if you want to paint instead of stain your frames.

DIY Instagram Frame

Like I said - easy - and pretty self explanatory right?  All I did was lay out the shims to figure out what size I wanted my frames to be.  My instagram prints are a 4 x 4 size.  The frame tops and bottoms are 8 inches and the sides are 9 inches.  After I cut all the shims down to size, I stained them.  I used 2 different colors of stain to create a slightly distressed look.  (You can use a hand saw or a power saw - either works just fine.)  While the stain was drying I spray painted the clothespins with my favorite gold spray paint.  Then once everything was dry I used wood glue to put the frames together.  

I attached them to the wall with a command strip.  They weigh practically nothing, so there was no need for anything more.  

Instagram (carmel_ourfifthhouse) is my favorite form of social media for sure, and I big ol' fat love printing my insta-shots!  What is it about these little squares of cuteness that make me so dang happy?!  Are you on instagram?  Do you print and display your insta-shots in your home?  

Here's a couple of other ways I've displayed them.


  1. What a fun idea. I actually have quite a few laying around after our basement project.

  2. Ca-ute!!! I've never printed out my instagrams before, but now I want to!

  3. Same here, I've never printed out my IG pics either but you make me want to do it. I need a personal account first though so I don't feel guilty having my kids on it. Love the idea

  4. Just found your blog. Loving what I've read so far. Is there a way to access your older blog posts faster than clicking on
    on older post at the bottom? Didn't see an archive link.

  5. Hmm, well looks like I need to add an archive. Popular posts are over in the sidebar and there are lots of other projects in the project gallery but I never even thought to include an archive - let me get on that! Thanks for tip!

  6. That's such a cool project! Really loving it!

  7. Thanks for the response. Didn't mean to create more work for you :) I've noticed it's much easier to read past posts on blogs if you don' have to keep clicking older posts all the time. Just found you on instagram too!

    1. oh gosh no worries at all - it's really great to get some helpful feedback! Working on adding the archive to the sidebar over the weekend. :)

  8. I love your wood shim frames but even more, love that you're wearing rollerskates in that first picture! Cute family!!!!

  9. Oh good, looking forward to reading some of your older posts. Thanks!

  10. IG is my JAM, as you know!! I cant believe I've never made a collage of my IG pics yet. I love this project lady and I looooooove that chair:)


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